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Chapter 452 – Hostage

Yang Jian stood in front of Ye Zichen with his lance in hand.

Ye Zichen, who was covered in blood, also laughed, “You guys finally arrived.”

All of a sudden, Ye Zichen wanted to cry. It was fortunate that I didn’t choose to leave.

Even so, too many people in the Modern Realm had already been killed, and it was not time for Ye Zichen to lower his guard.

“Ha, isn’t it all thanks to Lord Fatty that you guys can come over here?”

A chubby fatty suddenly appeared beside Yang Jian.

Ye Zichen glanced over, and couldn’t help but shake his head, “Fatty Yin, you’re here too. Be careful…”

One of the demons that seemed to have been killed by Yang Jian actually stood up.

The fatty smiled, and turned around and hooked punched it with his left hand.


He immediately sent the demon flying out, then patted his hand with a snort, “I, Lord Fatty, have trained before. Trying to sneak attack me from behind? Who gave you the guts to do that!?”

“F*ck, he didn’t die? Isn’t this just making laozi lose face?” Yang Jian raised his eyebrows in annoyance, then thrusted his lance… “Die!”

He directly nailed the demon on the ground. Only then did he smiled proudly and stood up.

“Little bastard, trying to act cocky in front of your Grandpa Yang Jian? Death… is the only end for you.”

“Sky Sovereign!”


At the same time, Sun Wukong and Nezha also hurried over.

Seeing the familiar faces, Ye Zichen nodded repeatedly, “Thank you.”

He really didn’t know what to say. If they did not arrive, then the Modern Realm might really have been taken over by the demons.

“Zeze, there’s plenty of people here!”

At that moment, a playful laughter sounded out in the sky.

Everyone looked up, and saw Gu Li, holding Chi You Sword, while the Twelve Demon Sovereigns stood beside him, as well as… Su YIyun.

Actually, Su Yiyun gave off a very strange feeling. Ye Zichen could not fully believe that he chose to become one of the demon race.

When he saw the figure earlier, he had suspected that of being Su Yiyun as well.

However, when he saw who Su Yiyun held in his hands…

“Yumei!” Ye Zichen’s eyes twitched. Then, Mother Ye and the Hou brothers also hurried over.

“Boss, Big Sis was taken by the demons!” the Hou Brother’s expressions were covered in anxiety. Then, when they looked up and saw Su Yiyun. “It’s him. He said that he’s your friend and that you’re in deep trouble, so he was going to take Big Sis to come and see you one last time.”


“Su Yiyun!” Wings sprout from Ye Zichen’s back. He glared hatefully at Su YIyun, who had a smirk on his face… “You are so despicable!”


What a joke.

I actually suspected the figure who helped me to be Su Yiyun.

“What’s despicable about this? It’s tactics, don’t you get it?” Su Yiyun smiled evilly, while he gripped Xiao Yumei’s neck and snorted. “If it wasn’t because you bringing the people from the Three Realms over, I wouldn’t have used this sort of dirty trick! But this is good as well. I didn’t like this woman anyways, since she was fighting over a man with my disappointing little sister, laozi wanted to kill her since a long time ago.”

“Give Yumei back to me,” Ye Zichen rushed over with bloodshot eyes, but one of the Twelve Demon Sovereigns punched…


Ye Zichen fell heavily onto the ground, while golden blood seeped out from his mouth…

“Golden blood?” A man in black robes walked out from behind the Twelve Demon Sovereigns. The moment he walked forward, all of the demons bowed. “Lord Black Dragon.”

“Bro!” Yang Jian and co. ran over.

Ye Zichen coughed intensely, and struggled up from the ground, then clenched his teeth tightly together…

“Su Yiyun, give Yumei back to me!”

Ye Zichen disregarded the wounds on his body and charged up once again.

However, the one who made a move this time was not one of the Twelve Demon Sovereigns. It was the Lord Black Dragon who had just walked forward. He grabbed Ye Zichen by his neck, then swept his finger over the corner of his mouth.

“It really is golden blood. Are you someone of the god race?”

“God your mother*ckingn ass! Tsk!” Ye Zichen spat onto his face.

The Demon Sovereigns all walked forward, but Lord Black Dragon stopped them. “Can you tell me the origin of your golden blood?”

“F*ck you!” Ye Zichen stared fiercely at Lord Black Dragon, then gaze to the side.

Xiao Yumei, who was in Su Yiyun’s hands, repeatedly shook her head at him, as if someone muted her.

“Don’t be afraid, I will definitely… save you,” even though Lord Black Dragon grabbed him by the neck, Ye Zichen continued to comfort Xiao Yumei with his hoarse voice.

However, Xiao Yumei merely shook her head repeatedly in response, as if she was telling him to give up.

“Hehe, stubborn!” Lord Black Dragon squinted his eyes and smiled coldly. He wiped away Ye Zichen’s spit from his mouth and snorted. “If you aren’t going to speak, then die…”

“Take this!”

At that very moment, the mirage of a golden staff swept across the sky.

Lord Black Dragon subconsciously let go of his hand.

Yang Jian also called out with knitted eyebrows, “Howling Celestial Dog.”

“Woof, woof…” Howling Celestial Dog turned into a large black dog and caught Ye Zichen on its back. At the same time Erlang Shen and Nezha also slowly flew near the Great Sage and looked at the demons.

“Let my bro’s wife go, and grandpa will spare your lives,” Yang Jian gazed at the demons coldly.

Lord Black Dragon laughed faintly, then stared right back, “Victory Fighting Buddha, Third Prince Nezha, True Lord Erlang… Plenty of the Three Realms’ strong ones have come!”

“Grandson, since you know we’re the strong ones, then hurry up and f*ck off with your tail between your legs, then return my bro’s girl. Otherwise… Heh!” Yang Jian said threateningly.

Lord Black Dragon merely smiled faintly in response, then gave Su Yiyun a cue.

Su Yiyun immediately understood. He held Xiao Yumei’s neck tightly, and slowly walked in front of Ye Zichen with six of the Demon Sovereigns.


“Give Yumei back to me. Ol’ Three, I know you’re not this kind of person.”

“Sure,” Su Yiyun snorted with a smile. “Tell the people from the Three Realms to all retreat from the Modern Realm. Then, I’ll return Xiao Yumei to you without doing anything.”

“I agree,” Ye Zichen answered without thinking. “But you have to let them go first.”

“You still want to bargain even though she’s in my hands? Don’t count on those Heavenly Court guys. The moment they make a move against us, I’ll snap this woman’s neck.”

“Ol’ Three…”

“Stop playing the relationship card with me. Tell me your decision. This woman or the Modern Realm!?”

Ye Zichen hesitated.

The moment he heard those words, his heart fell into endless turmoil.

As Ye Zichen hesitated, everyone set their gaze upon him, while Xiao Yumei repeatedly shook her head at him.


System Notification: Choose the Modern Realm!

“Sorry,” Ye Zichen, kneeled onto the ground on his knees, and shook his head apologetically to those who were in life or death situations. Then he looked up towards Su Yiyun…

“I choose Yumei!”

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