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Chapter 435 – Gu Li Appears


This was a thought that the abyssals did not even dare to harbor. The moment the abyssals were born, their minds would be scorched with an imprint that prevented them from rebelling. It could be said that they are the utmost loyal ones within the entire demon race.

“Your Highness, we have no intention of rebelling!” the gigantic abyssal leader looked up with bloodshot eyes.

Ye Zichen merely snorted faintly in response, “You’re still saying that you don’t want to rebel? I saw a murderous gaze just now, you wanted to attack me, right? Are you trying to kill your master to take his place?”

“Your Highness!”

“Stop calling me that. I think that you do want to rebel. Kill me now if you can. Otherwise, I’ll immediately return to the demon race and tell them that you abyssals want to rebel, so we’ll slaughter every last one of you!” Ye Zichen said in an extremely oppressing manner.

The abyssals kneeling on the ground all lowered their heads timidly.

At the same time, the leader looked up and clenched his teeth, “Your Highness, how can I make you believe that we have no intention of rebelling?”

“Do you even need to ask?” Ye Zichen smiled. “Only the dead is trustworthy. If you are truly loyal towards the demon race, then… You know what you should do!”

According to what Taibai Jinxing said, the leading abyssal was the strongest amongst them, and would cause us the most threat.

As long as I deal with it, then we’ll be under a lot less pressure later.

The abyssal clenched his teeth and kneeled onto the ground. Since he has already reached the level of a high leveled abyssal, he possessed the ability to think. He understood very well that if he died, then all his hard work would have been for nothing.

However, since His Highness wants him dead, how would he dare to stay alive!

“Fine! Since Your Highness wants me dead, then I’ll die!” the abyssal raised the bone club in his right hand, while it shimmered with a purple light, and smashed it down towards his own head…


Did I succeed?

Ye Zichen stared at the huge abyssal below him, only to find the abyssal still kneeling on the floor. However, there was a young man beside him.

“Ye Zichen, your actions are truly despicable!” the young man laughed playfully, then snatched the abyssal’s bone club and threw it to the side. He looked up towards Ye Zichen, who was in the sky. “You actually want to kill them using this method. Ye Zichen, I didn’t think that you actually learnt to use such petty tricks within a few days!”

“Lord Gu!” the abyssal who swore death to prove his loyalty looked up in shock.

At the same time, Gu Li also smile, “Qiu YI, don’t think that everyone with wings are the lords. He… is the demon race’s traitor at best!”

“Traitor?” the huge abyssal looked up him in confusion.

Gu Li nodded, “You won’t understand it even if I tell you in detail. I’ll just tell you this, he is the enemy of the demon race!”

“Gu Li, and trying to use them to kill me is not despicable?”

It was clear that the abyssal did not quite understand what was going on, so Ye Zichen merely spoke like that to confuse it even more, and cause it to be unsure of who to obey.

“Zeze, I didn’t think that you’d actually improve!” Gu Li snickered with a shake of his head, then smiled towards the abyssal. “Alright, there’s no need for you to deal with that traitor, but you should be able to tell that the person beside him is not of the demon race, right?”

“Yes!” the huge abyssal nodded.

“Very good, then go and kill him. I have some things I want to chat with this Lord Fallen,” Gu Li laughed sinisterly.

After a brief consideration, the huge abyssal stood up from the ground and screeched, causing the other abyssals to all screech as well. The slimy monsters on the group also grew out pairs of invisible wings on their backs and flew towards Taibai Jinxing.

“No need to mind this old man. Kill that Fallen!” Taibai Jinxing clenched his teeth, and switched his spiritual formation to the wind state, then quickly moved away, while the huge abyssals and low level abyssals to chase after him.

“Come down and have a chat?” Gu Li squinted his eyes. His appearance had already changed a lot from their previous encounter. His hair was already turning a purplish red while his skin color had begun to turn bronze.

There was a hint of red light in his eyes, while dense demonic energy surrounded his body.

However, what did not change was his soft and dark smile, that made people want to punch his face.

“I’m so sorry. I… don’t have much to say to you!” With that, the mirage of a huge dragon appeared behind Ye Zichen and roared.

“So annoying!” Xuan-Yuan Xiang gripped Xuan-Yuan Sword in her hands and continuously killed the abyssals crawling out of the shattered space.

Although the abyssals were weak, they were extremely numerous. What’s more, as the fractures between the Otherworld and Modern Realm increased, Xuan-Yuan Xiang felt like she was getting tired out. What’s more, she was also very worried about Ye Zichen’s situation within the Otherworld.


Several tens of black MPVs stopped. Wei Chen jumped out of the car in a silver robe and ran in front of Xuan-Yuan Xiang.

“Xiang-jie, why are you here!?”

“You guys finally came. Ye Zichen has already entered the Otherworld. He told me to guard this place! Since you guys have arrived, then I’ll leave this place to you. I have to return to his side,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang said anxiously.

Wei Chen nodded, “Then hurry. I have already contacted the local authorities. They will evacuate the civilians here very soon. When that happens, you do not need to suppress your own powers anymore!”

“Brat, not bad,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang patted Wei Chen’s shoulder. “Then I’ll be off.”


Xuan-Yuan Xiang immediately disappeared from the Modern World.

At that moment, Wei Chen also shouted towards the surrounding members, “Execute the mission according to our plan!”


After a brief exchange of blows, both sides backed off to a safe location and looked vigilantly at each other.

During the recent period of time, Ye Zichen’s strength had already rose to a shocking height, and even the Dragon God had repeatedly called him a monster…

However, he did not expect Gu Li to actually be no weaker than him, and even seemed slightly stronger.

“Ye Zichen, not bad!” Gu Li smiled sinisterly, while getting very shocked… For he had actually paid a huge price to gain such strength.

He squinted his eyes, then proactively attacked without waiting for Ye Zichen.

“F*ck off!” a shout sounded out. Not long later, Xuan-Yuan Sword, which was shimmering with golden light stabbed in the space between Ye Zichen and Gu Li.

“Xuan-Yuan Xiang, why did you come… The outside!”

“Wei Chen and the rest of them have already arrived. I was worried that you would be in danger!” Xuan-Yuan Sword’s hands shook.

At that moment, Gu Li suddenly smiled sinisterly, “Divine artifact? Hehe… Serious…”

Suddenly, a dense mist appeared beside him. At that moment, a chuckle also sounded out from the mist.

“Xuan-Yuan Xiang, we haven’t met for so long. You’re still so alluring!”

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