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Chapter 394 – Mission Accomplished

Two more days passed by in the blink of an eye. Ye Zichen was truly able to do essentially whatever he wanted with Liu Qing by his side. The Yama Kings, who did not really dare to do anything to him before, were even more afraid now.

During the two days, he went over to visit Xie Bian, as well as Ox-Head and Horse-Face. Xie Bian had insisted on looking at the ghost ring, but since Xie Bian was unable to figure anything out after a long time, they merely chatted simply before Ye Zichen returned to where he was staying and activated his waiting mode.


System Notification: There are only 48 hours remaining to complete the mission.

Ye Zichen felt extremely troubled by the reminder. King Chujiang had told him that King Qinguang went to find Ksitigarbha, but Ye Zichen didn’t see them return yet, even though it had already been so long.

“Diting, please come back quickly!”

“Haha, I wonder which drinking buddy misses me so much?” a soft chuckled sounded out in the room. When Ye Zichen turned his head back, he saw Diting, who was wearing a white robe, standing at the entrance to his room with a smile. “What? You can’t resist it anymore?”

“You’ve finally returned. How am I supposed to endure it all with all these liquors in front of me,” Ye Zichen put on a joyous expression. Diting’s return with forty eight hours remaining is still just enough if I hurry.

Thus, Ye Zichen directly withdrew all the liquor from his Treasure Chest without saying anything, completely filling up the table.

Seeing that, Diting ran over as he rubbed his hands. While he was out with the Bodhisattva, his mind was just thinking about those treasures…

“This fragrance…” Diting’s nose twitched, then held up a bottle of white liquor as he licked his lips. “How do you open this liquor? Why isn’t it like the liquor of the Underworld?”

“Ha… This is good liquor from the Modern Realm. How could I intentionally invite Lord Diting over for the normal Underworld liquor?” Ye Zichen smiled, then familiarly uncorked the bottle, then handed it over. “Since we’re both wine lovers, then let’s not use cups, and just drink from the bottle directly… We aren’t done till we’re drunk!”

“Sure, we aren’t done till we’re drunk!” Diting also chuckled, and grabbed the bottle of high alcoholic concentration Wuliangye and knocked it with Ye Zichen’s bottle, before tilting his head back to pour it in his mouth.

“The wine’s pretty good! But… I feel like the texture is slightly bad. The ingredients are a bit poor!” Diting muttered after downing a bottle of liquor as he placed the bottle back onto the table.

Ye Zichen was already immune to such comments. He did realize that although the Modern Realm used more advanced brewing techniques, the materials used could not even be compared to those used in the Heavenly Court.

However, what he focused on more was Diting’s drinking capabilities. This guy downed a bottle off high alcohol concentration Wuliangye in one go.

But his face isn’t red, and his heart doesn’t seem to be racing. His drinking capabilities must be tremendous.

Thus, Ye Zichen quietly used his celestial spiritual energy to metabolize all of the alcohol in his body, then directly gave Diting a bottle of red wine.

“It’s slightly sour when entering the mouth, but very smooth and savory when I taste it more carefully. It’s top notch.”

Diting would make a comment on the liquor every time he drank it. Although the ingredients used in brewing were poor, the conclusions he gave were still rather good.

As long Diting did not hate it, he would continue to drink, giving a chance to Ye Zichen.

In order to make Diting drunk quicker, Ye Zichen did everything he could, including getting Diting to drink red wine, yellow wine, white wine, and beer all at once.

“Bro, we drink happily to get drunk. Always refining the alcohol in your body using celestial spiritual energy is not good,” Diting knitted his eyebrows and pointed at Ye Zichen after he finished a bottle of beer.

“Although I love wine, I have a rather poor drinking ability! I’m just accompanying Lord Diting. Otherwise, with Lord Diting’s ability, I would be completely asleep already!” Ye Zichen smiled, while he wondered why Diting could drink so much…

Could the constitution of a divine beast be so much better than a person’s? The amount that was held in the empty bottles in front of Diting could have gotten several tens hulks drunk.

“Haha, kid, I like you a lot,” Diting smiled, then grabbed another bottle of wine to pour into his mouth.

Ye Zichen smiled in response, while he got more and more worried. He had considered the possibility of Diting being a very capable drinker, so he intentionally bought a lot of alcohol.

Despite that, Diting had drank the majority of the alcohol. Even though the alcohol’s about to finished, I still see no signs of drunkenness.

Approximately half an hour later…

“Burp,” Diting finally burped after drinking a huge amount. He patted his tummy and stood up from his chair, then he placed his right hand onto Ye Zichen’s shoulder after taking a glance at the floor filled with empty bottles. “Kid, you made I, Diting very satisfied today. From now on, if anyone in the Underworld bullies you. Burp. Remember to mention your Big Brother Diting’s name.”

“Okay,” Ye Zichen’s heart was filled with endless regret when he said that. I miscalculated…

The liquor has already been finished, but Diting was still sober, and showed no signs of sleepiness.

Then, Diting began to walk out with a red face. It was when he reached the entrance that Liu Qing walked in.

“Let’s meet another day,” Diting waved his hand and left.

At the same time, Liu Qing also looked at Ye Zichen with knitted eyebrows, “Why did you drink so much!”

“Now I’m in trouble,” Ye Zichen sat on the chair within the room limply.

Liu Qing blinked and raised her eyebrows, “What happened?”

Thus, Ye Zichen told her about the system’s mission.

Liu Qing giggled, “Wait a moment.”

With that, she quickly left the room. Ye Zichen ignored that, as he gripped the phone in his hand and stared right at the system notification.

“Are you really going to kill me if I don’t manage to steal Diting’s legs?”

No response.

Ye Zichen sighed in disappointment, then laid onto the floor. At that moment, the petite Liu Qing walked in with a person on her back.


“You’re talking about him, right?”

Ye Zichen, rolled over. Then, he immediately sat up after seeing the person on the floor.

“Why did you carry him back? You didn’t let anyone else notice, right?”

“What’s there to be surprised about? I just brought him back. Nobody in the Underworld is currently as strong as me. If they want to notice me, then they would have to cultivate a few more years,” Liu Qing giggled, then pointed at Diting, who was in deep sleep on the floor. “I brought the guy over to you. How do you want to steal his legs?”

“About this…”

At that very moment, Diting resumed his beast form. Then, not long later, his four qilin legs promptly separated from his body.

“They fell off, they fell off!” Liu Qing exclaimed softly.

Ye Zichen licked his lips, then scanned the qilin legs with his phone.


Qilin Legs gained.


A few moments later, the four qilin legs were stored into Ye Zichen’s Treasure Chest.

After doing all that, he looked towards Liu Qing, “Send him to a safe place.”

“Got it!” Liu Qing nodded, then grabbed Diting by his neck before leaping out of the room.

At the same time, Ye Zichen’s phone also rang.


System Notification: Congratulations, you have completed the mission.

System Notification: I have already sent you the mission reward. You can now exchange for the Tier 2 products in the Treasure Shop. Of course, that is if you have enough cultivation experience.

System Notification: Young man, work hard!

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