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Chapter 392 – The Hearts of Plotters Are All Dark


A thunderous chuckle rang out in the sky above the Underworld. The oppressing aura that came surging over with the thick clouds caused the surrounding ghost soldiers to not dare to look up at all.

“Leopard Tail?” Xie Bian smiled, then swept his palm towards the sky. “You came already, don’t bother with this show. It will only make you seem like you look down on yourself.”

The clouds scattered, and four middle-aged men in the sky were revealed. They all wore the same black clothing like brothers, while they gazed intently at Xie Bian, who stood below them.

“You actually all came!”

“Scared?” the man with long whiskers like a feline laughed as the four men descended from the sky together.

“Scared of you guys?” Xie Bian smiled. “Even if I let the four of you come together, do you guys dare to come over?”

All of a sudden, the atmosphere turned a bit strange. Ye Zichen gulped, while a look of excitement surfaced on Xie Lei’s face.

These four people in front of me are not small fries in the Underworld, they are Leopard Tail, Bird Beak, Hornet and Fish Gill…

They are the four marshals of the dead that are listed amongst the Ten Yin Marshals along with the Impermanences!1

As a child of the Xie family, Xie Lei naturally knew that their family’s old man was not on good terms with the four Marshals of the Dead in charge of animals. However, he never expected their old man to be so fierce as to directly challenge against all four of them as if they didn’t take him seriously at all.

“Grandpa!” the pig-faced fatty, Bao Tan, ran over. At that moment, he already lost all of the cockiness in his expression, because it was replaced with a look of being troubled, as he wept. “They hit me, and said that I’m ugly.”

“Lil’ Tan, go and stand to the side. Your grandpas will definitely help you get justice later,” the man beside Leopard Tail smiled, then rubbed Bai Tan’s hair.

Bao Tan nodded and walked to the side. After walking behind the four marshals, a cold smug smile instantly surfaced on his face.

You little bastards dare to act cocky with me. Now…

Don’t even think about leaving.

“Xie Bian, as comrades, it would cause a bad influence if we directly start fighting in the Ghost Region. Hand the young man behind you over to me. Oh yeah, and your disciple as well… She seemed the cockiest just now. Perhaps you are busy, so you neglected her teachings, so I, the elder brother will do it for you!” Leopard Tail looked up indifferently.

Xie Bian sneered and shook his head, “Don’t try and use ploys on laozi. Laozi doesn’t have the time for it. If you want them, fine… Come here!”


A huge fluctuation of spiritual energy instantly enveloped the entirety of the Central Street in the Ghost Region. That boundless aura surprised the four Marshals of Hell, but they quickly squinted their eyes, then radiated a spiritual aura that was no weaker than Xie Bian’s.

“Xie Bian, your cultivation level dropped recently, right?” Leopard Tail snorted.

Xie Bian’s pupils instantly contracted when he felt their spiritual energy. This doesn’t make sense. At their level, it is harder to cultivate to the next level than reaching the skies. These people were merely early stage Human Immortals a hundred years ago, and now they have actually become late-stage Human Immortals like me…

“Don’t think that you’re still number one of the Ten Yin Marshals. We brothers were weaker than you before, but were we supposed to be stepped on by you for our entire lives?”


More ferocious aura radiated out of the four of them. Xie Bian merely stared at them with a frown, but Ye Zichen sensed something unusual.

It feels like… demonic energy.

“Zezeze, it’s so heated here, how can you not count I, Old Ox, in when fighting!”

At that moment, Ox-Head, who had a gold nose ring, walked over with a baseball bat-like stick, while Horse-Face followed behind him.

“Leopard Tail, you don’t remember the beating you took a hundred years ago, right? You want to fight with us, the Four Ghost Marshals again?”

Ox-Head and Horse-Face already walked beside Xie Bian as they spoke.

“Old Xie, don’t be courteous with them. Beat them up however it is right. God knows where they got their trashy pills. Even though their cultivation levels increased by a bit after taking those, they seriously think that they’re the big bosses of the Underworld now!” Ox-Head laughed coldly.

Horse-Face also nodded, “Big Brother Ox-Head is right!”

All of them drew their weapons.

The atmosphere and got stranger and stranger. Marshals of Hell vs. Ghost Marshals. What’s more, due to how close the Black and White Impermanence were, if they truly started to fight, then Black Impermanence would definitely join in.

But just what’s going on with King Qinguang and King Chujiang? I already sent the message so long ago, why haven’t they come yet?

“Big brother, big brother…”

King Chujiang hurriedly rushed into King Qinguang’s Yama Hall.

King Qinguang, who was doing paperwork on his chair frowned, then scolded, “So frantic, how improper!”

“No…” King Chujiang squinted his eyes and knitted his eyebrows. “That master got blocked off. I wanted to send people to go and rescue him, but just now, I saw…”

“Those old rivals are fighting again, right?” King Qinguang asked without looking up.

“Yes, yes, yes. Big Brother, how did you know? Did you go as well?” King Chujing was stunned.

King Qinguang nodded, “Master also sent me the message, so how could I not go?”

“Then, big brother…”

“We can’t get involved!” King Qinguang shook his head. “Seven out of the Ten Yin Marshals went. Who are we supposed to side with when we go? Our jobs as the Yama Kings is not easy. If we can pretend like we didn’t see it, then just do that. As long as no lives are lost, then don’t appear. Wait for the Bodhisattva’s return.”

“That’s true,” King Chujiang sighed.

Them, the Yama Kings, were weaker than the generals in strength. What’s more, the Yama Kings needed the support of the Yin Marshals in order to maintain the stability of the Underworld.

If they showed favor towards a single side, then they would definitely offend plenty of people.

King Chujiang let out a long sigh, then raised his eyebrows, “Big Brother, there is quite a large commotion over at the Reincarnation Pool. It seems like that girlie is going to come out.”

“What!?” King Qinguang immediately jumped up from his seat, then slapped his thigh. “Seriously, not earlier, not later… This is huge now! Hurry up and watch over the Reincarnation Pool. Definitely calm that lord down when she comes out. I’m going to find the Bodhisattva right now!”


A maple leaf was blown away by the wind. The seven high leveled officials of the Underworld stared at each other like arguing children. Although both seemed powerful, neither made a move.

“Ha…” At that moment, Leopard Tail suddenly smiled.

The strange smiled stunned everyone, then they noticed that someone was missing from Leopard Tail’s side.

When they turned around, Ye Zichen saw that Hornet, who was originally standing behind Leopard Tail, had already appeared behind him and Bai Rou.

“Heh!” Hornet smiled coldly, then reached out towards Bai Rou’s and Ye Zichen’s collars without any hesitation.


Ox-Head, Horse-Face and Xie Bian instantly tried to charge over, but Leopard Tail and co. caught up to them.

“What are you doing? You want to save them?

“Leopard, you are really going backwards, now you’re starting to use tricks?” Xie Bian’s gaze darkened.

However, Leopard Tail merely laughed playfully, “It’s called strategy. Do you think everyone is as straightforward as you?”

“Hehe…” At that moment, a cold laugh sounded out in the sky. “The hearts of all plotters are dark!”


At that moment, two blades of energy shot through the air.

“Trying to grab my guy? I really want to punch you!”

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