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Chapter 354 – Twelve Demon Sovereigns

A helpless and wry smile covered the Gu family head’s face.

Gu Tian, who was on the side, couldn’t help but speak up, “Auntie!”

“Lil’ Tian, you have to work harder after becoming the Gu clan’s junior young master,” Ye Rong patted his shoulders, then smiled towards Ye Zichen. “Zichen, let’s go!”


As Gu Tian watched them leave, he couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows, “Grandpa, are we really just going to let them go like this?”

“Let them go!” a mournful smiled flashed across the Gu family head’s face. “I wronged her back then. Since she doesn’t want to come back now, then don’t make her return to this depressing place!”

“Tsk, he’s just saying some fierce words. Just because this lord can’t beat the monkey, it doesn’t mean that I can’t beat you,” Yang Jian snorted towards the place where the demon king left from and put away his lance. Then he turned into the image of a muscular man once again, and walked towards Ye Zichen’s side with a raise of his eyebrows and a smile. “Bro, guess who I am! Oh, you’re here as well!”

The latter sentence was clearly directed at Ye Rong, while Lu Lu and co. also revealed a hint of surprise when they saw Yang Jian walk over.

They were rather stunned when Yang Jian appeared to save Ye Zichen earlier. They didn’t think that they were actually brothers.

“Zichen, chat with your friend. I’m a bit tired, so I’ll be leaving first!”

With that, Ye Rong leaped up into the sky and disappeared from sight.

Seeing that, Gou Yuzhan couldn’t help but gulp and mutter to the others, “It seems like Shopkeeper Ye’s mom is pretty fierce.”

Fatty Yin and Lu Lu both couldn’t help but nod. Indeed, she was pretty fierce, and not just a little.

“We’ll be taking our leave as well,” Lu Lu and Fatty Yin smiled, then turned around to leave.

Gou Yuzhan stood still in the same spot and looked at Yang Jian, then raised his eyebrows at Lu Lu, “Huh? We’re leaving just like this?”

“Brat, can you be more observant?” Fatty Yin raised his eyebrows, then grabbed Gou Yuzhan’s shoulders. “What can you do if you stay here?”

“But… It’s my first time seeing Erlang Shen Yang Jian!” Gou Yuzhan muttered.

“Stop bullshitting. Are you leaving or not!? If you aren’t, then sleep on the streets tonight!” Fatty Yin cursed.

“Fine, fine, fine, I’ll leave!” Gou Yuzhan reluctantly left with Lu Lu and Fatty Yin, leaving only Ye Zichen and Erlang Shen.

Seeing that, Yang Jian couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows, “Why did they all leave? Do I smell?”

As he said so, he even sniffed his armpits, “I don’t. Why did they leave just like that? Hey, bro, what is the relationship of those two women with you just now?”

“…” Ye Zichen also felt a bit speechless. This guy was pretty cool when he was fighting the demon king just now. Why did he return to his original form in just a few minutes?

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes, then suddenly felt something underneath his feet.

He looked down and saw a fan laying underneath his feet.

“Don’t move!” Yang Jian suddenly grabbed Ye Zichen’s shoulders, squatted on the ground and picked up the fan. After he looked at it a few times, he revealed an excited smiled. “It really is the Plantain Fan. Hahaha, laozi’s rich this time. I can definitely get quite a bit of money if I sell it to the pawn shops in the Heavenly Court!”

“Give it over here,” Ye Zichen snatched the folded fan over and raised his eyebrows.

This seems to be the same one that Tuoba Ye had. Yang Jian actually said that it’s the Plantain Fan?

“You said that this thing is the Plantain Fan?” Ye Zichen asked in confusion.

“As true as it can possibly get,” Yang Jian nodded in confirmation. “Bro, this fan can sell for quite a lot.”

It really is hard to imagine what sort of life in poverty Yang Jian lived through before. His first thought after seeing a treasure was actually to sell it rather than keeping it.

“Bro, if you don’t have any use for the Plantain Fan, then give it to me. When I sell it, we’ll the money 50-50, and I’ll just directly send the money to you,” Yang Jian rubbed his hands and gulped.

The Plantain Fan was of a similar ranking on the ranking of divine weapons to his Three-Pointed, Double-Edged Divine Lance. This would definitely be a treasure that divine weapon collectors in the Heavenly Court fight over. If we sell this…

“I don’t really believe that this is the Plantain Fan. Tell me how to use it,” Ye Zichen squinted his eyes.

Yang Jian immediately spoke up, “Bro, are you doubting me? Fine, then I’ll let you know how to tell that this is the real Plantain Fan…”


Yang Jian told Ye Zichen the method of using it.

Ye Zichen smiled mysteriously, “So just flap it using celestial spiritual energy?”

“Yeah,” Yang Jian replied with a smile. “I’m telling you, the force is pretty amazing. Back then, even the monkey…”

“Hehe… Then… Off you go!”

Ye Zichen fanned towards Yang Jian with the fan in his hand.

In the next moment, Yang Jian’s face revealed a look of confusion. He struggled and wanted to stand up on the ground, only to see Ye Zichen wave his hand.

“Bye bye!”

He really isn’t thinking if he wants to sell such a good treasure.

After Ye Zichen fanned Yang Jian away, Ye Zichen carefully held the fan. Now that I have the Plantain Fan, I’ll just fan the person away after facing danger. It is definitely an amazing item to use to save myself.

In the demon realm…

Tuoba Ye, Qiu Yin, and the demon king, who only had his primordial spirit remaining, kneeled on the ground and paid their respects towards a black dragon statue.

“You guys said that a Fallen appeared in the human realm?” a solemn voice sounded out in the palace.

Tuoba Ye quickly nodded, “Yes, that brat is my son… He is indeed a Fallen. Both Qiu Yin and his majesty, the demon king, can testify.”

“Why is your son in the human realm!”

“He is born of me and a woman in the mortal realm,” Tuoba Ye replied.

Qiu Yin also spoke up, “That woman is a saintess!”

“Oh?” a hint of surprise was continued within the voice. Then, he put that issue to the side and spoke to the demon king. “Why do you only have your primordial spirit remaining?”

“I was harmed by Yang Jian and the saintess,” the demon king clenched his teeth. “if it wasn’t that woman… Yang Jian definitely could not match up to me.”

“Hehe, ignorant!” a sneer sounded out in the palace, causing the demon king to bury his head. “The title of the Heavenly Court’s war god is not just for show. Do you think that he can’t beat you even without the saintess?”

The demon king did not reply. Then, a black pill appeared in front of his eyes.

“Saving Tuoba Ye and Qiu Yin is your achievement, so this pill is for you to reconstruct your demonic form. However… for fighting with the Heavenly Court’s war god recklessly, go and accept your punishment!”


The demon king left with the pill in his hands.

Then, the voice in the palace sounded out once again, “You two don’t need to care about the Fallen anymore. Leave!”

“Understood!” Tuoba Ye and Qiu Yin also nodded and left.

Then, the scene in the palace suddenly changed.

“Twelve Demon Sovereigns, you guys also heard my conversation with them just now, right? Alright, tell me your thoughts!”

Original Chapter Teaser:

Gu Family Head: Lil’ Rong!

Ye Rong: I told you already, you got the wrong person.

Gu Family Head: Do you hate me?

Ye Rong: I have no idea what you are talking about. Gu Family Head, Zichen and I are tired, so we’re going to go back to rest.

(Ye Rong turns around to leave with Ye Zichen)

Gu Tian: Auntie!

Gu Family Head: Lil’ Rong…

(Ye Rong continues to walk away until she and Ye Zichen disappears from sight)

Gu Tian: Is letting them go like that really alright?

Gu Family Head: Let them… It was my fault back then. It is too selfish for me to expect her to just forgive me…

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