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Chapter 344 – Election

As the low, but powerful horn blared, the sound echoed in the huge training field.

All of the clan members watching the ceremony were stunned by the sound, causing them to looked at the candidates on the stage, one of whom were about to be elected, with a more solemn gaze.

Soon, the person that will lead them in the future would emerge from all the candidates.

“It’s finally starting,” as Gu Li sat on the chair, his gaze became even more heated. He clenched his fists tightly, while his calm expression did not reveal his heart, which was not calm at all.

He had waited for this day for some ten-odd years…

During that period of time, he had endured way too much. It was time for him to place the crown upon his head.

As he swept his indifferent gaze over his brothers, their expressions landed in his eye like the funniest joke in the world.

Finally, he set his gaze upon Gu Tian.

“My pitiful Lil’ Tian-ge, his thoughts must be seriously cute right now. But, I do wonder whether he will cry or laugh when even Hua Li leaves his side?” Gu Li muttered to himself.

At the same time, a hint of a sigh flashed across the eyes of the old man sitting at the highest point of the training field.  

“None of us noticed that brat, Gu Li. If we continue to have our own thoughts, then it’ll only let that brat take the position,” Gu De, who had been the one to bring Gu Tian back to the capital, looked at Gu Li with a sinister gaze.

Gu Li merely nodded with a slight smile in response to that hostile gaze.

“That bastard!” Gu De clenched his fist and turned to the people around him. “Lend me your people. If I get elected, we’ll talk about the position of the junior family head afterwards. If that little bastard, Gu Li, becomes the junior family head, then for sure none of us will have a good life.”

With that, he took out his phone to quickly send messages to the other candidates with the same speech as what he had said.


The phone of Gu Tian, who was still submerged in shock in his heart, rang. After he took out his phone to read the message, he subconsciously glanced towards Gu De.

At that moment, Gu De was also looking at him, because out of all the candidates, the only one he wasn’t sure of whether he would agree to his own terms was Gu Tian.

The kid has been straightforward since he was young, and that was something that all the brothers knew.

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When Gu De saw that Gu Tian placed his phone into his pocket without replying, his eyebrows knitted together before relaxing once again.

“F*ck, that jerk… Never mind, he doesn’t have many supporters behind him anyways, so it makes no difference,” Gu De cursed silently, then started to use his phone to ensure that the other candidates understood that they were in a team.

“Young Master Lil’ Tian, what happened?” Hua Li said softly.

Gu Tian shrugged, “Gu De is trying to forge alliances. I didn’t reply…”

“It seems like it’s a bit late to form alliances,” Hua Li maintained his indifferent tone.

Gu Tian nodded in agreement, “Yeah.”

At that moment, the sound of horns stopped.

The family head of the Gu clan stood up from his chair. Seeing that, the entire audience understood that the election as about to begin. They readied themselves for an awe-inspiring speech, but what they got instead was…

“The election begins. We’ll skip all the other steps. Start voting!” with such plain words, the Gu Family Head sat back down.

As the family head, he could not be blinded by the outside world. He already knew that the position of the junior family head was most likely going to land on that child…

The one which he had never paid too much attention to. The same child who had proved him completely wrong.

“People truly get brighter the longer they live. It seems like grandpa already knows everything,” Gu Li smiled even more, and a hint of mockery begun to surface in his expression. “But he doesn’t have any way to stop it now, right? The person who set everything in motion was actually him. I… merely took a shortcut!”

Not long later, he looked towards Gu De meaningfully… “Forging alliances? So cute, but… you guys might be completely shocked when the voting is done!”

“Young Master Gu Li, we’re going now,” said the elders and guests behind him.

Gu Li nodded faintly, “Go. Think about your family for a moment, then decide on who to vote for.”

The calm, yet threatening words, caused the expressions of the elders and guests to drastically change before they nodded coyly and left.

At the same time, Hua Li, who stood behind Gu Tian, also spoke up, “Young Master Lil’ Tian, I’m going.”

“Mm! Elder Hua, no need to feel troubled. Just vote according to your own thoughts.”

Gu Tian had already lost any fighting spirit for the position of the junior family head. The only thing he felt annoyed about was being lied to by Gu Li for such a long time, and that he still had to watch him become the Gu clan’s junior family head.

The voting lasted a good half an hour. During this time, Gu De’s face was filled with nervousness…

He cupped his hands together and silently prayed for the position of the junior family head to be given to him.

On the other hand, Gu Li maintained the calm and indifferent expression the entire time, because he was certain that the position as his.

“The voting is over!” the main butler of the Gu family called out, then walked in front of the ballot boxes…

The moment the box was opened, the results were obvious at first glance.

Aside from Gu Li’s filled box, all the other boxes were empty. No, that was not completely true. Gu Tian also had one vote from Hua Li.

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“Gu Li… is truly a child who knows how to bide his time.”

The main butler shook his head with a sigh and glanced over at Gu Li. Being so scheming at such a young age… It actually isn’t a good thing.

But, as the main butler of the Gu clan, he needed to remain neutral.

He looked up and glanced at the audience…

“Let me announce the result. The candidates with the most votes was Gu Li. He will become the Gu family’s junior family head, as well as the number one successor to the family head!”


The phone in Gu De’s hand instantly fell onto the ground, completely contrasting Gu Li’s lack of surprise when he heard the result…

He had already known all this would occur.

“Gu Li, come up!” at this moment, the Gu family head also opened his blurry eyes.

Gu Li stood up from his chair with a faint smile and his hands behind his back.

“I object. I request the votes to be counted!” Gu De roared with bloodshot eyes. “Main Butler merely took a glance and didn’t count it at all. On what basis do you declare him as the junior family head!?”

“Then come up and have a look!” the main butler took a step back, indifferent. Gu De glared and walked up. When he saw the votes in the boxes…

“Wow, Gu Li, wow,” Gu De’s teeth chattered in anger.

Gu Li smiled with a shrug, “You look too terrible like this, pitiful insect.”

Then he glanced at Gu De again before looking up high.

At this moment the main butler also stepped up, “If anyone else has any objections, then they can raise them. You guys can all come and count the votes. If there are no objections, then the junior family head this time is Gu Li.”

Everyone looked down dejectedly. Just as Gu Li was about to walk towards Family Head Gu as the victor…

“Objections? I object!”

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