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Chapter 324 – Kick Me

I definitely cannot let Chang’e descend. If she descends, then everything’s going to be messed up.

Chang’e has plenty of fanboys and fangirls in the Heavenly Court. If she descends, then her ‘guardians’ would definitely follow.

Those that can work in the Heavenly Court would at the very least be experts of the Human Immortal level.

If they come, then there is nothing I could do.

Of course, it definitely is not because I’m a pussy. I’m just worried that too many deities descending would affect the order in the Heavenly Court. Yes, I’m someone that likes to think about others.

“Not letting Chang’e descend isn’t so good, right?”

Erlang Shen, put down his crossed leg, and raised his eyebrows.

“I already agreed with Chang’e to descend together in a few days.”

“Don’t bullshit so much. If you take her with you when you descend, then don’t come and see me. Don’t doubt me. I have ten thousand ways to prevent you guys from finding me.”

Ye Zichen replied with a hint of threat.

Erlang Shen thought about it for a moment, then replied.

“Kay, then I’ll try.”

The two of them chit chatted a bit more until Erlang Shen had a card game match starting. Thus, Ye Zichen laid on his bed, looked outside the window, and sighed…

He did not dare to go out, since Qi Cheng, that dumb woman, might be blocking his way outside.

Since he had nothing better to do, Ye Zichen took out his phone and downloaded the iReader app.

The moment he opened the app, he saw a trending novel called “Red Packet Server”. Since it looked quite interesting, Ye Zichen clicked on it.

“Oh wow, this author is a god. Isn’t this about me?”

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows in interest. However, before he could be completely satisfied, he realized that he had finished the latest chapter.

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I must hurry the author!

Ye Zichen left a few messages in the comments section, and noticed a monthly ticket group1.


“Monthly ticket ID screenshot.”

A group member called This Sovereign Zhi Xin immediately sent him a PM.

“I came to hurry the author up with the release speed. Are you the author? How can I make you release more?”

“Screenshot!” This Sovereign Zhi Xin had quite a temper, so he only replied Ye Zichen with one word.

Ye Zichen was rather unhappy. He was someone that even the deities had to tread carefully. This brat actually dared to do this to me!

“I’m asking you how can I get you to release more. Isn’t it just five monthly tickets? I’ll just send it to you later.”


You have already been removed from the Red Packet Server Monthly Ticket Group.

Ye Zichen took a look at the message on his phone and blanked out for a long while before getting angry.

Wow, putting on a very strong front!

He’s got a temper!

Ye Zichen returned to the comments section, then saw a message Zhi Xin had sent before.

“A thousand monthly tickets per extra chapter!”

Isn’t it just a thousand monthly tickets?

We’ll see who has the worst temper!

Ye Zichen smiled coldly, clicked open the top-up function, and directly top-upped a hundred thousand yuan’s worth of monthly tickets.

Kick Me sent 1000 tickets this month.

Kick Me sent 2000 tickets this month.

Kick Me sent 3000 tickets this month.

Kick Me sent 10000 tickets this month.

Ye Zichen finally left a message in the comments section after he sent all of his monthly tickets.

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“Bros, I sent a hundred thousand tickets. The author said a thousand tickets per chapter. Hurry up and contact him to tell him to release the chapters! I want to read!”

Not long later after he posted the comment, he saw that it was liked over a hundred times followed with a string of replies.

“Divine riche guy!”

“Great job. Chapter! Chapter!”

“Big brother is handsome and amazing!”

“I’m already contacting Lil’ Xin!”

At the same time.

The Red Packet Server Monthly Ticket Group exploded.

“@This Sovereign Zhi Xin, hurry up and post additional chapters. Someone gave you a hundred thousand monthly tickets!”

@This Sovereign Zhi Xin, a thousand tickets per chapter. Hurry up and post!”

“@This Sovereign Zhi Xin, author come out right now!”

Zhi Xin, who was fighting a battle of life and death against characters, instantly felt his head ring after he saw the message in the group and the hundred thousand tickets.

You’re kidding me!

He opened the iReader app to take a look, and saw that the top comment in the comments section was sent by Kick Me.

Then he took a look at the monthly ticket ranking.


He coughed up blood.

“Everyone, please wait a moment. This puny one will post updates right now.”

Zhi Xin continuously wiped away the sweat dripping from his forward, then went on his computer to take a look at the stockpile he saved up for a long time through lots of hard work.

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“Brothers, I’m sorry!”

Tap, tap, tap.

Zhi Xin sent out his stockpiled chapters, which he had struggled through thick and thin in order to write.

He had wanted to post them when he found a chance to go on a date and pick up a girl, but now he had to post them all.

After he posted the chapters, Zhi Xin rubbed his temples, then starting to type furiously.

Approximately half an hour later, Ye Zichen’s iReader app loaded up all the chapters.

Ye Zichen glanced at the chapter updates, thought back to how Zhi Xin kicked him out of the group, making him rather annoyed.

“Didn’t you kick me? Watch me tire you to death!”

Then, without saying anything else, he topped up a hundred thousand yuan’s worth of tickets once more!

Kick Me sent 101000 tickets this month.

Kick Me sent 102000 tickets this month.

Kick Me sent 200000 tickets this month.

While he felt really good after giving all the tickets, the comment he had posted earlier exploded.

“Divine riche guy did it again. Lil’ Zhi is screwed this time.”

“Divine riche guy, please stop. Lil’ Xin is just a child.”

“Morning news. The famous webnovel author Zhi Xin has put himself in grave danger for literature. According to this channel’s journalist, the famous webnovel author, Zhi Xin is fatigued…”

“We can definitely read our til we’re satisfied this time. Zhi Xin, hurry up and update!”

As Ye Zichen took a look at the plentiful replies, he noticed that the fans were actually pretty nice to Zhi Xin.

They worried that he would get tired out, so they continuously sent messages to tell Ye Zichen to stop.

Ye Zichen did understand that writing chapters used a lot of brainpower, and since he liked the novel a lot, he didn’t want the author to die of fatigue.

Ye Zichen thought about it for a moment. I should crawl back up where I fell down.

I’ll join the group again.

This time, he directly sent the screenshot of the monthly ticket IDs over to This Sovereign Zhi Xin before he was sent any message.

“Can I stay in the group this time?”

Zhi Xin, who was typing away furiously, heard the notification from the group chat. He had wanted to ignore it, but due to his mindset of fans above all else, he immediately went to take a look.

The person who sent him the message was the one who he got the admins to kick…

He took a look at the screenshot!

“My lord, please stop. Do you want to fatigue this puny one by giving monthly tickets like this!?”


Ye Zichen wrinkled his nose, the typed out his reply.

“Weren’t you amazing just now? Didn’t you kick me? Can’t I only enter the group if I give monthly tickets!? Now I did, I’m asking you, can I stay here!?”

“Yes, yes, yes, you can definitely stay here!” Zhi Xin replied after wiping away the sweat on his forehead.

The world of riche people was definitely not something that a puny author like me can understand. That was two hundred thousand due to a mere argument. Did their money appear out of nowhere?

“I thought I couldn’t, but that’s alright. I’ll send a hundred thousand more tickets later…”

“Don’t, please don’t!” Zhi Xin’s head was about to explode when he saw the message. He did not doubt the words of this fan at all.

He’s already sent two hundred thousand, what’s another hundred thousand to him!?

“My lord, what do I need to do to make you stop giving monthly tickets? If you continue on like this, Lil’ Xin will truly die of fatigue. Lil’ Xin is not a full-timer, so I have limited stamina!”

Zhi Xin begged pitifully as he typed up his message.

Original Chapter Teaser:

Why? You asked me why?

First of all, just what the hell am I supposed to say to Su Yan, Xia Keke and Xiao Yumei? Am I supposed to tell them that “Hello, this is Chang’e, the fairy on the moon. I also just happened to be dating her!”? I can already imagine what’s going to happen. Maybe Xia Keke would believe me, but the rest would most likely just snort, and Su Yan would get extremely angry and never talk to me again.

Then, there’s a more blatantly obvious issue. Chang’e has a plethora of pursuers, even after we started dating. If she descends, then her pursuers would surely follow. Then, if they meet me…. I can already see myself getting beaten up and even killed after they notice that I’m just a normal person. What’s more, even if I wasn’t, I would never be able to control them!

So for the love of god. Bro, please say yes.

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