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Chapter 310 – Strange Fatty

Bingcheng International Airport.

Xiao Yumei stood by Ye Zichen’s side in the boarding hall with eyes filled with her reluctance to part, then said in a manner asking to be spoiled, “Why do you suddenly have to go to the capital? What if I miss you!?”

“Naturally, I have stuff to take care of in the capital!” Ye Zichen caressed her beautiful cheek, then put on a naughty smile. “If you miss me too much, then you can come and find me in the capital. It doesn’t take too long to take a flight from here to there!”

“So you want me to go through such a long journey just to give myself to you?” Xiao Yumei smiled dazzlingly. That alluring smile instantly caused a nameless fire to be ignited in his heart.

This woman is really a fairy. Even though I’ve been with her for so long, I really have zero resistance towards her seduction.

“Stop teasing me. What if I can endure it anymore on the plane and find a stewardess! Then wouldn’t you be at a loss!?”

“You dare!?” Xiao Yumei smiled, then patted Ye Zichen. “If you dare to cheat on the plane, then when you come back… Hehe…”

She formed a scissor gesture with her hand, as if she was saying…

I’ll cut yours off.

Ye Zichen felt a chill run down his leg. This woman…

“Hehe, I’m just kidding. The broadcast just said that you should be boarding now, so hurry up and go. Otherwise, you might end up running back to me in tears since you missed the flight!” Xiao Yumei said with a smile. “Try to avoid getting into more relationships with girls. I don’t mind if you bring a few little sisters back for me, but I’m worried that the other little sisters might be unhappy.”

“Am I that sort of person?” Ye Zichen shrugged.

“Are you not?” Xiao Yumei said with a meaningful gaze. “The girls over in the capital are so much cuter than the ones here in Bingcheng!”

“You girls are the most beautiful in my heart!”

As he said that, the boarding announcement sounded out once again.

As the reluctance to part in Xiao Yumei’s eyes became more and more obvious, Ye Zichen wrapped his arms around her neck and kissed her lips, “Wait for me to come back!”

“Mm, I’ll always be waiting,” Xiao Yumei nodded.

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At the same time, within Ye Zichen’s mansion.

Ye Rong sat on the sofa with a look of worry on her face. Ye Zichen had told her that he was going to the capital right before he left.

She had wanted to stop him, but…

She did not say anything in the end.

“He really did go. I hope you won’t bump into those people. I really don’t know how to face them!” Ye Rong sighed, then stood up from the sofa and returned to her room.

Ye Zichen had chosen to purchase a business class ticket. When he arrived at his seat, he saw a twenty-something years old fatty wearing an eye mask in his seat.

“Dude!” Ye Zichen patted the fatty.

The fatty took off his eye mask with a look of confusion.

It seems like he was asleep just now.

“What is it?” The fatty spoke with a standard accent of the capital, wearing a confused look.

“You seem to be sitting in my seat,” Ye Zichen pointed at the ticket in his hand.

The fatty was stunned for a moment, then after taking a glance at the ticket and the seat number, he quickly moved over by one seat, “Sorry, I was too tired just now…”

“No worries!” Ye Zichen nodded with a smile and sat down.

It was Ye Zichen’s first time in an airplane since he was only able to afford train tickets with the amount of money he had before.

Ye Zichen looked around the plane curiously.

Meanwhile, the fatty suddenly chuckle, “Bro, you are going to the capital for…”

Ye Zichen looked at the fatty vigilantly in response.

Seeing his expression, the fatty quickly explain, “I don’t mean to pry. Let me introduce myself, I’m Yin Qiong. I’m from the capital! I just like to make friends, and since I say brother looks proper and does not seem like a normal person, I just wanted to get to know you.”

“Gu Zichen!” Ye Zichen said plainly.


The fatty revealed a look of surprise.

“Brother Gu, it really is fate for us to sit in the same airplane. How about letting brother treat you to a meal after we land?”

Ye Zichen felt rather uneasy by the fatty’s sudden intimacy.

It was his first time meeting the fatty. Why is he so intimate from the get-go as if we are really familiar with each other?

Most people like that aren’t good people.

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Ye Zichen ignored the fatty and closed his eyes to rest.

However, the fatty did not give up, “Brother Gu, it isn’t easy making friends when you’re like that.”

“You fatty is seriously a bit weird!” Ye Zichen glared at him. “Am I really familiar with you? You immediately went ‘Brother Gu’, ‘Brother Gu’, but we’ve known each other for less than five minutes, right? Even if you are someone that easily gets acquainted people, you can’t be like this!”

“Five minutes is enough time for us to know each other, right?” the fatty squinted his eyes and smiled. “Meeting is fate, and us sitting together is even more so!”

“I really want to beat you up!” Ye Zichen clenched his fist and glared at the fatty. “Then according to that logic, everyone on the plane is your bro. Just stop sitting here and go to make friends. I saw a few cute girls when I was boarding, you guys might even be able to get to know each other thoroughly!”

“Haha, bro, you really are the same kind of person as me!” The fatty laughed.

Same your ass!

The heck did I say to make him think that? Ye Zichen stopped wasting his breath and turned around to ignore the fatty.

“Hey, bro! Bro!” However, the fatty continue to call him on the side.

Ye Zichen could only pretend as if he didn’t hear anything and shut his eyes.

Seeing that, the fatty smiled, then stopped talking.

“Hello, fellow passengers on the flight!”

A playful laugh sounded out in the cabin. Ye Zichen opened his eyes, and saw a bunch of men holding guns had appeared at a time he didn’t notice…

The surrounding stewardesses and stewards squatted on the floor holding their heads, while the other messengers revealed expressions of unease, or were outright screaming.

Plane hijacking!

What kind of bullshit plot is this? A plane hijack?

Also, how did they get the guns on the plane? Did the security not check them before boarding!?

“We are the Great Thieves Big Babol, but don’t worry, our target is not you. You only need to sit properly in your seats, fasten your seat belts and pretend like nothing is happening!”

The playful laughter sounded out once more, causing Ye Zichen to curl his lips…

What the heck?

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This isn’t a plane hijacking!?

Ye Zichen subconsciously looked to the side, and saw that the fatty, who sat beside him had disappeared.


At that very moment, a loud noise sounded out at the front of the plane.

Not long later, Ye Zichen saw a man as fat as a ball run over panting heavily, while holding a woman on his shoulder…

“Bro, help!”

Original Chapter Teaser:

Gu Tian: Hey Brother Ye, it’s me, Gu Tian.

Ye Zichen: Hey. So, is everything ready?

Gu Tian: Yep, please fly over now. Should I book a ticket to the capital for you? Or maybe a few more for the sis’s?

Ye Zichen: …

Gu Tian: How many now? At least, from what I know… It’s 2… Then adding the ghost girl, that’s three… Could it be that you need an entire plane!?

Ye Zichen: …

Gu Tian: I see, I see, I’ll book an entire flight for you after this call.

Ye Zichen: Shut it.

Gu Tian: Huh? Big Brother Ye, did I say something wrong? Do you mean to say that you need more than one flight? That’s going to be slightly troublesome… But…

Ye Zichen: I really am going to beat the living shit out of you the next time we meet.

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