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Chapter 289 – Xie Bian’s Red Packet

Ye Zichen’s hand that was holding the cigarette shook, while he instinctively took a step back.

Ye Zichen’s eyes twitched intensely as he looked at the enraged Yu…

“Have you gone mad!? What are you doing!?”

Ye Zichen was about to have a mental break down. Just what the hell is going on!?

He’s biting the hand that fed him!

Did I meet some evil thing recently? Why do people keep wanting to kill me…

“I’ll take your dog life!”

With that, Yu dived towards Ye Zichen like a shadow.

“If you want my dog’s life, then go and find Lil’ White. Why are you coming after me…” Ye Zichen shrunk his neck and cursed softly.

Lil’ White, who was resting in the mansion, suddenly sneezed, “Who is talking about me behind my back!?”

Lil’ White was rather speechless, but Ye Zichen, who was frantically evading Yu’s attacks, felt even more speechless.

I had treated his niece with goodwill, and he had promised that he wouldn’t cause any more trouble for me.

Just how long has it been? He’s coming to kill me again.

Since Ye Zichen noticed that the Hou brothers were not around, after dodging a few of Yu’s attacks, Ye Zichen licked his lips and stopped.

“I didn’t want to fight you, don’t reject face when given it.”


However, Yu merely laughed coldly in response as the dagger in his hands shimmered.


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He really thinks that laozi is easy to push around.

Ye Zichen formed a fist with his right hand.

Since he did not know any spiritual techniques or secret arts, he merely swung his fist decisively.

Absolute strength trumps all.

Whoever is the strongest when fighting is the winner. There is no point of having those flowery techniques.

The eyes of Yu, who stood opposite him, twitched when he saw this before he swung his fist out as well.


A loud noise echoed in the alleyway.

When the fists of the two collided, a torrent of wind caused by spiritual energy instantly spread out with the contact point of the two fists at the center…


The pavement underneath their feet started to crack.


Yu spat out a mouthful of blood, then retracted his fists with a shocked look. He glanced at Ye Zichen in surprise for a split second before leaping back and disappearing from the street.

“Seriously, what an ungrateful person.”

Ye Zichen flung his arm bitterly. Ye Zichen immediately felt rather sorry for himself when he thought of how much he had done for Yu.

People should have a conscience. Could his conscience have been eaten by a dog?

Thus, Ye Zichen snorted coldly before turning away. However, what Ye Zichen did not notice was that the mouthful of blood that Yu coughed up…

Was not red like a normal person’s.

When Ye Zichen sat down in a cold drinks store to rest, he habitually took out his phone and opened up the Underworld staff chat, which was unusually very active.

He took a careful look…

It’s actually Xie Bian’s birthday!

Ox-Head: What sorts of presents has everyone prepared? Could you guys leak it for Old Ox?

Horse-Face: Big Brother Ox-Head is right.

Judge Cui: @Ox-Head, how about Marshal Ox telling us first?

Hua Tuo: This old man isn’t capable at anything except medical stuff.

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King Chujiang: @Hua Tuo, Elder Hua is too humble. You can stand atop of everyone with merely your medical skills.

Seeing that the Ten Yama Kings were in the group as well, Ye Zichen started to get nervous.

If King Chujiang notices me, then would he report me and kick me out of the group?

At that moment…

Xie Bian: Brothers.


Xie Bian actually spoke up! That alone caused the enter group to be filled with surprise, and even Ye Zichen was shocked.

Ye Zichen stared closely at the screen as his screen started to become flooded with messages.

Judge Cui: Marshal Xie! Why did you come!?

Hua Tuo: General Xie, what a rare guest!

King Chujiang: Why isn’t Brother Xie being a good birthday boy and actually has the spare time to speak up in the group?

King Lunhui: Old Xie spoke up?

King Pingdeng: Old Xie, it really has been a long time. Come visit me when you have time.

Old Lady Meng1: Greetings to Marshal Xie.

Zhong Kui2: I wish Marshal Xie a limitless lifespan. Marshal Xie, do send a red packet.

Ox-Head: Brother Xie.

Horse-Face: Big Brother Ox-Head is right!

Ye Zichen could clearly feel Ox-Head’s depressed mood. That was something he immediately understood after thinking about it. No matter what, Ox-Head was a Ghost Marshal of the Underworld.

But look at the reaction to Xie Bian’s entrance, which summoned up quite a few Yama Kings, and even those officials that didn’t speak much in the group spoke up.

Yet, look at Ox-Head’s entrance.

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Maybe everyone is just too familiar with him since he speaks up in the group every single day.

Xie Bian: I feel rather nervous when I see your intimacy.

Old Lady Meng: Marshal Xie is too funny.

King Chujiang: Old Xie @Xie Bian. Don’t say that I, your brother, didn’t remind you. You should hold your birthday feast, but it has to be quick.

Xie Bian: Why?

King Lunhui: @Xie Bian, did you forget that Big Brother King Qinguang was taken away by the Heavenly Court?

King Pengdeng: Indeed. The Heavenly Court is watching us rather closely. Old Xie needs to be careful.

Xie Bian: Sigh, just that? What can they do? What can the Heavenly Court do to laozi for holding a birthday feast? I, Xie Bian, do not have the word “submit” in my dictionary. Going against the flow is real temper!

Zhong Kui: Boss Xie has a fierce temper.

Old Lady Meng: Marshal Xie, worst come to worst, just come to me and drink the Soul-Breaking Soup3 to start over.

Ox-Head: Be careful.

Horse-Face: Big Brother Ox-Head is right!

Xie Bian: I know you’re all saying it for my own good. I was just kidding, don’t take it seriously.

King Chujiang: Ignoring that, why did you come over here when it’s your birthday?

Xie Bian: Ha, I came to spread a bit of wealth.

Spread wealth.

Is he going to send red packets?

That wasn’t something that only Ye Zichen thought of, it was something that the entire staff chat thought of.

Zhong Kui: I smell the scent of red packets.

Old Lady Meng: Wait a second, let me finish this bowl of soup…

Hua Tuo: This old man can’t compete against those youngsters.

Judge Cui: I really look forward to Marshal Xie’s red packet.

Ye Zichen immediately focused completely on his phone as he waited for the red packet.


Ye Zichen’s phone vibrated.

When a huge red packet appeared on the screen, Ye Zichen reacted swiftly…


You received Xie Bian’s red packet.

Bone Ring x1

Judge Cui: Marshal Xie is generous.

Hua Tuo: I never would have thought that even this old man managed to grab one.

Zhong Kui: Boss Xie, thank you for your red packet.

Old Lady Peng: Let us dance after making a toast with this bowl of soup…

Ye Zichen subconsciously took a look at everyone else’s luck, which mostly consisted of some sort of special fruit or sigils…

Judging based on the name of the item, Ye Zichen felt that the Bone Ring should be equipment.

He clicked on his Yinyang Box.

An ancient ring laid within.

Bone Ring: An item Xie Bian picked up in a mountain of corpses in the mortal realm when he first became a Ghost Marshal. He only chose to bring it back to the Underworld after seeing that it was rather extraordinary. This item was created in the time of the Five Emperors, and its exact functions are yet to be known…


Not only is this an equippable accessory, it’s actually an unidentified equipment.

However, Ye Zichen still chose to take out the Bone Ring due to his curiosity.

The Bone Ring was of a skeletal white band with a small skull on top. If one was merely judging from its appearance, it really was nothing special…

Ye Zichen put it on his finger, then…

A call suddenly pealed through in the cold drinks store.

“Li Jiayi!”

The familiar name caused Ye Zichen to look up, but at that very moment, the eyes of the skull on the Bone Ring that rested on his left index finger emitted a ghostly blue light that went unnoticed by him.

Original Chapter Teaser:

Dear Diary,

Can someone tell me what the f*ck was wrong with Yu? He was all nice and friendly before and even promised me that his life was mine, and now?

He actually came to kill me again.

And it was for f*cking real!

Like c’mon dude, I helped you get your niece’s soul back, so even if you do want to kill me, cut me some slack and just leave me alone like you promised!

It was kinda strange for him to pretty much act like how he acted before I helped him, but ugh. What an ungrateful bastard. Also, he ran away pretty quickly this time, so maybe he knows that he isn’t able to kill me? I suppose it matters not, with my current power, he won’t be able to kill me since I can subdue him all by myself.

But man, it is going to be super annoying though…

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