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Chapter 246 – Abusing the Weakness

Just which group sent the red packet?

Ye Zichen quickly went to his chats and saw the Heavenly Court’s chat group, which was at the top of the list.

Red Packet from the Heavenly Court.

Ye Zichen instantly felt slightly sad.

With the speed of those Heavenly Court deities, it would seriously be weird if I can grab a red packet now.

However, Ye Zichen still decided to give it a shot by clicking on the chat group.

Too slow. All the red packets were gone.

I knew it.

Under the urging of his curiosity, Ye Zichen took a look at the treasure inside the red packet.

The red packet was sent by Wind Catching Ears1. There were 100 red packets in total, all of which contained a Long-Distance Sound-Seeking Sigil.

Immortality Peach Fairy: Hehe, I got one. I can go and exchange it for cultivation experience at the pawn shop.

God of Thunder: @Immortality Peach Fairy, how much can you pawn it for?

Mother of Lightning: @Yue Lao, how much are you treating this sigil as?

God of Thunder: Yue Lao isn’t in the group.

Immortality Peach Fairy: Ai, the more talkative ones in the group all left.

Wind Catching Ears: What? Some deities left?

Barefoot Immortal: Back then, there was a huge war in the group. It is no surprise that great deity Wind Catching Ears, who just entered the group, doesn’t know.

All-Seeing Eyes2: Could you tell us a little about it?

Immortality Peach Fairy: @All-Seeing Eyes, great deity, there are admins monitoring the chat here. If you speak carelessly, you’ll get your salary reduced.

Wu Gang: Ai.

Ye Zichen: Uhm, don’t speak carelessly. If that geezer, Taibai Jinxing, sees it, then you wouldn’t avoid some scolding. @All-Seeing Eyes, your turn to send red packets.

Immortality Peach Fairy: Great deity has spoken.


Wu Gang: Ai.

Heavenly Soldier A: Ai!

A series of sighs filled the screen. From the looks of it, these damn singles still didn’t recover from the trauma from Chang’e and my dog food.

All-Seeing Eye: @Only Idealism, is this Sky Sovereign Nameless, who is renowned in the Heavenly Court recently?

Immortality Peach Fairy: Correct, but no reward. Great deity told you to send red packets!

God of Thunder: Red packet! Red packet!

Mother of Lightning: Red packet! Red packet!

All-Seeing Eyes: I’ve heard about your great name. I’ll send the red packet right away.



Since Ye Zichen had not snatched any red packets lately in the Heavenly Court’s chat group, the moment he managed to get one, he even felt a bit moved.

You received All-Seeing Eye’s Red Packet.

Thousand Li Tracking Sigil x1.

Thousand Li Tracking Sigil: Your eyes can see a distance of five hundred kilometers. Literally.

Ye Zichen took a glance at All-Seeing Eye’s red packets. All of the one hundred red packets were for this sort of sigil.

Ye Zichen twitched his mouth. I thought I could get some sort of rare treasure…

Ye Zichen did not continue to chit-chat with the deities, and just left straight away.


At that moment, Taibai Jinxing sent Ye Zichen a red packet.

Taibai Jinxing: You helped this old one to moderate the group. Not bad, that’s worthy of a reward.

Who helped him moderate the group?

Ye Zichen was stunned, then he instantly thought of the excuse he had used to ask for a red packet.

Even that counted as moderating the chat!

Taibai Jinxing: This sovereign has been rather busy recently. The deities in the group all respect and fear you quite a bit, you can speak up more in it from now on. This sovereign will reward you well.

“Great deity, I’m rather busy in real life too, so let’s talk about moderating the chat another time.”

“Just take a look at the group when you have time. Oh yeah, how’s the infiltration of the Underworld going?”

“Mission accomplished!”


It was clear that Taibai Jinxing still had his doubts about Ye Zichen.

Ye Zichen didn’t explain. Instead, he directly screenshotted the chat group and sent the image over.


Your intimacy level with Taibai Jinxing increased by 100. Current intimacy level: 200.


Intimacy level leveled up. Current intimacy level: Trusted.

“Not bad, this is your reward for infiltrating into the Underworld group.”


A red packet appeared on the screen. Ye Zichen collected it.

You received Taibai Jinxing’s red packet.

Cultivation experience x10000.

Ye Zichen instantly laughed when he saw the mission reward. He had worked so hard to get into the Underworld group in order to farm the intimacy level of the Underworld circle…

Only to get ten thousand cultivation experience in exchange.

“Great deity Taibai, you’re too stingy!”

Ye Zichen was speechless.

Taibai Jinxing was stunned for a moment, before he sent his reply.

“How so?”

“I do business in the Heavenly Court, it’s not like you don’t know of it. Yue Lao sends me several hundred cultivation experience whenever he stocks up. I worked so hard to get into the Underworld group and you merely gave me ten thousand cultivation experience? Tell me, are you stingy or not?”

“You still dare to mention this!?” Taibai Jinxing frowned. “Recently, these junk foods you have sent over to our Heavenly Court has severely affected its beauty. Peels and wrappers can be seen everywhere, this includes your packaging as well as poison…”

“Don’t hold me in such high regard, can’t you guys, the deities, deal with such a little problem?”

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes. Even somewhere like the Modern Realm, where the mortals lived, can deal with that. He refused to believe that the deities in the Heavenly Court can’t!


Taibai Jinxing snorted coldly, and seemingly accepted the argument.

“Great deity Taibai, don’t worry about such small things with a civilian like me. I feel like you should raise the mission reward.”

“How do you want to do so? A hundred thousand cultivation experience?”

Taibai Jinxing truly was unable to do anything despite being unwilling to negotiate with Ye Zichen.

Nobody in the Heavenly Court could infiltrate into the Underworld staff chat. Only someone like Ye Zichen, who was in the middle of the Three Realms, could do so.

“I don’t need cultivation experience, that’s something that even I can earn. I want some good treasures! Pills, sigils, celestial robes, secret scriptures or divine plants, basically anything useful to me is fine.”

“Don’t be too greedy.”

Taibai Jinxing frowned.

“Greedy? I don’t think so! I am putting a suitable level of effort it, so I naturally have to gain a suitable level of reward. What’s more, my job is seriously dangerous. I’m being a spy. In tv shows, if the spies are caught, they either die or get trashed!”

“This sovereign doesn’t understand what you’re talking about.”

“Then you don’t want to give me any. Fine, I’m done, I’m going to leave the group.”


A voice message suddenly appeared on the screen. It seems like the geezer, Taibai Jinxing, is getting a bit anxious.

Ye Zichen clicked on the voice message with a smile, then heard an ancient and angry voice.

“Just what do you want! Don’t challenge this sovereign’s bottom line!”

“I want treasures!”

Ye Zichen would have been scared before when Taibai Jinxing got angry. However, just who was he? The reincarnation of the Yellow Emperor, that’s who.

The powerhouses of the Celestial Realm are all his bros, just why should he be afraid?

“I’ll give you three hundred thousand cultivation experience!”

“No, I want treasures!”

The final purpose of earning cultivation experience was to exchange it for treasures in the Treasure Shop. However, not all the treasures were there, and that was a worse option than to directly ask Taibai Jinxing to send it to him.


“I’m going to leave the chat.”

Taibai Jinxing instantly gave up when he saw Ye Zichen’s message. After a brief struggle, he sighed helplessly.


You finally caved in!

Taking advantage of your weakness was definitely useful!

Ye Zichen licked his lips, then returned the ten thousand cultivation experience. At the same time, he also sent a message.

“For this mission reward, I want a Hell’s Lotus!”

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