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Chapter 244 – The Soul that Burns for Love

After Ye Zichen exchanged two pills for the two Hou brothers to eat, he looked at Lu Lu She was standing there with her head lowered like a child that had made a mistake, Ye Zichen’s face was covered with a look of speechlessness, “Say, you…”

Lu Lu pouted, then blinked her watery eyes, “I didn’t know that they were your bodyguards, I just felt that they kept staring at you suspiciously. You will face any danger at any moment after reincarnating, that’s why I… What’s more, your bodyguards are too weak.”

Ye Zichen was surprised, while the Hou Brothers blushed.

We got looked down upon.


A white van parked in front of the supermarket. Ye Zichen looked up and saw that the first one to get out of the car was the long-haired student he had beaten up, while the person who followed was the buzz cut young man who now had a piece of paper in his nose.

“Boss, there was no mistake, that brat is seriously here…” The long-haired young man’s right face was still swollen, most likely due to the damage from Ye Zichen’s slap not having gone down.

The young man with the buzz cut, who stood behind him, immediately smacked the long-haired young man’s head.

“Bullshit, it’s information that laozi spent a lot to buy.”

With that, he strode forward with his hands on his waist.

“Why did you… come so excitedly for?” Ye Zichen stood up from the chair. Then, Lu Lu also stood up after him and stuck by his side.

The buzz cut haired young man instantly exploded when he saw Lu Lu.

“Grandson, you already have such a pretty girl by your f*cking side, why are you fighting with me over Sun Yige! You two-timer!”

“… I can see that you are rather obsessed,” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes in annoyance, then shook his head. “How am I a two-timer?”

“If you want to say that you aren’t Sun Yige’s boyfriend, then why the f*ck did you hit my guy?”

“Oh, you’re talking about that!” Ye Zichen pursed his lips with a smile. “It’s mostly because your subordinate was too retarded, so I just felt like beating him up.”

“Hehe…” The young man with a buzz cut smiled darkly, then prepared his Tiger Fist stance. “I will duel you, for my sincerest love!”

With that, the buzz cut young man started up again, “Only make a move when I say so. My Tiger Fist takes a rather long time to charge, I lost to you just now only because I didn’t finish charging.”

This guy is too retarded.

Telling others to wait a bit when fighting? And he even exposed his own weakness?

However, Ye Zichen had nothing better to do, so he decided to wait.

One minute passed.

Five minutes passed.

“So slow!” When Ye Zichen finished smoking one cigarette, Lu Lu twitched her mouth speechlessly.

Ye Zichen, who had lost his patience, instantly walked forward after he took out his phone to take a look at the time!

Ding dang dong…

Ye Zichen knocked down the buzz cut young man once again in less than three seconds.

“Sorry, I’m in a hurry.”

After Ye Zichen and Lu Lu left, the buzz cut young man stood up from the ground with the long-haired young man’s support.

His face was swollen, and his other nostril bled.


“Just half a minute longer, just half a minute!”

The young man with a buzz cut clenched his fist tightly, while his eyes were filled with his lack of resignation.

The long-haired young man agreed, “Yeah, that grandson only knows how to use surprise attacks, otherwise, Boss would definitely beat his teeth out.”

“For my purest and sincerest love, I am willing to ignite my soul,” the buzz cut haired young man’s eyes were filled with flames. Even though blood flowed from his nostril, down his lips and dripped onto the ground, he continued to look up high…

Just to pose!

“But before then…” He looked over at the supermarket in front of him and smiled coldly. “This should be the brat’s supermarket, right? Hmph, since he is heartless, then I will be too.”

With that, the two walked towards the supermarket. However, before they got there, two muscular men appeared in front of them…

The Hou brothers!

Ding dang dong…

The Hou brothers stood in front off the supermarket with their bruised eyes, while the buzz cut young man’s and the long haired young man’s heads were as swollen like a pig’s head…

“Have to… endure!” The buzz cut young man bit his lips, while tears shimmered in his eyes. However, he forced the tears back.

“The guys from my place are all north easterners…”

A cheerful ringtone sounded out. The buzz cut young man reached into his pocket to place his phone by his ear. He immediately started to cry when he heard the voice in the call.

“Dad, I got beaten up!”

“Lu Lu, do you have no private matters at all?” Ye Zichen finally couldn’t help but stop the moment Lu Lu followed him pass the forty eighth intersection.

“I don’t think so. What’s more, I just want to follow you!” Lu Lu tiled her head with a moe expression.

Ye Zichen sighed helplessly, “Did I follow you like this in my previous life as well? No matter what, I was Zhang Junbao, right? I can’t possibly follow you every day, right?”

“Even if it wasn’t every day, it’s more or less the same,” Lu Lu blinked her eyes then giggled. “I’m never ever been here before, take me around! I heard a lot of classmates say that girls like to go shopping, help me experience that.”

Ye Zichen scratched his head, then looked at where they are.

It seems like the business street is just up ahead…


It could be said that shopping was a woman’s nature. Even Lu Lu’s eyes became covered in stars when she saw the many products, pretty clothes and shoes.

“Let go, I told you very clearly, we’re over.”

An angry roar sounded out in the shopping mall. Many customers looked over, including Ye Zichen.

A rather tall and handsome man cursed loudly by the shopping mall’s escalator.

A sobbing woman kneeled next to him. From the sounds of it, the woman seems to be the man’s ex.

“Li En, you can’t treat me like this,” the woman wailed.

A hint of sullenness flashed across the man’s eyes as he kicked the woman away, “Laozi is sick of playing with you. You understand?”

Plenty of customers chatted softly near Ye Zichen, and most of it were criticism towards him.

“So scummy.”

Ye Zichen licked his lips and raised his eyebrows at Lu Lu due to it not being related to him, “Let’s go.”

“We aren’t going to help? That girl is so pitiful,” Lu Lu pouted.

Ye Zichen rubbed her head, “Being chivalrous is bad here. It’s fine if you want to just look, but don’t butt your head in. I’ll give you a lesson now, when it doesn’t concern you, ignore it, is the norm here! Didn’t you say that you’re thirsty just now? There’s a drinks store in front, I’ll take you there!”

“Oh, sure!”

“Li En, don’t think that I don’t know why you left me! Isn’t it just for that woman called Mu Jinglei!” The woman screamed near the escalator.

Ye Zichen, who was going to take Lu Lu to the drinks store suddenly stopped, then turned around and walked quickly towards the escalator.

Original Chapter Teaser:

Long-haired young man: Boss, what are we going to do?

Buzz-cut young man: Get even of course.

Long-haired young man: But how?

Buzz-cut young man: I’m going to challenge him to a duel, and this time, I need to make sure that he lets me charge of up Tiger Fist.

Long-haired young man: Boss will definitely win! That shitty brat, Ye Zichen, only won because he attacked before.

Buzz-cut young man: Yeah, I’m going to make sure that he fights fair this time.

Long-haired young man: We can surround him to make sure of that!

Buzz-cut young man: You’re an idiot. Didn’t we do that last time? This time, we’re going to find out where he lives or works, then intimidate him there!

Long-haired young man: But how are we going to do that?

Buzz-cut young man: Don’t worry, I spent some big bucks to get some info. We’re going over now.

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