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Chapter 210 – The Fiery Eyes of Truth are back

Monthly Patent Earnings.

Cultivation Experience x250000

Gold ingot x340.

Reputation x15.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows when he saw the news. This should be ten percent of the total earnings from his game.

He looked at the date on his phone. Payment is received on the fifteenth!

Ye Zichen didn’t care about the gold ingots and the Reputation so much… What he cared more about was that cultivation experience.


Your official position in the Heavenly Court has been promoted. Current Celestial Official Level: 6

Ye Zichen quickly clicked on the Treasure Chest.

The Celestial Plate did show him as a Level 6 Celestial Official, but more importantly…

Cultivation experience: 924948

Can’t I buy the Fiery Eyes of Truth soon!?

Liu Qianqian, who stood in front of him, stared idiotically at Ye Zichen, who was playing with his phone. She couldn’t help but curse in her heart.

Why isn’t he reacting when I offered to treat him to a meal!

No matter what, I am a school beauty of the Polytechnic University.

At that moment, Ye Zichen looked up.

Liu Qianqian also suppressed her wish to retort, “Erm, I…”

“Senior, you want to treat me to a meal, right? No need for the trouble, just go into the hospital for your internship, I still have other things to do, so I’ll be leaving.”

With that, Ye Zichen ran to the taxi parking spot near the hospital, got in a taxi and left.

“I…” Liu Qianqian looked at Ye Zichen, who had begun to disappear from her sight, in a stunned manner, and clenched her delicate fist. “Dad’s right, a forced deal isn’t good! Since you’re not going eat, I ain’t gonna treat you!”

Then, she turned angrily to leave. Yet, just as she turned around, she saw Deng Cheng look at her with a smile.

“Grandpa!” Liu Qianqian ran over happily.

Deng Cheng caressed her head with a warm smile, “You know Lil’ Ye?”

“He is my roommate’s boyfriend,” Liu Qianqian stuck out her tongue.

Hearing that, Deng Cheng was momentarily stunned, but didn’t react all that much, “What do you think about Lil’ Ye?”

“Zichen-ge, recently, you’ve been coming to the supermarket so frequently!”

Zhuge Kongming sat properly behind the counter in order to watch over the shop. Seeing him, Ye Zichen rolled his eyes, then directly went down to the basement.




After Ye Zichen sent out another wave of goods, Yue Lao asked after receiving all the red packets.

“Sky Sovereign, ten percent off?”

“Yes, ten percent off! Three hundred thousand cultivation experience, hurry up and send it over, I have urgent use!”

“No problem!”

Yue Lao was one of the rich in the Heavenly Court currently, so it was elementary for him to buy several hundred thousand cultivation experience of goods.

You received Yue Lao’s red packet.

Cultivation experience x300000

“Sky Sovereign, if there isn’t anything else, then I’ll be going…”

“Go, go!”

Ye Zichen directly went to the Treasure Shop after quitting the chat.

Secret Scripture of the Fiery Eyes of Truth Level 1. Required cultivation experience: 1000000.


The current operation needs to deduct 1000000 cultivation experience, would you like to proceed?



You gained Secret Scripture of the Fiery Eyes of Truth Level 1 x1.


Would you like to learn the Secret Scripture of the Fiery Eyes of Truth Level 1?



A familiar feeling reached his eyes. Ye Zichen squinted his eyes, while his eyes gradually turned gold…

“Too f*cking amazing!” Ye Zichen laughed loudly in the basement storage.

Why did he go through so much trouble for so long?

It was just for this secret scripture!

Ye Zichen walked up from the basement joyously, and heard Zhuge Kongming make a call.

“Hey, I need to stock up here. Yes, yes, yes, these…”


Ye Zichen slapped Zhuge Kongming’s head then rolled his eyes, “You’re sticking your nose into everything.”

“Hehehe, I’m just planning ahead, okay? We need to stock up every time Zichen-ge goes down into the basement!”

Emotions arose in Ye Zichen’s heart as he looked at Zhuge Kongming.

Ye Zichen had thought about such a situation happening from the moment this little fellow had arrived.

As he expected, this child has gradually begun to know his secret.

“Don’t go around telling people about this, actually, don’t tell anyone, okay?” Ye Zichen grabbed his head.

Zhuge Kongming instantly nodded like a chick pecking grains, “I definitely won’t tell others, even if my parents ask, I…”


Before he finished, a black Bentley stopped in front of the supermarket entrance.

A beautiful lady, who looked to be around twenty something years old, wearing a green qipao 1 and had her hair in a bun walked out. Her walking posture made her seem very ladylike.

The moment Zhuge Kongming saw the woman, his expression tensed up.

He quickly bent down, then hid behind Ye Zichen and whispered, “Zichen-ge, if she asks whether I’m here or not, tell her that I’m not!”

Then, he ran up the stairs with an arched back.

However, a soft giggle sounded out in the room, “Kongming, you’ve played around for so long, it’s about time to go home, right?”

The door to the supermarket was clearly locked from the inside, but the woman acted like it was nothing and directly passed through it.

She still maintained the calm steps and the kind smile.

However, both Ye Zichen and Zhuge Kongming gulped silently.

“Is this person a ghost?”

This was too f*cking miraculous, she actually passed over just like that.

At this moment, Zhuge Kongming also licked his lips with a coy smile and revealed a surprised smile, “Mom, I’ve missed you so much.”



Ye Zichen looked at the woman in front of him in shock. It made more sense to call her an older sister.


Did everyone from their place maintain themselves so well?

“Since you miss me, then why didn’t you come to find mom when you ran from your dad’s place, and instead came here?” the woman didn’t even move her mouth when she spoke, but the sound rang out from all over the supermarket.

“Hehe…” Zhuge Kongming laughed dumbly. The woman pinched his cheek, then walked in front of Ye Zichen.

“Hi Auntie,” Ye Zichen quickly bowed.

“Our family’s Kongming has truly troubled you,” The woman smiled. “However, our family is rather special, it is trouble for you for him to keep staying here. I have come here to take him away!”

“I’m not leaving!” Zhuge Kongming frowned. “I don’t want to go back, Dad always makes me learn that crappy stuff, I don’t like it!”

“Is this something that you can decide, my cute son?” The woman’s voice sounded out from all over the place again. The tone was contained neither warmth nor anger, but it carried a feeling of undeniability.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but gulp once again.


“Zichen-ge, I don’t want to go back,” Since he couldn’t make progress with his mother, Zhuge Kongming could only place his hopes on Ye Zichen. “If I return, I definitely won’t have any nice more days.”

“Kongming, stop messing around,” the woman raised her hand. Zhuge Kongming, who was hugging Ye Zichen closely flew backwards into the woman’s arms as if he was affected by a huge suction force.

At the same time, a jade ornament also appeared from the woman’s hand and was placed onto the cashier counter.

“Treat this as the payment for you taking care of my son recently. You can break this jade ornament in emergencies, I will hurry over to save you once!”

Original Chapter Teaser:

Ye Zichen: Oh my god, it can’t be! This… This is great!

System Notification: Monthly Patent Earnings. Cultivation Experience x250000. Gold ingot x340. Reputation x15.

Ye Zichen: With this much extra cultivation experience… I-I nearly have enough to buy back my Fiery Eyes of Truth!

Ye Zichen opens WeChat and go into the chat with Yue Lao.

Ye Zichen: Hey, you there?

Ye Zichen: Hurry up and reply!

Ye Zichen: Anyone?

Ye Zichen: Hello?

Yue Lao: What is it, Celestial Sovereign?

Ye Zichen: Do you need to stock up? I can give you a discount, remember?

Half an hour later.

System Notification: You have purchased the Fiery Eyes of Truth.

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