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Chapter 206 – My Family worships Erlang Shen

Ye Zichen blanked out as he stared at the False Marriage String in his Treasure Chest.

No affability level.

It was just a string!

“Zichen-ge, why can you chat with people from the Heavenly Court? Are you an angel sent down by the Heavenly Court?” Zhuge Kongming popped up out of nowhere and freaked Ye Zichen out.


“Then how can you chat with people from the Heavenly Court?”

“Your Zichen-ge is actually a deity!” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and smiled mysteriously. “Back then, your Zichen-ge was great deity that trembled the world in the Heavenly Court. However, I lost my wings during my battle with Chiyou. After becoming an angel with broken wings, I was no longer able to fly back to the Heavenly Court, that’s why I ended up in the mortal realm.”

“…” Zhuge Kongming looked at him blankly, then after a while, Zhuge Kongming took out a bottle of Mizone from the fridge and chucked it into Ye Zichen’s hands. “You lost your soul? Mizone it back! Zichen-ge, don’t bullshit!”

“You really don’t believe me, do you!?” With that, Ye Zichen licked his lips and crooked his finger. “Yiyuan!”


An azure pearl suddenly appeared in his hands.

Zhuge Kongming was stunned when he saw the pearl.

“Soul Pearl Yiyuan, the treasure the Yellow Emperor personally used during the great battle. Do you understand now? Your Zichen-ge is actually the Yellow Emperor!”


Zhuge Kongming’s face was completely shocked.

He had heard about the Yellow Emperor’s story since he was very young, but from what he remembers, the Yellow Emperor did not work for the Heavenly Court.

Ye Zichen looked up proudly, put away Soul Pearl Yiyuan and stopped speaking.

A shitty brat is a shitty brat, he’s so f*cking easy to trick.

If laozi is truly the Yellow Emperor, then wouldn’t I be beyond amazing!?

Ye Zichen felt really good after showing off, so he lit a cigarette for himself and crossed his legs, “Kongming, all of you hidden families seem to have a deity that you worship, right? Who does your family worship!?”

“Erlang Shen, Yang Jian!” Zhuge Kongming straightened his back.

There is logic behind the deities the hidden families worship. When they wanted to worship a deity, they first needed celestial light to fall.

That was to ensure that the deity welcomed their worship before they started to worship the deity.

The fact that the Zhuge family was able to worship Erlang Shen, Yang Jian, the war god of the Heavenly Court, was an incomparable honor for their family.

At the same time, the Zhuge family was indeed one of the top families amongst the hidden families.

However, in Ye Zichen’s eyes, this incomparable honor was…

Why did they worship that retard?

The guy was so poor that he was about to eat his dog. He doesn’t do things properly in the group either, he either flames or goes and feeds his dog…

And he’s a gambling addict…

Yet, from Zhuge Kongming’s look, the kid felt like it was an honorable thing.

However, he can’t exactly tarnish his brother’s perfect image. Since Zhuge Kongming was already so proud, Ye Zichen acted like he was shocked, “Wow, you guys worship Erlang Shen. He’s a great deity in the Heavenly Court, and a member of royalty as well!”

“Naturally,” Zhuge Kongming lifted his head really high.

Seeing his proud look, Ye Zichen felt a bit of hesitation. If he actually spoke about Erlang Shen’s real image, he really didn’t know of this child would be scarred for life, “Oh yeah, which deity does Xia Keke’s family worship?”

Zhuge Kongming’s proud face suddenly froze. He chuckled as he looked at Ye Zichen and scratched his head, “Zichen-ge, the floor of the supermarket is a bit dirty, I’m going to clean it up.”

“This is even cleaner than my face and you’re still saying it’s dirty?” Ye Zichen reached out to grab the back of Zhuge Kongming’s collar to yank him back. “Don’t try to change the topic. Tell older brother, just what does Xia Keke’s family do!”

No matter what, she was one of his girlfriends, he would have to meet their family in the future.

He needed to find out some information about the ‘enemy’, then after knowing which deity her family worships, he will focus on increasing the intimacy level with that deity.

When that happens, even if Xia Keke’s family looks down on him, he can bring out that deity to support him.

“Zichen-ge, Xia Keke’s family doesn’t worship anyone in the Heavenly Court,” Zhuge Kongming laughed idiotically.

Hearing that, Ye Zichen squinted his eyes.

Doesn’t worship anyone in the Heavenly Court.

Could they worship someone in the Underworld?

Zhuge Kongming instantly turned around to run when he saw that Ye Zichen let let down his guard.


Third Hou and Fourth Hou instantly stopped him.

At this moment, Ye Zichen also chuckled, “Little fellow, should I call you naïve or dumb? Where can you run? The supermarket is only so big!”

“Zichen-ge, just don’t ask me. I can’t tell,” Zhuge Kongming frowned. He definitely couldn’t say anything about Xia Keke’s family.

If he really said it, that female tyrannosaur will beat him to death.

“Why can’t you say it? Does her family worship someone from the Underworld?”

“How is that possible!” Zhuge Kongming instantly put his hands on his waist upon hearing that. “The families that worship the Underworld are too low profiled, how can that sort of family have a marriage alliance with us, the Zhuge family?”


Ye Zichen squinted his eyes and smiled. Then he tapped onto the table with his fingers and flipped to his chat with Erlang Shen on his WeChat.

“If you tell Zichen-ge, then I’ll let you chat with Erlang Shen!”

A struggling expression surfaced on Zhuge Kongming’s face when he heard that he could chat with Erlang Shen.

However, he still chose to refuse after some consideration.

Ye Zichen, who could not endure his curiosity, decided to stay in the supermarket and lured Zhuge Kongming for an entire afternoon, but he was still unable to hear anything about Xia Keke from Zhuge Kongming.

When Ye Zichen left the supermarket, it was already late at night.

Just as he was about to catch a taxi on the side of the road, Ye Zichen’s mind still pondered about who Xia Keke’s family worshipped.

“Ye Zichen, what’s the charcoal in your pocket for!” Liu Qing had paid attention to the piece of charcoal for a long time, she really wanted to know what Ye Zichen wanted that piece of charcoal for!

However, he still hadn’t used it.

“I would have forgotten about it if you didn’t remind me!”

Only then did Ye Zichen remember the piece of charcoal. He quickly grabbed it out and bought ten Spring-Returning Pills from the Treasure Shop.


The system has detected that the Immortal Heart of Pure Yang can be upgraded, would you like to upgrade it now?



The charcoal in Ye Zichen’s hand disappeared, while a notification popped up on the top of the screen.


Immortal Heart of Pure Yang has been successfully upgraded. Current Level: 3.

Daily Experience: 4

Current Experience!

False Spiritual Body (28/100)

Required items to upgrade to Level 4: Unknown!

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but nod when he saw the daily experience gain.

So it didn’t increase by 1.

It increased exponentially. Then when the Immortal Heart is upgraded, he would be able to level up really quickly.

But right now…

It seems like his levelling speed was a bit slow.

Ye Zichen scratched his head and returned his phone to his pocket. However, Ye Zichen could feel that Liu Qing did not look as his phone. Instead, she was thinking with a frown on her face.

This wasn’t like that girl, if he was doing anything before…

That girl loved to watch him.

Ye Zichen waved his hand in front of her eyes, then raised his eyebrows.

“What is it?”

“Oh, you’re done,” Only then did Liu Qing return to her senses. However, she quickly frowned again. “Ye Zichen, since Keke is someone from that place, then can’t she see me? But, then why isn’t she speaking to me?”

Original Chapter Teaser:

Phone buzzes.

Ye Zichen: YES! Marriage string GET!

Ye Zichen: Wait… huh? What do you mean it’s false? Does this mean it’s fake? If so… I’m so confused… Wait… It can’t be because she’s actually in love with the spicy gluten and not me, right!? If so…. What to do… What to do…

Zhuge Kongming: Zichen-ge! I already called the suppliers to stock up!

Ye Zichen: Sigh… You brat.

Zhuge Kongming: Zichen-ge, I want to ask you something… How can you talk with the people from the Heavenly Court?

Ye Zichen: It’s obvious, it’s because I’m a deity myself! I mean, just look at this flying azure pearl, it’s a super duper mega rare magical artifact used by the Yellow Emperor!

Zhuge Kongming: Wow! Wait… No, I don’t believe you, do you think I’m three?

Ye Zichen: I’m serious, look, how else is it supposed to fly around?

Zhuge Kongming: That doesn’t mean it’s super old and rare and everything! I’ve heard stories about the Yellow Emperor since I was a baby, and he definitely isn’t someone who’s essentially selling drugs to the Heavenly Court!

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