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Chapter 200 – The Spicy Gluten Loving Fairy, Chang’e

Within the Moon Palace of the Heavenly Court.

Chang’e sat, staring blankly out the window lost in her thoughts as she held the Jade Rabbit close.

Anyone could tell from her eyes that she was not paying attention to the scenery outside. She was pondering, and reminiscing…

“I’ve been in the Heavenly Court for thousands of years, yet it seems to be just a blink of an eye,” Chang’e’s beautiful hand caressed the Jade Rabbit. At that moment, Jade Rabbit jumped down from her arms, then turned into a cute girl with a bit of baby fat on her cheeks, who looked to be around seventeen or eighteen years old.

“Jiejie, are you thinking about Houyi-gege1 again?”

“How could I not?” Chang’e said with a sense of loss. “Houyi clearly asked for two celestial pills, yet I swallowed both. We haven’t met for thousands of years… Ai… What’s more, since I’m not good at socializing in the Heavenly Court and the Queen Mother doesn’t allow me to take a single step outside of the Moon Palace… I’m lonely!”

“Hmm, Jiejie, don’t be sad. Bunny will go and get spicy gluten for you,” Jade Rabbit hopped to her room, then hopped back with drooping ears a short while later.

“Jiejie, there’s no more spicy gluten!”

“What? There’s no more spicy gluten!?” Chang’e stood up from the chair, while her quiet ladylike appearance had completely disappeared. “I clearly got five packs from Lord Yue Lao. Every time I want to eat some, I would just eat one… Tell me… You ate them, right?

“Uhm…” Jade Rabbit lowered her head and twiddled her thumbs without replying…



Chang’e’s phone rang, she subconsciously looked over to where it sat by the window.

It was most likely Wu Gang, who was chopping wood, that had sent her a message on WeChat.

“Jiejie, your phone rang,” Jade Rabbit stuck out her tongue.

Chang’e frowned, “Ignore it, tell me the truth, did you eat them…”

“Jiejie, I’ll go and get your phone for you. Hehe…” Chang’e was angry, yet she wanted to laugh when she saw Jade Rabbit’s cute face that was clearly displaying her guilt…

If it wasn’t for this little cutie accompanying her, she might not had been able to survive in the Moon Palace.


This is spicy gluten that we’re talking about!

Spicy gluten!

“Jiejie, jiejie, it was Sky Sovereign! He sent you a friend request!’ Jade Rabbit skipped over with the phone.

Chang’e was stunned momentarily, before raising her eyebrows, “Sky Sovereign? Which Sky Sovereign?”

“It’s the super amazing Sky Sovereign,” Jade Rabbit skipped over.

Chang’e received the phone with suspicion. When she saw the message…

Spicy gluten!

Spicy gluten!

Spicy gluten!

Chang’e muttered to herself, then quickly accepted the friend request.

“Sky Sovereign, I’m here!

Ye Zichen, who was looking through his WeChat Moments felt his phone vibrate. When he closed the Moments, he saw that his friend request to Chang’e had been accepted.

The first thing he did was look at the intimacy level.



That’s kinda weird. Normally, all of the accepted friend requests are at 100.

But it’s whatever as long as it is at least Friendly.

“Fairy Chang’e, I wonder what you are busying yourself with?”

Chang’e, who was within the Moon Palace, was stunned when she saw the message…

Did Celestial Sovereign’s words mean that he was going to confess?

Previously, anyone that said this to me would always confess afterwards.

Houyi is my beloved in my heart, but Sky Sovereign has spicy gluten…

It was a struggle.

Her heart continuously struggled.

Not long later, she finally suppressed her thoughts and clenched her teeth.

“I’m sewing…”

She didn’t know why she replied like that, thinking back…

In the fight between spicy gluten and Houyi, spicy gluten won.

When he saw Chang’e’s message, Ye Zichen specifically got Liu Jing to have a look.

It was as if he was telling her…

Look at her, she’s sewing!

Look at you, you’re reading ero-doujins!

Liu Jing rolled her eyes at him, then ignored him. At the same time, Ye Zichen also sent his reply.

“Fairy Chang’e is truly is in a good mood.”

“It’s alright.”

Chang’e’s heart raced like a fawn, while Jade Rabbit stood on the side with her ears standing up straight.

Spicy gluten!

This sky sovereign has spicy gluten.

“I wonder what Sky Sovereign sought this lady out so late in the night for?”



Chang’e was truly nervous to the core. If Sky Sovereign truly confesses, how should I reply?


Not reject?

“Actually, this sovereign sought out this fairy to say something!”

“Sky Sovereign, please.”

Chang’e’s felt like her heart was going to explode. She struggled really hard in her heart…

“I want to ask Fairy for some rootless water from outside the Moon Palace.


Chang’e’s phone fell onto the jade bed.

Sky Sovereign didn’t want to confess to me.

Spicy gluten was… gone!

Chang’e’s nervous mood turned into depression. She lifelessly picked up the phone, then saw another message.

“Of course, this sovereign would not ask for it without giving anything in return. Fairy can tell this sovereign what you would want!”

“I want spicy gluten!”

Chang’e pretty much replied on reflex. However, she begun to regret it not long after.


Her image…

Ye Zichen, who was lying on the bed, was also completely shocked.

She wanted spicy gluten.

This Fairy Chang’e truly has an intricate taste. She didn’t want stuff like Nutri-Express or Wahaha, she only wanted spicy gluten.

“Sure, as long as Fairy gives me rootless water, then you’ll get enough spicy gluten!”

Chang’e, who was within the Moon Palace laughed and nearly jumped up in happiness. Jade Rabbit, who was peeking at Chang’s phone behind her quickly ran out as well.

Not long later, she struggled to bring in a huge bucket of rootless water.

“Jiejie, I brought the rootless water.”

This little Jade Rabbit was also a crazy fan of spicy gluten.

Chang’e raised her thumb towards the little Jade Rabbit. However, she didn’t send the rootless water immediately. In order to correct her image, she replied with her own defense.

“Sky Sovereign, actually, it’s my Jade Rabbit that likes to eat it, that’s why I…”

“Understood, this Sky Sovereign will not tell others. About the rootless water?”

“I’ll send it right now!”


Within 30 seconds, a red packet appeared on Ye Zichen’s phone.


You received Chang’e’s red packet.

Rootless water x30 liters


She sent so much?

It seems like rootless water wasn’t anything rare over at her side.

Rootless Water: A necessary material for mortals to forge a celestial body. Currently, it is mostly used as bathing water in the Heavenly Court.

The difference between the mortal realm and the Heavenly Court was instantly shown.

However, Ye Zichen noticed an issue. Most of what is required for Liu Qing’s revival was used for forging a celestial body.

Did that mean that Liu Qing would have a celestial body after she is revived?

Ye Zichen subconsciously glanced towards Liu Qing. If it really was like that, then this little girl was going to be the carry.

“Sky Sovereign, I have already sent you the rootless water!”

Seeing that Ye Zichen did not reply for quite a while, Chang’e couldn’t help but send another message.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but smile when he saw it.

It was way too easy to understand her thoughts, right?

“This sovereign has already received it. As for the spicy gluten, this sovereign needs to send it over to Fairy later. Right now, this sovereign is not in the secret location…”

“Okay, this lady will just wait.”

“No need to worry, from now on, all the Moon Palace’s spicy gluten is on this sovereign.”


Chang’e jumped up when she saw this message and hugged Jade Rabbit.

“Lil’ Jade, we’re going to be happy!”

Original Chapter Teaser:

Ye Zichen: (mutters) We’re at Chapter 200 now… Hmmm, what’s going to happen? Well, Chang’e was mentioned last chapter, and she’s a fairy… AM I GOING TO GET HER TO FALL IN LOVE WITH ME!?

Liu Qing: What’s with that lecherous look on your face?

Ye Zichen: Be a good little ghost girl and stay put, I’m…

Liu Qing: You’re going to chat up another girl aren’t you? Who is it this time? Since you already chatted up a ghost and plenty of people… Perhaps a goddess? Someone from the Heavenly Court?

Ye Zichen: (gasps) How did you know!!! Actually, wait a second, I don’t care about her, I just want some rootless water from outside the Moon Palace. Don’t slander me! I need to keep my image and reputation good after all.

Liu Qing: … What image?

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