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Chapter 196 – Liu Qing ran away

Too kind.

Even Ye Zichen wondered why he was so kind, this brat was going to kill him, yet he still thought about helping him.

I definitely was the reincarnation of the Buddha in his previous life.

Ye Zichen thought to himself, all I need to do is to wait for Yu to tell me his thoughts, but…

Yu completely ignored him.

“No need.”

Damn, what a temper.

“Fine, then never mind if you don’t need my help. But don’t beg me to kill you. It’s still better for people to be alive! It’s definitely impossible if you want to kill me, so give up! Oh yeah…”

Ye Zichen took out a jade bottle and threw it into Yu’s hands.

“This pill seems to be able to help you heal, so live a good life.”

With that, Ye Zichen departed.

Yu, who was sitting on the floor, stayed silent for a long while, then he looked towards Ye Zichen’s retreating figure and sighed, “You guys still have a direction to go in when you’re alive, but I…”

Yu shook his head with a wry smile and opened the cork of the jade bottle. The fragrance of the pill caused a sudden change in Yu’s expression.

When he looked up once again, Ye Zichen had already disappeared.

“It really is dangerous to stay by your side. There is always someone after your life,” Liu Qing pouted.

Ye Zichen smiled in agreement, it seemed like ever since he entered that shitty group…

His days didn’t get much better, but there had been a hell lot more trouble.

It wasn’t really a big deal that some rich second generations that looked down on him caused trouble, but this group of f*cking cultivators also starting to come to his side!

“Don’t worry, we have Soul Pearl Yiyuan protecting us and the Hou brothers guarding us. From now on, I’ll tell the two of them to follow me even to the toilet. If anyone threatens me, then we’ll beat him up!”

“Oh? Following you even to the toilet? What a gay thought,” Liu Qing twitched her mouth in disdain.

Ye Zichen knocked on her head, “It’s been only so few days, why did you turn from a maiden to a fujoshi? I told you to stop reading those kinds of manga!”

“So what if I read those? Although I’m a ghost, I still need some hobbies, alright?”

“You still dare to argue with me, I think you don’t want to live anymore,” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes at her. Recently, this damn girl would use his phone to search for rotten stuff whenever she has nothing to do…

It caused her to no longer have a maiden’s heart.

Ye Zichen had wanted to use her revival to threaten her a bit so that she would read less of that sort of manga, but this girl…

“I don’t want to get revived anymore,” Liu Qing suddenly stopped and said with an unspeakable solemnity!

“What’d you say?”

“I said I don’t want to be revived,” Liu Qing bit her lips and put on a casual seeming smile. “I think being a ghost is pretty good. Nobody can see me, I can do whatever I want! I can pull some pranks when I have nothing to do as well, this sort of life is pretty good.”

Ye Zichen instantly frowned when he heard Liu Qing’s reasons, “No way!”

He had spent so much time dealing with people from the Heavenly Court, contacting the Eight Immortals and the Underworld. What was it for?

It was all for Liu Qing’s revival.

“Not living when you can? Just what is in your head? Just how much effort did I put in to revive you? We’re on the verge of succeeding and you’re telling me that you don’t want to live anymore?”

“But so what if I live!?” Bitterness surfaced on Liu Qing’s delicate face. “I have already been dead for two years. Even if you suddenly revive me, can I return to my parents’ side? Can I play with my friends like before? How am I supposed to explain to them that I’m alive again?”

The trembling body and helpless gaze caused Ye Zichen to not reply for a long time.

After a long while…

“We’ll think about it when you live again. You can’t just always stay by my side right? It’s inconvenient for you, and it’s inconvenient for me…”

“He… You think I’m troublesome, right? I’m a burden, aren’t I?” Liu Qing suddenly retreated slowly, while helplessness filled her clear eyes… “Back when you took me away, I already told you not to actually take me with you. I knew that there would be one day that you’d get annoyed with me. From the looks of it, that day has come?”

“Liu Qing, calm down,” Ye Zichen felt like there was something weird with this girl today. It was just revival, why did she bring so much stuff into it? “I’m not saying that you’re a burden, but do you want to be a ghost for your entire life? The two of us have to each have our own lives, right?”

“You are my life!” Liu Qing screamed. Ghosts couldn’t cry, but if they could, tears might have already covered her entire face. “You suddenly walked into my life, into my sight… Whenever I raise my head and open my eyes, I would see you! Right now, you’re suddenly telling me that we need our own lives. I get it, you got enough women around you, I’m too troublesome…”

Liu Qing took a step back at a time, then when she reached the side of the road, “Then I’ll leave!”

Liu Qing disappeared into the darkness without waiting for Ye Zichen to explain himself.

Ye Zichen stood dumbly on spot and scratched his head…

Why did it suddenly turn like this!?

“Liu Qing!” Ye Zichen ran to the roadside and screamed, causing the bystanders to look at him.


Ye Zichen waved his fist with strength, then rubbed his temples as he frowned.

What just happened here!?

He definitely wouldn’t leave Liu Qing like this. That little ghost girl ran away, if she gets captured by a ghost servant like the Black Impermanence intern…

Her life would be ruined.

Ye Zichen took out his phone and sought out White Impermanence!

“White Impermanence! White Impermanence!”

He was definitely not enough to find the little ghost girl, and his friends couldn’t see ghosts…

The only person he could think of was White Impermanence.

As a ghost servant of the Underworld, she might have some secret technique to find ghosts.

“What is it? I’m still resting.”

Ye Zichen licked his lips apologetically when he saw her reply.

“Sorry for disturbing your great sleep, but right now, I want to ask you for a favor.”

Half an hour later.

Ye Zichen sat on the flowerbed outside the First People Hospital. White Impermanence wasn’t very familiar with the city, but this was one place that she would know due to her always having to go there.

As he smoked with a troubled mind, there was a flash of white light in front of him, and White Impermanence appeared.

“You’re here,” Yee Zichen was very happy to see that White Impermanence appeared.

At that moment, seven or eight ghosts of all kinds of appearances appeared around White Impermanence…

“Big Sis.”

“Hmm, line up, there’ll be a use for you guys later,” White Impermanence ordered the little ghosts, causing them to obediently line up in a line without saying anything else.

At the same time, White Impermanence also spoke up to Ye Zichen, “You said that the ghost girl that follows you around ran away?”

“Yeah, do you have any way of finding her?” Ye Zichen asked in anticipation as if he was grasping at straws.

White Impermanence frowned, then reached out in her hand, causing a huge geomantic compass to appear in her hands.

After a while, she put the compass away…

She could only sigh in disappointment when she met Ye Zichen’s gaze that was full of anticipation, “Sorry, I couldn’t find her.”

Original Chapter Teaser:

Ye Zichen: (mutters) I really am too kind. This guy is trying to kill me and I’m asking him what’s wrong!? Man, I really do have potential to become Naruto. If this guy works for me…

Yu: … No need!

Ye Zichen: But don’t beg me to kill you. It’s still better for people to be alive! It’s definitely impossible if you want to kill me, so give up! Oh yeah… Here’s a pill for you to recover. Have a nice life, see you never.

Yu: … Sigh, I failed again… What am I going to do… I… (picks up the bottle with the pill in itYWhat is this?

Yu uncorks the bottle and inhales.

Yu: It can’t be! This guy…

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