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Chapter 182 – Huo Da

Two days passed in the blink of an eye.

Ye Zichen sat on the sofa in Xiao Yumei’s office and looked over the most recent finance report.

“Do you even understand what you’re reading!?” Xiao Yumei brought over a glass of water and sat beside him.

Ye Zichen wrapped his arm around her waist, then chucked the finance report onto the tea table, “I don’t understand, but I have to take a look to give you a bit of pressure. It’s just to see if you used public funds for any private uses!”

“Hehe, then I’ll tell you directly. I did!” Xiao Yumei raised her delicate chin.

Hearing that, Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows, “Then I’m going to punish you.”

Ye Zichen lifted his hands and pressed her down on the sofa, but then felt a bit of pain in his palm.

Ye Zichen lifted Xiao Yumei’s arm up, then saw the bone bracelet on her wrist.

“Why are you wearing this?”

Xiao Yumei sat up from the sofa, then dangled her arm, “Don’t you feel that it’s really pretty!?”

The bone of the bone bracelet was clearly aged, as it faintly shimmered.

If Ye Zichen still had his Fiery Eyes of Truth, he would be able to judge just what exactly this bone bracelet was. However, all he could see was that the bone bracelet was indeed quite pretty.

“Where did it come from?”

Xiao Yumei pursed her lips, “I’m not too sure.”

“?” Ye Zichen was stunned. She didn’t even know where her own bone bracelet came from?

“It just suddenly appeared in my hand when I was chatting with Li Shuang about work the other day!”

This was too strange.


“Come in!” Xiao Yumei pulled away from Ye Zichen’s waist and stood up from the sofa.

Li Shuang walked in from outside. The office lady clothing on her made her seem even more valiant.

Li Shuang nodded towards Ye Zichen, who was sitting on the sofa, then spoke up, “Mei-jie, there is a mister outside that wants to see you.”

Ye Zichen, who was sitting on the sofa, raised his eyebrows.


Xiao Yumei also revealed a look of confusion, “Are you certain that a man wants to see me?”

She honestly can’t recall a man pursuing her recently, so she was confused when she heard that a man had specified wanting to see her.


“Let’s go out and take a look.”

Xiao Yumei turned around and walked out of the office, while Ye Zichen followed her out.

F*ck, the guy better not be here to trying to steal her from me!

A man, who was around 1.8 meters, and wearing casual wear stood at one of the jewelry shop’s counters. Meanwhile, a bodyguard with a cold expression stood beside him.

He was picking out several necklaces that were placed in the counter in front of him, and each one of them were priced at over a million…

“Sir, our Director Xiao came,” Li Shuang said towards the man.

Meanwhile, Xiao Yumei also looked towards the man with interest…

When the man turned around…

Xiao Yumei instantly blanked out on spot.

“Why is it you?”

The man revealed a kind smile on his face as he looked towards Xiao Yumei. Then he walked towards her while holding an expensive necklace.

“Yumei, this necklace suits you a lot!”

He walked directly in front of Xiao Yumei, whose body had gotten stiff, then familiarly prepared to put the necklace on her…


At the split second that the man’s hand was about to wrap around Xiao Yumei’s neck, Ye Zichen reached out and grabbed his arm.

“You’re the first one to put on a necklace for my woman in front of me.”

The man with a cold expression standing behind the smiling man merely raised his eyebrows without any other reactions.

“Yumei, you have a boyfriend already?”

The man didn’t even look at Ye Zichen. He merely turned towards Xiao Yumei with a smile, and a hint of disappointment in his tone.

At that moment, Xiao Yumei also returned to her senses, but there was still a hint of shock that was difficult to hide in her expression.

“Huo Da, why did you come back?”

Ye Zichen frowned when he heard her trembling voice. It seems like the two of them had a very long history.

Ye Zichen was jealous.

He pushed the man back, then wrapped his arm around Xiao Yumei’s stiff waist.

“You are very impolite, I’m speaking to you!”

“I heard you.”

Huo Da nodded, then threw the necklace onto the ground.


“Don’t worry, I’m buying this necklace,” Huo Da smiled, then took out a card to hand to the clerk beside him. “Wrap all of the necklaces I’ve looked over and give them to this lady!”

“Boss!” The clerk looked towards Ye Zichen.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and smiled, “Swipe the card. Of course we have to sell it when someone wants to buy it. But, you’re very creative in buying my necklaces to give to my woman.”

Ye Zichen looked at him with eyes like that of a poisonous snake.

Huo Da was slightly stunned when he heard that, before smiling, “This jewelry shop is yours?”

Right afterwards, he turned around and looked at Xiao Yumei, “You can’t be only being with him due to this, right? In my memories, you aren’t a woman like this. If this is true, then I’ll buy all of his properties.”

Xiao Yumei did not reply.

Ye Zichen licked his lips and said in a surprising tone, “Rich. You actually said that you’re going to buy all of my properties. You aren’t scared of saying the wrong thing at all.”

Huo Da raised his eyebrows and smiled when he heard this, “Oh? Do you have a lot of properties? However, I don’t seem to recall someone like you.”

The underlying meaning was that Ye Zichen wasn’t someone in his circles, either that, or he was mocking Ye Zichen for overestimating himself.

Ye Zichen didn’t care that much about it. He merely raised his eyebrows and revealed a sinister smile, “I don’t want to bullshit with someone like you. I’ll give you three seconds to disappear from my sights.”

“Otherwise?” HUo Wen revealed a meaningful smile.


Ye Zichen smiled unrestrainedly, then stretched a bit.

“Then I’ll make you roll out.”

With that, Ye Zichen scratched at Huo Da with his right hand.

Yet, at that moment, the man with a cold expression, who was standing several meters away, moved.

“Sir, if you take another step forward, then I’ll treat you as an enemy.”

When the man suddenly got in between the two of them, causing him to be close to Ye Zichen, Ye Zichen noticed the man’s frightening eyes.

A pale gray.

It was a pale gray without any hint of life. It was cold enough to cause people to shiver.

He’s killed before!

A lot.

Ye Zichen took a step back.

Huo Da, who was standing behind the man, revealed a mocking smile that simply asked for a beating.



Ye Zichen peeked at the man blocking him and smiled with squinted eyes, “What should I call you?”


The man replied emotionlessly. Ye Zichen could feel that his heart was dead from his tone.

“Yu, I feel like you shouldn’t be that kind of unreasonable person. Your master was chatting up my woman just now!”

“That has nothing to do with me, I’m just protecting his safety.”

“The relationship between the two of you isn’t a pure employment one?” Ye Zichen squinted his eyes with a light smile.

At that moment, a hint of emotions surged up in the man’s lifeless eyes.

A chance.

Ye Zichen pushed again the ground with his feet, then cursed at Huo Da.

“Grandson, let’s see if grandpa beats you to death.”

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