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Chapter 165 – Transferal with One Yuan

The female supervisor’s voice wasn’t soft at all, so quite a few customers within the shop looked over.

Ye Zichen smiled wryly with a shrug when he felt the gazes of the surrounding people, “Beauty, are your words because you think I can’t afford to buy them?”

“Do you think you can afford it?” The supervisor said mercilessly, then turned to scold the clerk. “What’s with you, just taking the ring out for any random person. Are you going insane due to the desire for money?”

“Jiang-jie, the customer wanted to look at them, so I…”

“You still dare to rebut me?” The supervisor glared, then scolded angrily. “Older sister will take the chance to give you a lesson. You see what he’s wearing? It’s less than a total of one thousand yuan. Don’t just look at the brand name, it’s a fake. Do you think someone like him can even begin to afford the rings here?”

Ye Zichen stood on the side and watched in interest without getting angry.

No matter what, he has experienced this sort of situation several times already, so he had previously got used to it.

However, Xia Keke was unwilling to just listen in!

“Woman, why are you speaking like that? Is there anyone that looks down on people like you do?”

“Sis, you look like you haven’t graduated from university yet, right?”

The supervisor looked at Xia Keke’s childish face and laughed.

“It’s none of your business whether I’ve graduated or not,” Xia Keke frowned, then said seriously. “I’m telling you that looking down on people like what you’re doing is wrong.”

The supervisor shook her head with a smile, while the disdain she had towards Ye Zichen became even more apparent, “Sis, you’re still young. After you graduated from university, you’ll understand that love is useless. For example, the little guy beside you, he might be pretty good at flirting, but you won’t end up anywhere with him.”

Peasant-like or just a slave to money!

That was exactly what kind of behavior the supervisor displayed.

Ye Zichen rubbed his nose, then pulled on Xia Keke, who still wanted to argue with the supervisor. After which, he turned towards the clerk, “Please take out the rings, I want to have a look at the rings.”

“Why are you so stubborn, and so thick skinned?” The supervisor frowned, then push Ye Zichen to the side.

During so, Xia Keke, who was standing on the side, fell to the ground.

“There’s something f*cking wrong with you, right?” Ye Zichen shouted at the supervisor angrily, then helped Xia Keke up from the floor. After repeatedly checking to ensure that she wasn’t hurt, he walked in front of the supervisor with a frown. “I didn’t want to talk with you from the start, stop f*cking getting full of yourself. If you apologize to Keke now, then I’ll treat it as if nothing has happened.”

“Oh? You dare to shout at laoniang. Security!”

With that, a few guards rushed over.

“Throw him out.”

Ye Zichen licked his lips and revealed a playful smile when he saw the glaring guards.

They wanted to use force!

“Are you sure that you’re not going to apologize?” Ye Zichen glanced at the supervisor.

She revealed a smile of disdain, “What are you guys blanking out for? Throw him out!”

The guards didn’t dare to disobey her. This woman was their shop manager’s mistress, it was something that everyone in the shop knew.

She did frequently act rather cockily with the shop manager as backing.

Although the other side were customers, they had to throw him out for their jobs.

“Sir, please go out,” The guards did a ‘please’ hand gesture.

Ye Zichen twisted his neck and smiled towards Xia Keke, “Wait for me at the side.”

“Okay,” Xia Keke obediently ran to the side.


Ye Zichen cracked the bones on his body and smiled playfully, “Come together.”


Just as the guards were able to rush up to him, an angry roar sounded out from outside the jewelry store.

The supervisor, who was mocking Ye Zichen with her arms around her, immediately displayed a frightened expression, while the guards also stopped and lowered their heads.

“Director Zu.”


What a familiar name!

Ye Zichen turned his head back, then saw Zu Siliang frowning heavily as he walked over with a woman with a golden framed glasses beside him.

“Brother Ye.”

“This is Young Master Zu’s property?”

Ye Zichen revealed a playful smile.

Zu Siliang suddenly reached out his hand and raised his eyebrows, “Yes, this is indeed my property, but it won’t be very soon. I wonder if Brother Ye has any cash? Any amount is fine. Give it to me!”

“Hey, hey, hey. That’s a bit too much isn’t it? I got bullied on your turf and you’re actually asking me for money.”

“Brother Ye, just give it to me.”

Ye Zichen took out a wrinkled one yuan note and placed it into Zu Siliang’s hand as he rolled his eyes furiously, “I just have this much, take it or leave it.”

“It’s enough,” Zu Siliang placed the note into his secretary’s hand and shrugged with a smile. “Okay, this shop now belongs to Brother Ye.”

What the hell!?

Ye Zichen was confused.

Zu Siliang chuckled, “I transferred this jewelry shop to Brother Ye with the price of one yuan. I’ll get my secretary to draft up the contract later, but Brother Ye can act out the owner’s duties now.”

“Brat, you know how to act.”

Ye ZIchen pointed at Zu Siliang and shook his head with a smile. He didn’t think that this guy would do something like this.

Showing off!

Ye Zichen loved it.

Ye Zichen took a glance at the supervisor with a stark white expression and walked beside the female secretary with a smile.

“Contact the shop manager of this shop. The fact that a puny supervisor dares to be so cocky means that there definitely is someone behind her. Tell him that he’s fired, “Then, Ye Zichen turned to the clerk that had helped him from the beginning. “From now on, you’re the shop manager.”

“Me… Me?” The clerk didn’t think that such a huge favor would fall on top of her head. She looked at Zu Siliang in confusion.

“Don’t look at me. This shop belongs to Brother Ye. If he said that you’re the shop manager, then you’re the shop manager.”

Since the clerk still didn’t wrap her mind around what had happened, Ye Zichen waved a few times in front of her.

“Lucky girl, stop blanking out. Right now, the supervisor of your shop is bullying your boss, you know what you should do, right?”

“I…” The clerk bit her lips, then walked over in front of the supervisor with a determined look in her eyes. “Jiang Yan, you’re fired. Go to Finance to calculate your salary.”

With that, the clerk put her hands in front of her and smiled towards the customers within the shop, “Sorry, we’ve shocked everyone. As an apology, our shop has a ten percent discount on everything!”

The clerk’s performance surprised even Zu Siliang, who was standing on the side.

Very capable.

A talent!

After dealing with everything properly, the clerk resumed her timid look and bit her lips, “Boss, do you think I handled everything alright?”

“Don’t ask me, you’re the shop manager, do whatever you want,” Ye Zichen patted her on her shoulders and glanced at her badge.

“Li Shuang, not bad. I’ll be handing this shop to you from now on.”

“Okay boss, I’ll do my best to run this store.”

“I believe you,” Ye Zichen gave Li Shuang a trusting smile, then glanced at Zu Siliang. “Young Master Zu, I wonder what business do you have with this one?”

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