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Chapter 123 – King Qinguang got captured

Bai Dahai directly confessed the entirety of his plan with Hao Wen. During his speech, he didn’t hide anything, and what he said wasn’t that much different from what Dongfang Wenyi said.

That that moment, Ye Zichen finally stopped worrying. This grandson had sincerely submitted.

Ye Zichen set him away, then remembered he haven’t sent Third Prince Nezha’s and the God of Food’s orders.



Third Prince Nezha’s red packet.



The God of Food’s red packet.

Ye Zichen labelled the recipients of the red packets, then closed the chat group. At that moment, Su Yan called him.

Ye Zichen hung up after a simple chat.

Ye Zichen looked at Zhuge Kongming, who was beside him, and patted his head, “I’ll be going now. Stay here properly to watch the place.”

“No problem.”

Zhuge Kongming giggled. Then, Ye Zichen specifically left Blackie there as well in order to ensure this child’s safety.

“So bored, do you wanna chat?”

The moment Ye Zichen left the supermarket, Zhuge Kongming suddenly smiled, and said to Blackie, who was in midair.

Ye Zichen naturally didn’t know about the situation in the supermarket, since he stood underneath the girl’s dormitory in confusion.

At the same, Su Yan had called him to tell him that they didn’t want the tickets anymore. They had clearly acted like they had to get the tickets, but now that they didn’t want it, Ye Zichen really didn’t understand what was going on.

A woman’s thoughts are truly hard to understand.

Not long later, Su Yan walked out of the girl’s dormitory.

“What, you don’t want the concert tickets anymore?” Ye Zichen asked in confusion.

Su Yan pouted with a nod, “Yeah, I don’t want it anymore, I’ll give it to you.”


Like that, Su Yan slapped the two concert tickets back in Ye Zichen’s hand.

Ye Zichen was very worried as he held the two tickets.

“What did I make you do to make you unhappy?” Ye Zichen asked carefully. It shouldn’t be, their atmosphere was great at noon.

They didn’t meet each other after that, so there was no reason for her to get angry.

Su Yan giggled when she saw Ye Zichen’s careful look, “No, it’s just that our roommate got four concert tickets from somewhere. Keke and I thought about it, then decided that since the tickets were a waste with us, we might as well give it to you, since people from your dorm might be able to use it.”

“Are they infield tickets as well?”


As she spoke, Su Yan’s phone rang.

“My roommate is telling me to go back to play cards, so I’m going to go.”

“Oh,” Ye Zichen nodded on spot in a bit of confusion. Then, Su Yan, who was about to enter the dormitory, turned back.

And smooched his cheek.

“Bye bye.”

Ye Zichen smiled idiotically as he watched Su Yan return to the dormitory.

It seems like he didn’t lose anything.

Back in the dormitory, ever since Ye Zichen became good in League of Legends, his roommates all made them carry him.

The moment he entered the room, his roommates all urged him to quickly turn on his computer to play together.

Since he had nothing better to do, Ye Zichen turned on his computer and got ready to play with them.

However, at that moment, his phone rang.

Your intimacy level with White Impermanence increased by 100. Current intimacy level: 400.

You received 3000 Heaven and Earth Merits. Your position in the Underworld has been promoted. Current official position: Level 3 Ghost Servant.

Ye Zichen was a bit confused when he saw these two messages.

Then, White Impermanence sent him a message.

“King Qinguang’s birthday feast ended.”

“Ye-zi, what is it! Hurry up and log in!” Kang Peng shouted.

“Not playing anymore, you guys play.”

Ye Zichen jumped onto his bed and clicked on his chat with White Impermanence.

“It seems like King Qinguang really liked your present?”

“Yeah, King Qinguang was quite happy when he saw the row of cigarettes, and he even praised me. It’s just that the birthday feast…”

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows when he saw the White Impermanence’s message, “Praising you is good, what happened with the birthday feast?”

“You also know that the Underworld is under the management of the Heavenly Court. They have clear rules stating that Underworld Officials cannot have birthday feasts. But it wasn’t a big deal before since the Heavenly Court wouldn’t know, but this time, the Heavenly Court suddenly came down to check. There was no helping it, so the birthday feast could only end rashly.”


Didn’t I let leak this secret!

He unintentionally told geezer Taibai this information, he didn’t think that so much trouble would occur because of it.

“Then what happened to King Qinguang?”

“Taibai Jinxing took King Qinguang back to the Heavenly Court, we don’t know what’s going to happen. Now, the other nine Yama Kings are discussing about it. If the Heavenly Court doesn’t let him go, then us, the Underworld, might bring our army up to take him back.”

So severe!

Ye Zichen scratched his head.

The Heavenly Court didn’t seem to have such a big grudge with the Underworld when he watched Journey to the West. Why did he notice that they seemed to be opposing factions after getting into contact with them?

It wasn’t too surprising though, who would want to be a lackey for life!

Maybe the guys in the Underworld got sick of being grandsons and wanted to be the big boss now.

But Ye Zichen definitely didn’t want to see the Heavenly Court and Underworld fight.

His small supermarket had just started up. If they were to f*cking fight, where was he supposed to sell stuff to earn cultivation experience?

“White Impermanence, tell those nine Yama Kings to not get impulsive. There aren’t any benefits for either side if they were to fight.”

“Yeah,” White Impermanence clearly agreed with his words as well. “I don’t want them to fight either, but I don’t have any authority in the Underworld. I’m just a puny Level 7 Ghost servant, I haven’t even reached the position of a Ghost Messenger. How could the nine Yama Kings listen to me.”

There were ten levels of ghost servants in the Underworld. Above Level 10 was ghost messengers. It was about the same in the Heavenly Court. There were ten levels of Celestial Officials, above Level 10 was the Heavenly Celestials.

The method of promotion as simple. Cultivation experience as well as Heaven and Earth Merits!

Promotion would occur when they reach a certain amount.

A Level 7 Ghost servant wasn’t really that high ranking, but nor was it low. However, they were small fries compared to the nine Yama Kings.

Ye Zichen sat on the bed and scratched himself!

Should he tell Taibai Jinxing that the Underworld wants to revolt?

Ye Zichen immediately squelched the thought after it appeared.

That damn geezer Taibai Jinxing. If he told him, then the geezer would definitely lead the heavenly army and trample the Underworld.

Taibai Jinxing was clearly a kind elder, why did he have such a bad temper now.

It seemed like Ye Zichen had to rely on himself to deal with this issue.

Since he was between the Underworld and Heavenly Court, he might be able to act as a mediator.

“How about this, White Impermanence, pull me into the group, I have a way of saving King Qinguang.”

“One moment.”

Since White Impermanence had an intimacy level of Trusted with Ye Zichen, she believe Ye Zichen’s words unconditionally.

Not long later.


King Chujiang has sent you a friend request.

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