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He disappeared.

One of the Zombie Progenitors had died.

Ye Zichen’s spiritual awareness had been locked onto Yinggou since the moment the Zombie Progenitor’s sudden movements first drew his attention.

All the way until the explosions ceased and Yinggou vanished.....

He'd truly disappeared.

Ye Zichen reacted much the same way as Hua Hai; during the flower's descent, he'd courageously faced their inevitable doom head-on.

Even though the flower-petal would kill him too.

Despite his resolution, when Yinggou destroyed the petal, Ye Zichen sighed in relief inwardly.

It was an excellent opportunity to obliterate all the demons and blood zombies at once. Even so, taking out Yinggou was quite good too.

Especially since Yinggou's body housed a third of the savage beast Denglong's soul.

Now, his only concern was what would happen to Yinggou’s soul. Had it vanished along with his physical body? Or would it enter another Zombie Progenitor?

If it was the latter, they’d be in real trouble

At the same time, Gu Li’s completely stopped trembling. He gazed at the space once occupied by the enormous black rose and at the bloody rain pouring down from the skies. He felt as if he’d escaped from the brink of death.

It was then that Black Dragon hurried over. When Gu Li saw him, he couldn’t help but laugh, “Black Dragon, what all the rush? Could it be you’re here to thank me? That’s right; if not for my subordinate, we might all have died.”

“Hah…..?” Black Dragon snorted. “I get the sense you aren’t upset about your subordinate’s death at all. Gu Li, you’re rather heartless.”

In his heart, Black Dragon felt somewhat grateful for Yinggou’s sacrifice. If not for him, all two hundred thousand of his demon warriors would have perished here. Worse, the demon race would have ended under his reign.

If that happened, how could he possibly face the clansmen he’d sacrificed?

“What do you mean, ‘not upset?’ Of course I’m upset!” Gu Li clutched his hands to his heart. “No matter what, he was one of my four main generals. For him to die just like that? Of course my heart aches! Even so, he didn’t die in vain. He saved all of our lives!”

“Really…..” Black Dragon sneered but didn’t argue. He couldn’t stand it when Gu Li talked like that. Furthermore, they were only cooperating out of necessity. That’s the only reason they weren’t fighting already.

Once Ye Zichen was taken care of, Gu Li was next on his list.

But then, didn’t Gu Li already know all that? There was no need to even bring it up. Instead, his gaze fell on Ye Zichen.

“Emperor Ye,” he laughed, “shouldn’t you thank me too?”

“Tell me, then: how should I thank you?” asked Ye Zichen. Then he arched his eyebrows in surprise and pointed at the zombie horde. “Those blood zombies of yours are acting awfully strange. Do you think…… is this enough to express my gratitude?”

Out of the ordinary?

Gu Li didn’t turn to look. Instead, he glanced out of the corner of his eye. The blood zombies were controlled by a command medallion he himself had created. How could they possibly be ‘acting strange?’

When he looked, though, he truly did see signs of unusual behavior.

“Hm?” Gu Li frowned, then hurriedly examined the zombies in more detail. Before long, he noticed Zhao Zizhao confronting Jiangchen.

“What on earth are they doing?”

“It seems your subordinates are fighting amongst themselves?” chimed in Ye Zichen.

They weren’t the only ones who noticed the sudden change. The forces of the Three Realms could tell something strange was going on as well. They’d been locked in bitter combat with the zombie horde, only for the whole lot of them to suddenly dash off in a completely different direction.


“Is this some sort of ploy?” Luo Wei frowned deeply. He was extremely suspicious of this sudden development. He told the surrounding troops to avoid making any reckless moves, then spread out his spiritual awareness. Before long, he discovered Zhao Zizhao’s stand-off with Jiangchen.

It was then that he saw Lin Xihe, her body still wrapped in Zhao Zizhao’s embrace…….

“City Lord Lin.”

Luo Wei’s heart shook. The various city lords had a rather deep relationship. Although he couldn’t say for certain whether she was dead or alive, judging from Zhao Zizhao’s expression and her pale face……

He wasn’t optimistic about it.

He felt a surge of pain. However, before long, he put her out of his mind and logically analyzed the current situation.

His final conclusion was: this was an opportunity.

No matter whether Zhao Zizhao and Jiangchen’s confrontation was genuine or just an act, the Three Realms were pressed on all sides in such a tight space. Worse, the room they had to maneuver was shrinking rapidly.

If things went one like this, they’d inevitably be besieged.

Luo Wei made up his mind. He activated his spiritual power, pouring into his voice as she shouted, “this is our chance! Brothers, proceed along our original escape route.”

Luo Wei led the charge himself. He was pleasantly surprised to find that, although the zombies saw the soldiers of the Three Realms as they passed, they ignored them. Instead, they hurried towards Jiangchen.

They really were fighting amongst themselves!

Luo Wei’s orders sent shockwaves through the crowd.

After receiving it, the people of the Three Realms immediately followed him. However, Jiangchen and Zhao Zizhao heard it as well.

“Zhao Zizhao, do you know what you’ve done? You heard them; the people of the Three Realms are running away! If Gu Li finds out, will you be able to bear the responsibility?”

Jiangchen chastised him sanctimoniously. In truth, he was just trying to preserve his own life. Who cared if the forces of the Three Realms fled? That had nothing to do with him.

Zhao Ziming tried to persuade him as well. “Elder Brother, don’t do anything you’ll regret.”


As they spoke, Zhao Zizhao could sense their panic. A hint of disdain and mockery flashed across his face. “Even if you’re scared, you’re too late. I destroyed the command medallion. I couldn’t stop the blood zombie horde even if I wanted to now. All they can do is obey the last command I gave before smashing the medallion. They won’t stop until they’ve succeeded. Don’t struggle. Die with her!”

“Zhao Zizhao.” Jiangchen reached out and tugged on Zhao Zizhao’s sleeves, pulling him to his feet.

Zhao Zizhao didn’t resist in the slightest as Jiangchen dangled him in the air. He simply looked at Jiangchen, his gaze cold and lifeless.

“Die with her!”

“What the hell are those worthless pieces of trash doing?” Gu Li couldn’t help but shout angrily. He couldn’t afford to let Zhao Zizhao die, but he couldn’t let Jiangchen die either…..

“You’d better go take a look. If you don’t go now, well…..” jeered Ye Zichen.

Gu Li turned back to look at him irritably, then pressed his lips into a smile. “Emperor Ye, you’re not trying to send me off just so you can……”

“How could I?” Ye Zichen shrugged. “Black Dragon will still be here to keep an eye on me. How could I possibly run?”

“Hmph.” Gu Li simply snorted coldly in response, then left. Even if Ye Zichen ran, who cared? This was an emergency.

Despite his beaten-down demeanor, the instant Gu Li left…….

Ye Zichen made his move!

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