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Su Liu’er led Lady Providence to a secret location, the Nine-tailed Fox Clan’s Holy Land. Many Nine-tailed Fox clansmen only came here once in their lives.

Outsiders were absolutely not permitted to enter. However, right now, for Su Yan’s sake, Su Liu’er didn’t care at all about that.

“Senior," she said. "if you have no other requests, I’ll take my leave.” To avoid trouble, she faced Lady Providence, bowed slightly, and immediately prepared to depart.

Lady Providence waved her right hand and Ye Zichen and Su Yan’s battered bodies landed gently on one of the holy land’s jade beds.

Then she turned to Su Liu’er, who was on the verge of departure, and said, “Come here.”

“Senior, do you need anything from me?” asked Su Liu’er, obeying without any hesitation.

“You’ve got such a beautiful body, but a missing arm will ruin your good looks."

Her lips curled into a smile as she placed one hand on the stump of the severed arm, the other on her intact limb. Lady Providence's hands shone brightly, and Su Liu'er's severed arm regenerated.

“Thank you, senior.”

Su Liu’er bowed again. She was undeniably relieved to have a new arm, but it actually wasn’t that important to her. She was currently much more worried about Su Yan.

“It was nothing.” She nodded calmly, then looked intently at the two bodies lying on the sickbed. “You all go out and wait. After a while, I’ll come looking for you.”

Everyone left the secret region. As they departed, Lady Providence frowned deeply and touched Ye Zichen and Su Yan's foreheads'.

As she examined their condition, and couldn't help but curse inwardly. "Xiao Ting, you damned old dog."

That last bolt of heavenly lightning was more than a god could possibly handle. Even a Diviner might’ve perished from the resulting injuries.

It was lucky that Su Yan had helped Ye Zichen block some of the lightning, or the last bolt might’ve shattered and dispersed his soul.

“It seems that I can’t escape this karma.”

With that, she took a deep breath, and in an instant the entire secret realm filled with a miraculous light.

Meanwhile, on the back mountain...

Seated upon his lotus throne, the Buddha tightly knit his brows. Given his status, he normally wouldn’t show his emotions on the surface, but now his expression was so dark as to make one tremble


Still kneeling on the ground, Gu Li broke out in a cold sweat, a single sweatdrop falling to the ground. As the Buddha spoke, he felt as if he’d fallen into a deep abyss, and his whole body shook with terror.

“Buddha, this small one lost sight of his conscience before, but it absolutely won’t happen again.”

Bang bang bang.

He kowtowed over and over, so many times that soon his forehead was both drenched with blood and caked with dirt. It was disgusting to even look at.

The Buddha said nothing, so he just kept going. He was afraid to die! He wanted to live!

“Buddha, oh merciful Buddha, please leave this small one with his life. I beg you, redeem me!”

The gathered immortals looked on coldly. If not for the fact that the Buddha had said he’d handle this, they would’ve long since charged in and torn Gu Li and the others limb from limb. They wouldn't have even had to chance to beg for their lives.

Fuxi in particular had been fixated on the Zombie Progenitors the whole time.

The primordial savage beast Denglong had brought calamity onto mankind. Once, he and Nuwa had shown him mercy on account of their former relationship. They'd never even considered that ten thousand years later he had yet to repent in the slightest. Therefore, he was completely unwilling to let him go a second time.


The Buddha’s gaze was impenetrable as he watched Gu Li kneel in complete silence.

After a long while, he sighed and shook his head, then flew on his lotus throne towards the Western Buddhist Domain.

“Buddha, this is….”

The immortals watched him leave in utter confusion. Hadn’t he just said he would punish Gu Li for his crimes? How could he leave just like that?

The North Pole Emperor hesitated for a while, then turned towards the Great Strength Bodhisattva



They bowed to each other.

“Did the Buddha leave behind any commands? Why did he just sigh and return to the Western Domain? What should we do with these criminals?”

“Amitabha,” said the Bodhisattva. “The Buddha has returned to the Western Buddhist Domain. Naturally, this humble monk must accompany him. Everyone, farewell, and see you later. "

A magic cloud floated down from above and whisked him away.

Gu Li still knelt on the ground, but internally his thoughts raced. He had naturally seen the Buddha's departure, but he still didn’t dare make any reckless movements. A small figure like him couldn’t possibly understand the thoughts of a Buddha

Might leaving like this just be the Buddha’s way of testing him?

He knelt obediently on the ground without moving a single muscle. The surrounding immortals were still completely baffled.

What on earth were they doing?

Were they really dumping those villains here and leaving just like that? Without saying anything at all?

“Could it be that they want us to handle it ourselves”? asked the North Pole emperor, frowning in confusion.

He turned toward Ksitigarbha and said, “Bodhisattva, you’re a Buddhist too, do you think….”


Who would've thought that Ksitigarbha would just recite a brief sutra and leave as well?

They were all completely baffled.

They were completely baffled by this group of old monks.

Were they just trying to seem mysterious and unfathomable?

Fortunately, the current sovereign of the Heavenly Court was the North Pole Emperor. If it were still the Jade Emperor, he might’ve simply thrown a fit and done whatever he wanted.

Who cared if you were a Buddha

“Brother Fuxi, what do you…”

Given the circumstances, the North Pole Emperor was unwilling to make a decision by himself, so he turned to Fuxi to ask for his opinion.

“The Buddha's departure left behind a real conundrum. We can’t possibly know exactly what he's thinking. However, we must eradicate these evildoers, so let’s just...."

Fuxi drew his hand across his throat, and the North Pole Emperor nodded despite himself.

“That’s all we can do now, I suppose.”

“What are they saying?”

Gu Li, still kneeling, had his back to them and couldn’t see their movements. All he could do was eavesdrop and try and figure the rest out.

In truth, he had no idea what was going on either. Was the Buddha testing him? Or had he really left him for these immortals to deal with? Even he wasn’t sure.


Then, a terrifying chill ran down his spine.


Gu Li forcefully suppressed his instinct to dodge. All he could do now was gamble, gamble that the Buddha would appear and save him before the blow landed

Besides, even if the Buddha didn't reappear, this sort of blow wouldn't damage his origin.

In the end, if he determined that the Buddha wasn’t testing him, he could act freely. Despite his injuries, those immortals wouldn't be able to handle him.


It grew closer and closer.

Just as the blow was just about to land....


Gold light suddenly appeared in the sky, and the rosy-purple light of the North Pole Emperor's attack was completely obliterated.


Seeing this, the North Pole Emperor and Fuxi exclaimed in shock. Hadn't this supreme figure returned to the Western Buddhist Domain? How had he suddenly reappeared here?

Meanwhile, Gu Li's former terror vanished completely. A smile tugged at his lips as he smiled despite himself.

“This time…. I won my bet!"

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