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Chapter 769 - Lady Providence

Cultivation made time fly.

Ye Zichen sat, covered in thick layers of dust, on the ground like a meditating monk within a natural cave.

He had been immersed with cycling his spiritual energy through his body in the past two months and completely disregarded the outside world.

At that moment, he suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood.

Then, he opened his eyes. He pressed down on his chest and breathed heavily as blood flowed down from the corner of his mouth.

"I failed."

Like the Wish God had predicted, his fortune was truly too great. Now, even he could sense it clearly.

He basically had no bottleneck when he breaks through. It had only been two years since he turned from a common man to an Immortal King.

Anyone else would be overjoyed by him, but now, this luck and fortune has become his greatest obstacle.

Or more precisely, someone in the God Realm was suppressing him and preventing him from ascending!

"You're awake?" A lady's voice sounded out while Ye Zichen was filled with shock.

Someone's here!

Ye Zichen instinctive gathered spiritual energy around him alarmingly, then looked forward with a serious look. "Who are you?"

He was certain that he set up several seals at the entrance of the cave before he entered.

But a lady was sitting on a rock around three meters away from him with her hands supporting her cheeks and a smile.

Ye Zichen looked towards the seals at the entrance…

They're still here!

"You really are bold to cultivate in this sort of wilderness. You should be from the Immortal Region, why are you cultivating at a place so far from home?"

The white-robed lady's voice was like music to the ears, even a stranger would have a good impression of her.

"That has nothing to do with you."

However, Ye Zichen remained extremely vigilant. The woman in front of him was too strange.

Although he wasn't overly proud, he did think that nobody in the Three Realms could silently pass through the seals he set up. Despite that, the woman…

"Why are you here?"

"This is my home. You are asking me why I am here when you occupied my cave?" The lady smiled.

Ye Zichen quickly stood up with a surprised look. "I am so sorry, I did not know that someone owns this cave. I merely chose to cultivate here because the spiritual energy around here feels rather gentle. If you are angered by this, then allow me to recuperate your losses before taking my leave."

"Compensation?" The white-robed lady smile with raised eyebrows, then set her gaze upon Ye Zichen's arm. "That divine artifact of yours looks nice, why don't you give it to me?"

Ye Zichen became even more vigilant.

She noticed Xuan-Yuan Sword!

Even since Xuan-Yuan Sword's recovery alarmed the people in the God Realm, it had been the target of any and all attention. She's talking about Xuan-Yuan Sword… Is that what she is here for?

Connecting that with the fact that she entered without damaging his seals.

Could it be that… She is from up there?

The white-robed lady shook her head with a smile as if noticing Ye Zichen's nervousness. "Don't worry youngling. There is no need for you to be so nervous. If I really wanted your treasure, then you would be dead by now and the treasure would be mine. I would not have guarded you for two months and waited until you wake up."

"Guard?" Only then did Ye Zichen noticed the countless spiritual beast corpses outside the cave.

"Your spiritual energy is really special. All of those beasts came for you. I just came back from my journey, so I took care of them for you and decided to stay and protect you. I just want to ask you a question when you finally wake up."

"Thank you so much for your aid. Senior, what is it that you want to ask me?" Ye Zichen cupped his hands towards the lady.

"There are very little things that can interest me in the Six Realms now. When I was checking your fortune just now, I noticed that it wasn't just red like good fortune, it was almost purple. Even those Liches would not be able to carry such fortune. I had thought that you were the reincarnation of some great person, but I was unable to divine anything. So, I want to ask. What is your name?"

Six Realms!


It was clear from those words that the lady was from a higher realm and her carefree tone only implied a very important position there too.

Someone like this protected me for two months just to know my name!?

"Ye Zichen!"

Ye Zichen did not dare to hide anything from such an existence. He merely respectfully stated his name.

The lady nodded, "Good. I have remembered it. It is fate for you to meet me in this wild land, so I am willing to part on good terms with you. Since you have stated your name, you have sated my interest. Then, allow me to help you with a question of your own."


Ye Zichen blurted out a question about how he was supposed to break through, but at the final moment, he gritted his teeth and asked something else. "I would like to inquire your title."

The white-robed lady clearly did not expect that as the question, but someone of her status would never reveal a truly surprised look. "You can call me Lady Providence."

"Lady Providence," Ye Zichen bowed.

"I have another question for you now. I could tell that you were unable to break through earlier and it is definitely very difficult for someone with your fortune. You could have asked me about it and I could have told you a way to break through, why didn't you? Did you think that I would be unable to answer your question and that would cause you to waste that chance?"

"Of course I don't dare to doubt you," Ye Zichen replied sincerely. "But if I did ask that question, Your Grace must have to pay a price to find out the answer. On the other hand, your question for my name did not affect me at all. It would be unfair if you had to pay a price to answer my question."

The white-robed woman raised her eyebrows. She nodded at Ye Zichen with a smile. "Youngster, you are an interesting one."

"Thank you for your praise," Ye Zichen replied with a smile. "I had only wished to cultivate here for half a month. I did not expect to stay here for so long. My family must be extremely worried, so allow me to take my leave."

"Go. I suggest you to directly go to the Endless Beast Region instead of where you came from… It might be for the better."

"Thank you for your guidance."

As the white-robed woman watch Ye Zichen leave the cave, she chuckled to herself. "I asked two questions, but he only asked one. It seems like I owe the youngster once again. I'll find some time to repay him!"

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