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Chapter 768 - The Heavily Injured Lu Lu

Cultivation makes time fly.

Two months passed by in the blink of an eye. Everything in the Three Realms was as normal, but…

Ye Zichen disappeared the night they returned from the Zuo Clan.

Nobody knows where Ye Zichen went, nor were they able to get any news about him. It was as if he had disappeared completely.

"Say, how long do you think it'll be until Zichen comes back? He's been gone for ages," Xiao Yumei shook her head with a soft sigh in the courtyard.

She had sent him off when he left. He had said that it may take him several days or at most a month or so to come back. But he has already been gone for two months without a trace.

"The Struggle for the Three Realms will happen soon, but he's still not back. What if… Xiao Yumei murmured. Then, she shook her head. No, Zichen will be fine!"

"Yeah, Big Brother Zichen has been gone for a long time," Xia Keke pouted. Then, she caressed Tiantian's head. "Little Tiantian, do you want daddy to come back?"

"No," Tiantian didn't look up as if all that was left in her world was the delicious fruits in front of her.

"You little glutton!" Xia Keke gave Tiantian a light smack on her head.

At that moment, Tiantian suddenly stopped eating. She carefully cleaned her hands with a handkerchief, then grabbed Xiao Yumei's hand with a giggle, "Mommy, Tiantian wants to go out and play."

"Go. Be careful though.

Noo, I want Mommy, Auntie Su Yan and Auntie Keke to play with me."

"Let's go out with Tiantian, Su Yan caressed Tiantians head. "It's no use for us to worry about Zichen, he'll come back when he wants to. What's more, the Struggle for the Three Realms is really important to him, he won't miss it."

Meanwhile, Lil' Lan the winged dragon also arrived in the courtyard. It laid on the ground and waited for the girls to climb on top.

Yet, before they could leave, Xue Qi frantically ran into the courtyard.

"Lil' Lan, down," Xiao Yumei ordered Lil' Lan to land, then calmed herself down a little before asking Xue Qi in a testing manner. "Why are you so frantic? What happened?"

"Her Grace the Ice Empress came over."

"Ice Empress?" Xiao Yumei frowned. She hadn't been in the Three Realms for too long, so she didn't know the titles of some important people that well.

"Isn't Lu Lu the Ice Empress?" Xia Keke muttered with raised eyebrows. "Why did she come over? Isn't she staying with her Deer Clan?"

Su Yan frowned as her nose twitched. "I smell blood."

Su Yan took another look at Xue Qi's expression. "Let's go and take a look."

"Mommy, are you not going to play with Tiantian now?" Tiantian yanked Xiao Yumei's sleeve in a childish manner.

"Good girl, wait here for Mommy. Mommy will take a look, then take you out to play. Okay?"

With that, the girls left with Xue Qi.

Tiantian, who remained in the courtyard, shrugged like an old person and turned to Lil' Lan. "Gah, this is so annoying. We can't avoid it."

As everyone arrived in the main hall, they immediately smelled a nauseating wave of blood. A woman with deer antlers drenched in blood was sitting on a chair. She looked forward blankly and let the medics treat her wounds.

"Lu Lu!" Seeing that, the girls all ran over.

"What happened to you?"

Lu Lu the Ice Empress possessed a strength that was close to that of the Immortal King level. However, she was now dyed in blood, and the deer antlers showed that she couldn't maintain human form.

She was one of the strongest people in the Three Realms, and basically everyone would treat her with respect.

Who was able to wound her so!?

"You're here. Zichen… Where is Zichen!?" Lu Lu disregarded her wounds and stood up, but that only affected her wounds, causing her legs to weaken as she fainted.

Late that night,

Lu Lu seemed a lot better after taking a Nine Soul Reincarnation Pill.

In the meantime, Xiao Yumei and the girls didn't rest yet. They remained in the bedroom to take care of Lu Lu.

"There is someone from the Three Realms that can hurt Lu Lu this much?" Xia Keke muttered. "Su Yan, even your elder sister can't injure her this severely, right?"

"No," Su Yan replied confidently. "Big Sister once said that Lu Lu's talent related to ice is no worse than hers. Big Sister's advantage is because of being a Heavenly Nine-Tail Fox. Our identity as the descendants of primordial divine beasts means that we exert a bit of pressure on other spiritual beasts."

"Then how did Lu Lu get hurt?"

"I have no idea," Su Yan glanced at Lu Lu. "We'll have to find out after she wakes up."

"No… No…." Lu Lu suddenly screamed.

The girls in the room ran beside her.

Lu Lu had a pained expression on her face, it was clear that she was undergoing something dreadful in her dreams.

"No!" With that, Lu Lu woke up.

Sweat drenched her clothes, while she breathed heavily due to her nightmare.

"Lu Lu, what happened. Have you gotten better?" Xiao Yumei and the girls asked.

"Zichen! Why isn't Ye Zichen here?" Lu Lu searched around the room, but still could not find who she was looking for.

"Zichen isn't at the manor. He's been gone for two months," Xiao Yumei replied.

"What? Why… Why did it turn out like this…" Lu Lu seemed to fall into despair when she heard that.

She repeatedly muttered the same thing to herself.

Xia Keke couldn't help but ask, "Don't be said. Big Brother Zichen isn't here, but Big Sister Keke is! Tell Big Sister Keke what happened. Who hurt you so much? How dare they hurt my sister. Big Sister Keke the golden dragon will take revenge for you!" Keke said with her hands on her hips. She deliberately spoke in a powerful manner to help improve Lu Lu's mood.

"It's too late, everything is too late…" Lu Lu grabbed scratched her hair frantically and looked out of the window into the silent night.

"Everything is too late? Lu Lu, what happened to you? You are the Ice Empress, it's very difficult to find someone that can match you in the Three Realms. Who injured you so heavily?" Su Yan couldn't help but ask again.

What she did not expect was that Lu Lu was about to respond with something that would completely shock everyone in the room.

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