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Chapter 762 - Who are you threatening with death?

"Hah…" Zuo Liang laughed. He wasn't a very strong person himself. He was only of the Human Immortal level even with the ley line enhancing him.

He naturally could not do anything against the Sky Immortal level experts who held him down on the ground. All he could do was sneer as if he was holding on to his last sense of pride.

"History… Indeed. You've won now, I can't argue against that. But so what? I'm in control of the Zuo Clan's elders and clan head. You can kill me now, but I will make sure that they die with me before I die."

Nobody doubt Zuo Liang's words with his determined tone and calm smile.

What's more, the elders did seem like they were being controlled.

Zuo Mo became increasingly nervous. She looked towards Ye Zichen helplessly and hoped for a comforting smile.

"You just said that these elders and the clan head are under your control?"

"There's no need to hide it anymore. Yes, I'm telling you, the Zuo Clan's elders and clan head is under my control. So?" Zuo Liang snorted.

One of the guest chamberlains holding him down roared angrily, "We found everything strnage earlier. So it was you!"

"Hah… you guys betrayed me real quick," Zuo Liang laughed. "But I don't blame you. Everybody wants to live, I'm no different. Of course, I have no need to fear that anymore. A bunch of people will die with me, so my life will be worth it."

"Wait…" Ye Zichen asked as Zuo Liang smiled with a smug expression. "Let me reconfirm it. What you want to say is that you planned all this to take over the position of clan head, right?"

"You were pretty smart just now, what happened? Yes, I planned all of this. What are you going to do about it?" Zuo Liang sneered cockily. He finally stopped worrying. "They cannot recover without my will. If you want them to recover, then treat me well and don't let anything happen to me. Oh wow, don't you find it hilarious that a puny brat like me now controls the great Zuo Clan?"

With that, he raised his eyebrows at Ye Zichen provokingly, "Don't glare at me. What are you going to do? Aren't you really angry? So what if you are the Yellow Emperor. So what if you are incomparably strong? Do you dare to kill me?"

The surrounding people were stunned by the tone. So cocky!

But when they thought more about it, they realized that Zuo Liang had the right to act like that.

Countless people had already attempted to awaken the elders and the clan head, but they all failed.

It really did seem like Zuo Liang was the only one who could do that.

"I never liked the look of you!" At that moment, a female voice shouted. Soon after, Xia Keke kicked Zuo Liang's jaw, knocking a few teeth out of his mouth.

"Keke!" Xia Yumei and Su Yan ran over and dragged her back.

However, Xia Keke continued to kick and curse, "Don't hold me back. I'm going kill him now!"

Zuo Liang was momentarily stunned by that. Then, when he came back to his senses, he cried out in agony, "Stupid bitch, how dare you kick me! Do you want to die!?"

"I want to die!? You actually dared to say that to me!? Stop holding me back!"

Xiao Yumei and Su Yan forcefully dragged Xia Keke back further.

Ye Zichen was also completely speechless.

Why does she have such a bad temper?

Meanwhile, Zuo Mo was worried sick. The one who would be hurt if Zuo Liang gets mad was her father.

"Keke, can you give me face and…" Zuo Mo asked carefully. She was in the worst position possible right now.

When Xia Keke saw the worried look on Zuo Mo's face, she finally calmed down. She scratched her head, thought about it for a moment, then hid behind Xia Yumei.

However, it was before she shouted, "I'm telling you, don't hurt Zuo Mo's family. I hit you just now. If you're pissed, then come at me!"

"Keke, shut it!" Zuo Mo was going crazy. If it wasn't because she knew that was just Xia Keke's normal personality, she really would suspect that Keke was trying to screw her over.

Xia Keke stuck her tongue out. She didn't really think so much. She merely got sick of Zuo Liang acting so cockily.

"S-Sorry," Xia Keke hid back behind Xia Yumei with a sad look.

Su Yan could only shake her head speechlessly.

On the other hand, Zuo Liang squinted his eyes with a dark look and spat out a few mouthfuls of blood. "Stop wasting my time now. Let me go if you still want the Zuo Clan's clan head and elders to live."

Because of Xia Keke's kick, his words were not particularly clear.

"Alright, we'll let you go," Zuo Mo blurted out.

However, Ye Zichen grabbed her shoulder and shook his head, "Why are we letting him go?"

"Zichen…" Zuo Mo wanted to burst into tears. Keke was one thing, why is Ye Zichen like this as well?

"Chill," Ye Zichen patted her shoulders, then looked down at Zuo Liang before turning towards a guest chamberlain. "Pull him up."

The guest chamberlain quickly pulled Zuo Liang off the ground. As Zuo Liang's eyes met Ye Zichen's, the latter could still see the arrogance in the former's eyes.

Ye Zichen slapped Zuo Liang's face without any hesitation, "I seriously want to beat the crap out of you just because you look like this."


"What? I slapped you just now. You pissed? Or are you going to threaten me and tell me that you're going to drag the Zuo Clan's clan head and elders to the grave with you?" Ye Zichen snorted. "Do it if you dare. Who are you trying to scare here? Drag them down to the grave? I can call the Yama Kings and the Four Ghost Marshals over right now. You're going to piss your pants when you see them. Trying to threaten me with death? You really are smart."

"That's why you're so confident?" Zuo Liang laughed. "I can make them spend the remainder of their lives like this. How is that?"

"Ugh, why don't you get it?" Ye Zichen facepalmed. "Did you never stop to consider how I got in your barrier?"

As Zuo Liang started to think, Ye Zichen snapped his fingers, "Wish God, stop hiding and show yourself!"

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