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Chapter 741 - Four Directional Spirit Amplification Formation

Liu Qing's red robe fluttered as she stood barefooted in the air. A purple ribbon levitated beside her while she stared at Sid, who was over twice as tall as her.

"I was wondering who it was. So, you are the baby girl from the God Realm," Sid quickly recovered from the surprise and laughed.

Moments later, that smile disappeared. He squinted his eyes and pursed his lips, "But you are quite interesting. Instead of going to find that Xuan-Yuan Sword of yours you actually came to the Demon Realm's turf. Did you come to bring food for Lord Sid? Hmm, your flesh looks pretty tender and tasty."

A murderous look appeared in Sid's eyes.

Meanwhile, he reached up to wipe away the saliva dripping from the corner of his mouth.

Liu Qing remained stern, she maintained her cold look and took hold of the purple ribbon.

"It's only tasty if you manage to get a bite."

Liu Qing disappeared, then instantly reappeared behind Sid and slashed down with her ribbon.

"General!" Qiu Hai shouted as he continued to cower away. Although it was embarrassing, he felt like his life was more important than his dignity.

Right as the attack was about to connect, Sid smirked.

Two bone spikes sprung out from his back.

They pierced through the ribbon and towards Liu Qing's heart.

Liu Qing agilely leaped to the side, only to stop in her tracks.

She could no longer attack…


"Bring it! Your Lord Sid's right here, come at me!"

Sid turned into a hedgehog covered in bone spikes!

"…" A troubled look surfaced on Liu Qing's face. Those bone spikes were as sharp as lesser divine treasures. What's more, not only were they defending Sid, they were already situated so that they would pierce at the attacker's weak points.

No matter where Liu Qing attacked from, his bone spikes would definitely cause a lot of trouble for her.

As expected of one of the Demon Realm's twelve warriors.

She licked her dried lips and took a few steps back.

Green light erupted the moment she stopped, dispersing the purple demonic energy around them.

After that, the Jade Emperor and co. appeared out of nowhere.

They stood in a triangle with Liu Qing at the center. If one was to look at the traces along the formation, it would be obvious that spiritual energy flowed from them towards Liu Qing.

"Hmm?" Sid frowned. He was able to sense the gathering of spiritual energy, but was unable to do much about it.

Although the bone spikes defended him, they could actually hurt him as well.

He had to predict the best possible spot and position to be beforehand. After that, all he could do was wait.

"Going to take some kind of spirt gaining pill? Girlie, don't do it, your future is not limited to that," Sid continued to mock Liu Qing. Even if Liu Qing does take some kind of spirit gaining pill, it would only make her about thirty percent stronger.

Since she was merely at the Sky Supreme level, being thirty percent stronger was still nothing to him.

At that very moment, Qiu Hai shouted out from where he was hiding, "General, she didn't take some kind of spirit gaining pill, she is using a Four Direction Spirit Amplification Formation!"

"What!?" Sid exclaimed.

At the same time, Liu Qing started to levitate into the air, a pale green light glimmered around her, signaling the outflow of spiritual energy.

"Thank you," Liu Qing bowed towards the three standing within the formation. The ribbon in her hands became like a soft sword. "Hedgehog, let's see how strong you are going to be after chopping off your spikes!"

Liu Qing's expression became stern and she slashed her weapon towards the bone spikes on Sid's back.

The weapon easily cut through the bone spikes as if they were nothing.

These bone spikes were a part of Sid and chopping them off naturally hurt him.

He grunted, but refused to scream…

A scream of pain was an insult to him!

"Qiu Hai, what are you doing!?" Sid roared with bloodshot eyes while enduring the pain.

Qiu Hai took a look at Liu Qing and gulped.

"Go and destroy the formation!"

If it was possible, Sid really wanted to kill the coward.

He had been hiding the moment Liu Qing appeared and even now, he was still hiding without doing anything.

"By destroying all the other points of the Four Directional Spirit Amplification Formation, the main target will stop getting an application to their spiritual energy. The other three people have basically no spiritual energy left in them right now, so kill them now!"


"Do you want to die?" Sid had enough, he finally started to threaten Qiu Hai with death.

Qiu Hai gritted his teeth and made up his mind.

The Jade Emperor, who was sitting limply within the formation was shocked. He couldn't muster up any spiritual energy.

The enemy has clearly already found a way to destroy the formation. If they really were to come over…

"Have you asked my permission before setting your eyes on them?" Liu Qing chuckled. The ribbon in her hand extended and coiled around Qiu Hai. She chucked him towards a nearby wall. "Don't you find an insect trying to be the savior hilarious?"

But, what she saw was…

"Giant Demon Avatar!"

An avatar!?

Liu Qing frowned, causing Sid to smirk.

Good job kid!

Qiu Hai didn't want to die. He was even more afraid of dying by the hands of a demon than dying to Liu Qing. He was in no mood to hide anything anymore. He only had one intention in mind…

To destroy the spiritual formation.

"An insect should act like an insect. Wouldn't it have been great for you if you pretended to be dead after I threw you out?" Liu Qing gritted her teeth. A trace of blood flowed down the corner of her mouth. At the same time, a fire symbol appeared on the center of her forehead, her pupils turned bright red and a burning spark seemed to appear in her eyes. "Scram!"

Liu Qing discarded her ribbon and punched through Qiu Hai's avatar. But then she realized…

Sid was now free without her locking onto him!

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