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Chapter 667 - Timing

"Senior Qiu Hai, you have finally returned," Black Dragon welcomed Qiu Hai back with a warm smile, while countless demon elites stood behind him along with the Twelve Demon Sovereigns.

The current situation of the Three Realms was an opportunity for them to completely topple the power structure in the Three Realms.

"The elites have all gathered here, and the abyssal have moved out. All we lack now is a person to take command, and since you are a reputed senior from the Demon Realm, the command is naturally yours to take if it pleases you," Black Dragon repeatedly uttered flattering words.

However, Qiu Hai was not in the mood for that at all.

Su Yiyun, Gu Li and Qiu Hai had a strange atmosphere surrounding them.

Su Yiyun had a cold look on the upper section of his face, while the robe covering the bottom half made it impossible to discern his expression.

Gu Li wore a mocking and meaningful smile on his face while he looked between Su Yiyun and Qiu Hai. All he wanted to do was watch the show. He had never actually expected Su Yiyun to return to the Demon Realm alongside him and Qiu Hai.

It's all up to Qiu Hai now. I wonder how this old guy is going to deal with what happened in the Valley of Death.

"Senior Qiu Hai."

"Mhmm," Qiu Hai looked back, while an uncaring look appeared in his eyes. "What were you saying just now?"

"We are awaiting your command. The Three Realms should be in a rather huge uproar and starting to fight amongst themselves now, should we…"

"Then we'll do as you said," Qiu Hai nodded indifferently. "But ignore giving me the command. I'm not worried with you in charge, after all, you have been in command for some time."

A look of hesitation flashed across Black Dragon's eyes.

Seeing that, Gu Li chuckled, "Senior Qiu might be a bit tired. Lord Black Dragon, please don't think about it so much. Master Su, am I right?"

"Hmm?" Su Yiyun looked up with squinted eyes, while his dark pupils radiated hints of threat.

Black Dragon glanced at the trio in confusion for a while, then finally called out sullenly, "What happened while you three were gone?"

Dazzling rainbow colored light illuminated the valley. Ye Zichen was also rather shocked by the pillar of light. After all, it landed right on him.

As he flapped his wings and landed on the cliff, both the white-robed man and Fatty Yin looked at him in shock.

"Ye Brat, you're an Immortal King now?"

"I am?" Ye Zichen also looked up towards the pillar of rainbow-colored light in confusion.

I did eat a lot of spiritual herbs in the valley during the last three months, but I'm only of the late-stage Sky Immortal level right now. I'm a bit off from the complete stage Sky Immortal level.

What's more, judging on my past experience, this light should change my body in some way, but I don't feel anything?

It can't be Third Fatty Jin either, he's just a tag-along and is even weaker than me.

Wait, could it be…

"Ahh, this feels great," Lorie leaned back with a giggle. Her child-like body seemed to gradually mature while bathing in the holy light.

The naivety on her face begun to lessen, and her delicate face became even more mesmerizing.

"Lil' Lorie," Ye Zichen was only shocked for a split-second before accepting what was going on. She could beat up that old man in the valley, so she's naturally of the Immortal King level or higher.

Both the white-robed man and Fatty Yin also nodded. However, they couldn't help but feel a bit of disappointment in their hearts.

Ye Zichen isn't the Immortal King…

"I didn't expect this Heaven-Barring Formation to be able to hide one's strength. It seems like the girl is at least at the level of a Supreme," the white-robed man shook his head with a smile.

Ye Zichen glanced at the rainbow-colored light at a distant, "Immortal King?"

"Qiu Yuan should have completely inherited everything the elder who left Mount Supreme behind left him, so he has managed to ascend to the Immortal King level," the white-robed man smiled.

Ye Zichen nodded, "Doesn't that mean that the Three Realms now have four Immortal Kings? Seriously… I, the Yellow Emperor's reincarnation, clearly dedicated myself fully towards it, but I couldn't become the third…"

"That's normal, the ley line has not yet surfaced. It's impossible for anyone to become an Immortal King without someone forcing the power to him, or being a natural supreme like the girl."

"Fine then," Ye Zichen chuckled helplessly. "How long is she going to last in this state?"

"That'll depend on how much her body can hold. Reaching the Immortal King level in the God Realm basically means that you are halfway to the Supreme level. Anybody of any level associated with Supreme will use divine energy instead. The purpose of the holy light is to transform the celestial spiritual energy within their bodies into divine energy. The more her body can hold, the longer she'll be bathed in the light," the white-robed man explained in detail.

Ye Zichen nodded, then noticed that his phone was vibrating violently.

He took out his phone, and noticed that there were 999+ unread messages.

Most of the messages were about the Heavenly Court and Underworld searching for him, while there were 99+ messages from Yang Jian and the Great Sage.

There were also several dozen messages from other deities. It was clear that they were very worried about him during the time that he was missing.

Just as he wanted to reply, he noticed that several dozen messages appeared in a new group.

Yang Jian: The Jade Emperor has already ordered us to move out nine times. Although I haven't faced the Jade Emperor, I've continuously told the messenger that I need to see the token, but this isn't going to last.

God of Thunder: Same here.

Nezha: My father has already turned off his phone. He said that the Three Realms are originally a family, he doesn't want to send out his troops to hurt our kin, since that'll only allow the demons to take advantage of us.

God of Fortune: Indeed. I've been rather troubled by the war funds recently.

Yang Jian: @Old Lord Taishang, how about you go and advise him as one of the Three Pure Ones?

Old Lord Taishang: The Jade Emperor is already dedicated to this. He kept on saying that this is his chance to unite the world. All of the great emperors of the four directions have messaged him as well. It really looks like they're going to do it. I'm only one of the Three Pure Ones, and I doubt it'll work even if I was his father.

Yang Jian: F*ck, the messenger is here at my doorsteps again. What should I do?

God of Thunder: Get your wife to talk to him. Tell her to say that you're not here. We have to stay calm and wait for Sky Sovereign to come back to handle this. He'll definitely have a way.

Canopy Marshal: But does anyone know where he is?

The group turned silent. Ye Zichen read the messages once more with a frown, then looked up and saw the white-robed man looking at him.

"What did the Heavenly Court people say?"

"Don't care about that. I want to know what happened with the Three Realms," Ye Zichen stared at him. "Why are they fighting?"

"The Yellow Emperor's reincarnation is missing, the Immortal Region's higher ups want an explanation from the Underworld. The Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens is proud and that angered the Immortal Region people. So they sent out their army against the Underworld's in rage. The Underworld has been resisting, and the Heavenly Court is taking advantage of that. It's that simple," the white-robed man replied casually.

Ye Zichen frowned even further. "I'm back now. Hurry up and take me to the Immortal Region. I need to tell them to stop fighting."

"Why stop their fighting?" the white-robed man smiled mysteriously. "Isn't this the best time to lay out a trap?"

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