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Chapter 640 - Daoist Temple Disciple

The Heavenly Court, Underworld and Immortal Region were collectively called the Lower Three Realms.

Most people would assume that since the Heavenly Court stood at the top, and the Underworld below, the Immortal Region was naturally in the middle.

That was not actually the case.

The Immortal Region was considered its own realm because of its special location. The middle of the Heavenly Court and the Underworld was made up of places were humans lived and the Endless Beast Region where yaos resided.

The Immortal Region…

Had its own separate space.

"System, you bastard!"

Ye Zichen couldn't help but curse after stepping through the portal. He didn't even have time to admire the scenery of the new location around him.

The place where the portal connected to was actually…

In the sky!


Thus, since Ye Zichen was unable to react in time, he fell heavily onto the ground. Even though his body was tough enough to withstand it, he still felt extremely dizzy.

"Hey, the kid over there…"

Ye Zichen who was rubbing his face looked up in confusion, then saw a middle-aged man wearing a daoist robe squat in front of him.

"You came to signup, right? The signups already over, but since you fell so terribly, I'll give you a chance."

"Huh?" Ye Zichen was confused.

"Don't get too excited and don't try to thank me. It'll be on you for whether you can stay in our daoist temple. But you are kind of old, so don't think about becoming an inner sect disciple. Try your best to become an outer sect disciple!" the middle-aged man shook his head and walked forward.

Ye Zichen continued to watch the man in confusion before looking around and seeing several hundred young men around his age standing there.

"What are you blanking out for? Hurry up," the middle-aged man waved him on.

Ye Zichen was confused, but he still nodded, "I'm coming."

As Ye Zichen followed behind the group of people, he was still completely confused. What's going on? Didn't I come to the Immortal Region to meet the heads of the Immortal Region? Why did I end up as a disciple at some temple?

Also, this temple's like super low! They're just walking forward aimlessly. When the hell are we stopping!?

"Brother, you want to cultivate at this age? That's impressive," a lecherous looking uncle drew closer to Ye Zichen and cupped his hands.

Ye Zichen was shocked when he saw the man. He looks…

At least thirty or forty…

"I think you are the impressive one. You want to become a disciple at your age."

"Brother, don't misunderstand, I just matured a bit quicker. We should actually be around the same age," the lecherous uncle smiled. "I'm telling you, it's going to be hard for the inner sect elders to become interested in us. You should be aiming to become an outer sect disciple, right? It really is a coincidence, I am too. Let's get to know each other earlier so we can take care of each other."

"It's hard to say whether we'll even get chosen," Ye Zichen shrugged. After all, he didn't come here to become a disciple.

"Hey, don't worry. The competition to become an inner sect disciple might be rather intense, but we'll definitely become outer sect disciples," the man patted his chest confidently. "I already asked around. The higher ups told all sects to recruit more disciples to prevent something. Who cares what that is, but we're the lucky ones. We're the first batch to be chosen from, so we'll definitely get in. Even if we only become outer disciples, the villagers back home will still need to call us Lord Immortal. That's so great!"

"Is that so!" Ye Zichen smiled.

The man also spoke up once more, "Ahh, look at me. We still don't know what each other is called, right? I'm Cui Fugui1. My name's a bit lame, but my parents wanted me to live a wealthy life. What're you called?"

"Ye Zichen."

"Then Brother Ye, we know each other now, so we have to help each other after we get into the outer sect. I heard that there are quite a lot of different factions in the outer sect, so us new people have to work together."

"Silence in the back!" Someone shouted from the front.

Cui Fugui, who was blabbering continuously, immediately shut his mouth, but still continued to eye Ye Zichen.

Approximately four hours later and after a long distance that Ye Zichen couldn't even remember, the group finally stopped walking.

"The ones who want to get into the outer sect on the left, the ones who want to get into the inner sect on the right!"


Ninety percent of the people moved to the right, leaving only a few walking towards the left. Most of those who walked towards the left were older people. After all, everyone would fight for the chance to enter the inner sect if they could.

"Hey you, the guy standing in the middle. Where do you want to go?"

Ye Zichen scratched his chin. His arrival there was a complete misunderstanding.

"Bro, what are you blanking out for. Come here!" Cui Fugui repeatedly waved towards him.

Ye Zichen scratched his nose. He thought about it for a moment, then realized that he didn't know what to do even if he was to leave, so he walked towards where the ones aiming to become outer sect disciples were.

"That's more like it. Bro, don't tell me that you wanted to go to the inner sect area. Look at who's over there. I heard that there's a genius amongst them with a water attribute spiritual root. He managed to reach the complete stage of the Human Immortal level at thirteen years old, so he's definitely going to become the True Disciple. Any inner sect disciple who can't become the True Disciple isn't anything special. The outer sect's far more comfortable," Cui Fugui continued to blabber.

Ye Zichen nodded and didn't say anything.

"Outer sects go with Senior Brother Hu. Inner sect come with me!" with that, the black-robed man left the large group of people away.

Meanwhile, Senior Brother Hu, who was the middle-aged man who told Ye Zichen to join them, smiled towards the people who were competing to become outer sect disciples, "You're all persistent people, but you might not know that I was too. Don't fret, you still have a chance to shine as long as you work hard even in the outer sect. I got in from the outer sect as well, and is now a complete stage Human Immortal. Although I'm merely in the bottom half in terms of strength, I can be considered an immortal now," Senior Brother Hu said with a smile.

Many of the people in front of them clenched their fists, while a flame of hope lit up in their eyes.

Seeing that they got more confident, Senior Brother Hu nodded in satisfaction, "The entrance test for the outer sect is a lot simpler than the one for the inner sect. You see that cave? After you enter, just take out two strands of the herbs you now see in my hands."

With that, a bright red herb with four leaves appeared in Senior Brother Hu's hands, "This herb normally grows near the hole of a scale snake. Scale snakes aren't poisonous nor particularly strong. They don't even count as yaos, so you don't have to worry about your safety.

As the people in front of him nodded, Senior Brother Hu smiled, "I'll wait here for you guys to come out. You pass the outer sect entrance test as long as you can bring me two strands of this herb. I'll bring you all into the temple later. Now, put this spiritual jade tablet away safely. When you get in danger, cracking it will teleport me to your side, but it also means that you failed the mission. Understand?"

"Understood!" everyone answered together.

"Then go in. Good luck."

Original Chapter Teaser:

Ye Zichen was completely speechless when the portal soundlessly opened in front of him. What the system wanted was beyond clear. It wanted him to go over to the sacred land of the Immortal Region to have a nice long chat with the powerhouses of that faction. It was something necessary for him to do as the reincarnation of the Yellow Emperor. But not only that, it was one of the crucial things he had to do in order to prepare for the Struggle for the Three Realms.

However… Ye Zichen didn’t really want to go. He didn’t want to go to places spontaneously just because the system said so. It felt awful to feel his lift controlled by someone else, even if that person was constantly helping him.

What’s more, it wasn’t like he was actually with any of the powerhouses in the Immortal Region.

Will Ye Zichen step through the portal and concede to the plan?

Or will refuse to step in?

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Fugui (富贵) means wealth. ↩
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