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Chapter 620 - The System's Malteser

What happened to the system? Did he give me a red packet because he suddenly gained a conscience?

Ye Zichen twitched his mouth. However, he still chose to receive the red packet with the mindset of "never waste" even though he was rather furious about the system's current actions.

For some reason, clicking open the red packet from the system ended up differently with other red packets. This time, the item did not go directly into his Treasure Chest, and instead appeared in his hand.

What  was a small brown ball, kind of like a single Malteser.

"Why are you sending me this crappy thing for? Do you think I'm from the countryside and never have had Maltesers before?"

System Notification: Eat it and you'll find out. What? You scared of me poisoning you?

The system's reply was rather simple.

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes at his phone, then popped the ball into his mouth.

Tsk, do you think I'll be scared?

The moment he did that, he wanted to mock the system. Yet, before he could even utter a single sound, he felt like he had fallen into magma.

His clothes were instantly drenched, while bead-sized droplets of sweat flowed down.

His current state was the exact depiction of sweating like it was raining.

The only difference was that his sweat evaporated not long after they appeared. That was enough to tell just how hot his body temperature had become.

"You f*cking screwed me over."

His phone fell down onto the bed, while Ye Zichen fell off his bed and grabbed his chest in pain.

"Isn't this the same as spoiling things though excessive enthusiasm?" Xuan-Yuan Xiang commented as she sat in front of the white-shirted man. "Oh yeah, I am rather curious about how you came back to this period of time. Also, are you speaking the truth? Is the future really going to end up like that?"

"I have no need to lie to you," the white-shirted man put his phone to the side with a smile. "As for whether I'm spoiling things, I don't think so. It's something that already belongs to him. I'm just giving it to him a bit sooner."

"Alright, if you think it's fine, then alright," Xuan-Yuan Xiang shrugged, then walked off to the altar, where she looked intently at the sword laying on it.

The sword had already been laying on top of the altar for several days. She could feel that the seal on the blade was gradually becoming undone.

"I still can't quite believe it. Is the future really going to be like that?" Xuan-Yuan Xiang couldn't help but turn around and asking.

However, she saw that the white-shirted man had already disappeared. Since she did not get her answer, she could only let out a long sigh, then turn back to Xuan-Yuan Sword.

She clenched her fists tightly and squinted her eyes. "I will definitely not allow that to happen. I will be with you to the very end. I definitely will!"

Meanwhile intense heat waves splashed out from Ye Zichen's room. It wasn't because he left his door open, rather, it was because the heat rising from his body had already melted the doors and windows.

There were plenty of people several tens of meters away from his room, but none of them had managed to walk into it.

It was far too hot.

Not only that, even the heat at a location less than twenty meters away from the room was something that Earth Immortals could not endure.

"Brother, will Big Brother Zichen be fine?" Xue Lan bit her lips in worry.

"Tsk, be more positive," Stone glared. "Is your Big Brother Zichen the kind that'll get into huge trouble? Don't worry, he'll be fine."

"Sorry, I said the wrong thing. Big Brother Zichen will definitely be fine," Xue Lan apologized, but her clear eyes were still filled with nervousness and worry as she gazed at the room filled with hot mist.

Five minutes passed by. Ye Zichen's room was not the only place affected, even the surrounding rooms melted due to the heat coming from his body.

More and more people also came over to watch, but they could only stand further and further away.

"Just what is Ye-zi doing? Did he eat the Sun!?" Stone fanned himself repeatedly. Even though they were already standing more than a hundred meters away, the heat still caused them to sweat heavily.

"I don't know, it's all because we're too weak that we can't go in and take a look," Xue Qi frowned.

"Even Sky Immortal leveled people would be seeking death by trying to enter," Zuo Zhencai popped out.

Xue Qi and co. immediately greeted him, "Elder Zuo."

Everyone in the entire Leisure House had already gotten wind that Zuo Zhencai is the old Tower Head of the Treasure Tower.

They didn't dare to put on any tiny bit of airs at all!

"Little Friend Ye is truly mysterious," Luo Wei walked over and raised his eyebrows. Everybody could clearly see how weak he was from his expression.

"City Lord Luo is out and about?" Xue Qi said. "It seems like your son's poison has been cured."

"Mm, it's all thanks to Little Friend Ye's idea that my foolish son was cured," Although Luo Wei was a bit weak, his tone carried a hint of relief. Then, he looked back over to where Ye Zichen was supposed to be. "it seems like Little Friend Ye is no normal person. Let us wait. We can only wait until he comes out himself. Even I cannot endure this heat to enter."

"What!?" Stone exclaimed.

Luo Wei was the city lord of Maple City, he was beyond strong, and even he said that he can't enter!?

"My god, Brother Ye didn't melt inside right!?"

"Don't be an idiot," Xue Qi rolled his eyes. "If something really happened to Brother Ye, then this heat wouldn't keep rising. It really is past time for you to improve your intelligence."

"Don't call me dumb. None of us have managed to get in yet. Which of you can be sure that Brother Ye is releasing this heat?"


Just as Stone began to retort, Xue Lan slapped him with a frown.

"Don't say that. Big Brother Zichen is fine!"

Stone couldn't help but shake his head with a smile when he saw Xue Lan's pout. Fine, she returned my exact words to me.

Nobody was able to go in to check on the situation. They could only wait outside.

Approximately one hour later…

The heat gradually dispersed from the air. The people waiting outside looked at each other…

"I feel like it's not so hot now," Stone said.

"it did cool down quite a bit," Xue Qi nodded. "But for some reason, I can't actually feel Brother Ye's aura. Could I be too weak?"

"I can't detect it either," Luo Wei frowned. Technically speaking, as long as a person was alive, people should be able to detect at least a hint of aura from that person no matter how strong they became.

He already sought out with his celestial consciousness the moment it began to cool down.

Yet, he was unable to detect Ye Zichen.

"Could it be…" Stone opened his eyes wide in shock.

Hearing their words, Xue Lan shook her head, "Impossible. Big Brother Zichen is definitely fine!"

With that, she ran towards Ye Zichen's room.

"Aahh!" A sharp scream rang out. This time, Xue Qi and co. all ran over.

When they reached where Lil' Lan was, they saw that…

Ye Zichen was lying in a hole in the ground he had melted. He was completely dried up and seemed to be deprived of life…

And a faint white smoke was coming off his body.

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