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Chapter 524 – Unable to Withstand Flicking

All of the surrounding guest chamberlains were unsure of what to do after Lin Xiong spoke up.

They needed to obey the request of Zuo Mo, who held the Tower Head Token in her hands. However, the other side was a Sky Immortal level expert, so were they supposed to go and die?

Between their life and loyalty, they preferred the former.

“Girlie, you want to make a move against this old man? Heh! You should look at just how capable are the people around you first. When you reach the Underworld, make sure to complain to the Yama Kings and tell them that it was your ignorance, which caused your demise,” Lin Xiong laughed maniacally. The reaction of the other people around him was the reason why he acted so cocky.

The guest chamberlains on the scene had been all nurtured by him. He understood, better than anyone else present, just what they were capable of. He was the heavens here, and nobody would be able to do anything to him.

“Do it,” Zuo Mo glared with a cold gaze. The surrounding guest chamberlains trembled and did not dare to approach Lin Xiong. However, Zuo Mo’s female subordinates all dashed forward fearlessly.

“Heh, you’re all lovely women, so you should have fun with men properly. You’re all too naïve to fight this old man.”


Zuo Mo’s eight complete stage Human Immortal experts fell to the ground in mere moments.

Everyone raised their eyebrows when they saw that.

A Sky Immortal is actually so strong!?

Only Zuo Mo bit her lips with a frown, “You broke through!”

“Heh, it’s too late for you to realize that now!” Lin Xiong snorted coldly as he revealed his strength of a mid stage Sky Immortal.


Zu Mo and Lin Xiong were only a mere ten meters apart, and that distance was something that a Sky Immortal level expert could reach in a blink of an eye.

“Go!” At that very moment, Ye Zichen stood in front of Zuo Mo then roared.

Lin Xiong suddenly felt his charging body stop. He turned around, only to see a rake dug into his shoulder.

Then, before he could even comprehend what was going on, Yang Jian appeared in front of him, picked his own ear, then poked Lin Xiong’s forehead.

“Laozi hates people ignoring me. You never even did so much as look at laozi. Do you really think your Grandpa Yang Jian is weak!?”


Yang Jian flicked Lin Xiong’s forehead, causing the latter to fly backwards.

“Your Grandpa Pig said come back!” Zhu Ganglie used his Nine Tooth Rake to pull Lin Xiong back exactly where Yang Jian had flicked him.

“Oh, you came back, then here you go again.”

“Come back again!”

“Oh wow, you came back again. Then let me flick you again.”

It was clear that Yang Jian and Zhu Ganglie were merely having fun Lin Xiong. In the middle of their playing around, Zhu Ganglie actually handed Yang Jian the rake so that he could go and flick Lin Xiong a few times himself.

And thus, the flicking continued for several tens of times more…

Lin Xiong’s head was already swollen from all the flicking Yang Jian and Zhu Ganglie had done.

When they finally removed the rake from his shoulder, Lin Xiong wobbled like a drunk man, then finally fainted, falling to the floor.

“He really can’t stand the flicking,” Yang Jian shrugged bitterly.

Yet, the other guest chamberlains were shocked.

Just how strong are these two? They actually managed to play with the mid stage Sky Immortal level Elder Lin without using any spiritual energy at all.

“Bro, we helped you deal with that guy, but it has to be up to you guys to finish him. It isn’t good for us to kill here.”

“Understood,” Ye Zichen nodded with a smile and looked towards Zuo Mo. “I’ll leave him to you.”

“Imprison Lin Xiong, and bring him back to the clan to be judged by the Tower Head,” in the end, Zuo Mo lacked the resolution to kill Lin Xiong on spot.

The surrounding guest chamberlains frantically bound Lin Xiong.

Meanwhile, Ye Zichen also looked towards where Zuo Qingcheng stood…

“When did she run off?”

“Heh, whatever. I didn’t actually wish to do anything to her,” Zuo Mo snorted, then threw the token towards Ye Zichen once again.

“What are you doing?” He had accepted it when Yang Jian handed it to him previously, but after finding out that it was actually the Treasure Tower’s Tower Head Token, he naturally did not dare to recklessly accept such a valuable thing.

“I gifted it to you before, so that’s that. I was merely borrowing it just now. This token will be very useful for you in the future, so go ahead and accept it!”

“…” Ye Zichen hesitated for a moment, then shrugged and put the token away.

Zuo Mo also spoke up once again, “I have to bring Lin Xiong back to the clan, so I won’t be in Maple City the near future. If you need anything from our Treasure Tower, then just bring the token over. Also, let me tell you something before I leave…”

“What is it?”

After the Treasure Tower people had left with the bound Lin Xiong, Ye Zichen took Yang Jian and Zhu Ganglie over to a restaurant.

“The ingredients used here is truly too terrible, but I, Old Pig, don’t mind,” Zhu Ganglie’s reputation of being a glutton was definitely not for show. Even though Ye Zichen had taken his gluttony into consideration, and ordered a lot more, it was still not enough for him.

And that was with neither Ye Zichen nor Yang Jian even touching the food.

“Laozi has always wondered how you survived the journey to the west,” Yang Jian couldn’t help but retort as he watched Old Pig.

“I, Old Pig, eats my fill with one meal, then I won’t feel hungry for half a month. What the heck do you know?” Zhu Ganglie twitched his mouth, then began to lick the plates as if nobody was watching him.

“This is seriously enough,” Yang Jian rolled his eyes and stood up from the chair. Then, he suddenly frowned and snorted. “Who’s outside!?”


The door to the room opened, and Shi Qian, who they had captured earlier, walked in.

“Why did you come here?” Ye Zichen was rather surprised. Zuo Mo didn’t take Shi Qian away when they had left the Treasure Tower earlier.

Ye Zichen and the others had also ignored him.

I didn’t expect him to follow us.

“I came over with you guys,” Shi Qian scratched his head and licked his lips. “I, Shi Qian, am not an ungrateful person. You saved my life at the auction house earlier, so I’ll follow you from now on. My life is yours.”

“I… saved you?” Ye Zichen was surprised.

“Did you not?” Shi Qian raised his eyebrows. “I seem to recall you blocking the geezer’s palm when he tried to smack me to death!”

“Oh!” Ye Zichen nodded. I really didn’t think so much back then.

“See? You saved me back then, so I’ll follow you. What’s more, I feel like following you is better than working solo!” Shi Qian nodded excitedly.

“But I don’t steal…”

“None of that matters. What’s more, who actually wishes to do that kind of shady thing if they can do proper jobs?” Shi Qian’s words were filled with sincerity. “Boss, are you willing to accept me?”

All of a sudden, Zuo Mo’s words, which he hadn’t paid much attention to, rang in his mind.

“Are you interested in establishing a power? When you do, my Treasure Tower will be your firmest ally.”

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