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Chapter 368 – Candidate for the Makeup Spokesperson

Even when Ye Zichen returned home and laid on his bed, Su Yan’s earlier appearance continued to surface in Ye Zichen’s mind.

Even though she had said that it was nothing, he could feel that… She definitely had something in her heart that she didn’t want to voice.

“If it’s Xia Keke, then she might know something!”

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and took out his phone. The moment he turned on his phone he saw that a “99+” appeared on his WeChat app.

What happened?

Is there a need for this to happen? It was just one flight

Ye Zichen opened WeChat and saw that his contact list had the “99+”, while he also had “99+” from his messages.

When he turned to the contact list, the huge variety of names completely stunned Ye Zichen.

The verification messages also made him beyond speechless.

“Dominating CEO I love you. Accept my friend request.”

“I have a better body than the girl beside you. I’m still young, accept!”

“Grandson, don’t think you’re amazing just cuz you’ve got some money…”

What’s going on?

Ye Zichen denied all of the friend requests with a look of confusion. When he finally finished doing so, another bunch popped up once again…

“What the hell!”


There’s no doubt about it now. My WeChat account was definitely exposed.

Ye Zichen took a look at his messages, but there wasn’t any from his roommates.

How did it get exposed!?

Thus, Ye Zichen decided to turn off incoming friend requests, then clicked on his chat with Yang Jian.

Since the 99+ messages were pretty much all sent by him, Ye Zichen decided to have a look at it first.

“Bro, I’m back in the Heavenly Court.”

“Bro, when can you start makeup lessons in the Heavenly Court?”

“Bro, why are you not replying!?”


I seriously don’t know where Yang Jian got the spare time to send messages to me for an hour without me replying.

I guess he needed to send his fill after getting reconnected to the net in the Heavenly Court, since he couldn’t play with his phone in the Modern Realm.

“I just got off the plane. Don’t send if you see that I didn’t reply. If I see your message, then I’ll definitely reply!”


Yang Jian replied instantly.

“I have nothing to do anyways, so I just sent messages to you for fun!”

Yang Jian’s reply caused Ye Zichen to roll his eyes. He truly doesn’t have anything to do!

“Have you dealt with the issue already and reported the news?”

“Mhmm!” the expression of Yang Jian, who was sitting on a chair made out of vines, drastically changed. “I told Taibai Jinxing already. He already sent people to go down to the lower realm to exorcise the demons. However, the people that are initially sent over wouldn’t be too strong, their main task will be investigation… When they locate the hideout of the demons, then we’ll send an army over to eliminate them all!”

“So it’s like that!”

I guess reporting the news of the demons to Taibai Jinxing was right. This geezer has a vendetta against the demons.

Even if the Jade Emperor didn’t want to care about it, Taibai Jinxing will definitely use his own words to convince the Jade Emperor. And the amazing qualities of his speech were already obvious just from seeing how he got the Great Sage to be the Protector of Horses.

“Let’s not talk about this anymore. Bro, when are you starting up the classes in the Heavenly Court? After going over to your place once, I feel like these girls in the Heavenly Court are very plain! Only Chang’e can compare with the girls over at your place, as for the others…”

His beauty standards actually got pickier after coming to the Modern Realm once.

But there’s no denying it, the makeup techniques of the modern realm are truly developed to the point that it can cause a huge change in woman. Even men can be mistaken as women after putting on makeup… That itself was evidence in showing just how powerful makeup techniques are.

“I can’t just start a lesson like this. At the very least, I need an opportunity!”

All of the ideas were still in Ye Zichen’s thoughts, and there was naturally a need for him to find a spokesperson if he wished to open up makeup lessons in the Heavenly Court.

Chang’e was no good since she was originally beautiful.

Even if makeup can make her even more beautiful, it cannot cause a cause too much discussion amongst the women of the Heavenly Court.

The most they would say was “Chang’e got prettier”.

If Ye Zichen wanted to make them truly pay attention to the prowess of makeup, then he had to find a common-looking woman. Of course, this woman had to be rather reputed as well to the point that the people in the Heavenly Court will take notice of her…

That was how he would cause surprise. By achieving that target, then the women of the Heavenly Court will naturally be interested in the makeup lessons.

“Bro, what sort of opportunity are you talking about?”

Yang Jian replied the messages in squinted eyes. At that moment, he felt like his heart was itching, and if Taibai Jinxing did not tell him not to casually leave the Heavenly Court, he might have already descended to the lower realm again.

That was the ocean of happiness for men. As for the Heavenly Court…

It is clearly several levels worse.

“Do you know a rather plain or ugly looking woman in the Heavenly Court. She can’t be not too normal, so just common fairies are no good. She has to be the kind that has a bit of fame in the Heavenly Court. Don’t find one that’s too fierce either, I’m worried that I can’t manage her.”

“What is it for?” Yang Jian didn’t quite understand.

“I need a spokesperson!” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. “You gotta get a spokesperson to get your brand famous regardless of what you’re going. Otherwise, if I just start a makeup lesson and tell them that it can make them prettier, who would believe me!?”

“That’s true.”

The other deities in the Heavenly Court might not understand this concept, but Yang Jian and co. definitely would.

Ye Zichen had gotten them to be the spokespeople in the very beginning. However, Yang Jian wasn’t interested in that matter, so that’s how Yue Lao ended up as the dealer.

A troubled look instantly surfaced in Erlang Shen’s eyes.

He was definitely one of the most vain people in the Heavenly Court, so he wouldn’t actually know the uglier ones.

“Bro, you should know me. I love beauty, so how could I know those ugly ones! The ones around me are all pretty much alright ones!”


Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. Everyone had a different sense of beauty, so who knows what Yang Jian’s “alright” was like.

“Send me a few photos and let me have a look!”




Not long later, a bunch of photos of fairies appeared on Ye Zichen’s screen. To be frank, Yang Jian had pretty high standards of pretty, so these girls definitely looked alright…

However, Ye Zichen did manage to find a good target amongst them.

Her skin was dark, and she was rather buff.

While her face looked kind of delicate, her skin color and thick arms…

“F*ck, I sent a wrong photo,” Yang Jian’s message popped up on the screen. Then, moments later, Ye Zichen saw that Yang Jian redacted the photo of Ye Zichen’s ideal choice.

“Why did you redact that one? I was going to get her to be the spokesperson!”

“The heck!?”

Yang Jian, who was within the Erlang Hall in the Heavenly Court directly stood up from his chair with a shocked expression as he looked at Ye Zichen’s message.

“Bro, you’re serious?”

“What? Is this person of a really high status in the Heavenly Court?” Ye Zichen asked carefully. If her status was too high, and wouldn’t listen to him, then he can’t choose that person even if she is a good choice.

“No…” Yang Jian replied with a shook of his head. “Her status isn’t particularly high, but she is a rather controversial person in the different circles. She does fit your different criteria, but… Never mind, I’ll get her to add you!”

Original Chapter Teaser:

Erlang Shen: Bro, I just got home.

Erlang Shen: Bro, when are you starting the makeup lessons?

Erlang Shen: Bro please, help me.

Erlang Shen: Bro, seriously, makeup lessons are very important.

Erlang Shen: Bro, please help me. I really can’t stand this.

Erlang Shen: Bro, I really miss your place, the girls there are damn hot.

Erlang Shen: Bro, you there?

Erlang Shen: Bro, please. They really need your makeup lessons right now. If you don’t give them makeup lessons, then I’ll die.

Erlang Shen: Bro…

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