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Chapter 360 – Shifting the Blame

At the Gu household.

The huge manor was filled with people, many of which hold guns, knives or metal bats, making it seem like they were about to start fighting at any moment.

“Family Heads of various clans, what are you guys doing here?” the Gu family head looked at the people in front of him, while the new Gu family head, Gu Tian, stood beside him. Behind them were some of the Gu family’s tribesmen and guest chamberlains, but due to the incident that happened on the day of the junior family head election, the overall strength of the Gu family was severely weakened.

Thus, there weren’t a lot of people that came out to meet the enemies, making it seem like they were unable to win in a battle.

“Gu Hai, we hidden families had always been like the well and the river, but your family actually assassinated the elites of our various families… Shouldn’t you give us an explanation?”

“Hehe, what explanation? I think the Gu family is just getting ambitious, and want to weak us various clans in order to continue being the leader!” other family heads began to speak up.

At the same time, the beautiful woman standing at the very front also questioned, “Gu family head, is what they said correct?”

“Zhuge family head, how are we supposed to accept the crimes you have pinned on us! All families know that we have recently been electing our junior family head, so how are we supposed to assassinated your elites?” Gu Hai knitted his eyebrows tightly together, then laughed coldly. “I think that… You guys saw that the Gu family’s strength has weakened, and so wanted to take this chance to engulf us whole, right! A starved camel is still larger than a horse, are you guys not worried about being too stuffed?”

“Gu Hai, have you no shame?” asked a scar-faced middle-aged man.

“Shangguan Xiong, don’t think that I don’t know you eyeing the position of the Gu family for a long time. The reason that all these families are here is because you had continuously blamed us, the Gu family, for everything. Hehe… You want to accuse the Gu family of assassinating your elites? Show me your proof!” a cold smile covered Gu Hai’s face.

All of the other family heads instantly hesitated.


They didn’t have any.

However, their elites had indeed been killed. They had researched it for several days, and the conclusion they managed to come to was that someone in the Gu family did it.

The reason they came together was to force the Gu family to admit it!

“If you want proof? I’ve got it!” all of a sudden, a playful laughter sounded out in everyone’s ear.


“Gu Li!” a thin figure slowly entered everyone’s sight. Gu Li smiled faintly and swept his gaze across everyone’s faces, “Gu family, Gu Li!”

“How is it you!

Both Gu Tian and the rest of the Gu tribesmen were shocked. That day…

They had saw Gu Li’s head get chopped off by a demon with their own eyes.

“Hehe, are you very surprised to see me?” Gu Li smiled playfully, then bowed towards the other family heads. “Family Heads, this kid is originally Gu Li of the Gu family. However, the Gu family was unfair during the junior family head election, and wanted to kill me off… However, I did not die despite everything.”

“Gu Li!” Gu Tian knitted his eyebrows and roared.

Gu Li mockingly picked his ears, “What are you shouting for? You want to show off how loud you are? What? You’re pissed that you didn’t kill me? What a good brother!”

“Brat, you said that you have the proof of the Gu family assassinating our clans’ elites?” Shuangguang Xiong frowned.

Gu Li nodded with a smile, “I had wanted to hide it for the Gu family, but since they were unjust towards me, they should not blame me for doing the same!”

With that, he took out a USB from his pocket and a laptop from his backpack.

“Family heads, please watch!”

The family heads hesitated and received the laptop and clicked open the video file within the USB…

“Oh yeah, how are the things I got you to do going?”

“It’s already being done. The tribesmen of three of the hidden families have already been killed by is. We have their souls right now…”

“Very good. Make sure that the blame is shifted onto my brothers. Understood?”


One of the two people involved in the video was not seen, and his voice was edited, but the other person was Hua Li, who stood beside Gu Tian.

The video was very short, but after the video ended, all the family heads looked towards Hua Li murderously.

“As everyone knows, Hua Li is the most trusted person beside my Tian-ge. Even though the other person in the video was not shown, I believe everyone here are intelligence. I can reveal that this video was taken threw a camera I installed at Gu Tian’s place. As for why I did so… It was the junior family head election a while back, so I’m sure you family heads can understand.”

The beautiful Zhuge woman also smiled, “Gu family head, I think everything has come to light!”

“Impossible, I have never plotted to assassinate the elites of these various families,” Gu Tian frowned.

“It isn’t you, but the old man beside you must have been involved, right?” the scar-faced Shuangguan Xiong sneered.

Gu Tian immediately shook his head, “That’s impossible as well. Elder Hua is the person closest to me. It’s impossible for him to do anything that would betray me!”

Hearing that, Gu Hai’s expression drastically changed. He had already made up his mind to give up Hua Li, but Gu Tian’s reply clearly tied the two together.

Gu Li’s smile bloomed even more.

My idiot older brother, you are truly idiotic to the point of being cute.

“This is impossible, that’s impossible… Lad, do you think we family heads are stupid?” Shangguan Xiong snorted with a cold gaze. “Gu Hai, hand this brat and the old man beside him to us, then hand over fifty percent of the Gu family’s resources. Then we’ll leave it at that!”

All of the surrounding family heads nodded. Rage surfaced on Gu Hai’s old face. He clenched his fist and roared, “Shangguan Xiong, wishful thinking! Heh, if you want to engulf us, the Gu family, we’ll at least make you lose a few teeth! Gu tribesmen, prepare to fight!”

“Gu Hai, just why are you doing this!” The Zhuge woman shook her head sadly, then turned to the people behind her. “Zhuge family members, do not go up… If they don’t make a move against us, then we’ll just watch!”

“Zhuge family head…” Shangguan Xiong’s expression drastically changed.

The woman merely smiled in response, “We, the Zhuge family had no losses. Before coming here, I did not promise to deal with the Gu family with you guys. Sorry, but we, the Zhuge family is not getting involved in this mess.”

“Thank you, Zhuge family head!” Gu Hai cupped his hands towards the woman, while solemnity covered his old face.

A powerful spiritual pressure radiated out from his body!


“Zhuge Hong, wow…” Shangguan Xiong stepped forward furiously, while the aura around him fought back against Gu Hai’s.

“Do it!” as Shangguan Hong roared, the people of the other families all rushed towards the Gu family.

At that very moment, a blinding golden light landed in the middle of them all like a meteor, while a cold voice shouted from within the light, “Those who step forward. Die!”

Original Chapter Teaser:

In the next chapter of Red Packet Server…

Gu Tian and the Gu family is in trouble. They are now surrounded by the elites and family heads of the various hidden families? What for?

For what Gu Li has done. Although the junior family head election for the Gu family had ended with Gu Tian’s triumph, this is but a small portion of the troubles that would come.

In this situation, who else did Gu Tian call apart from Ye Zichen?

However, is Ye Zichen even able to do anything?

Would these hidden families give face to our main character?

Read on and find out in the next chapter of Red Packet Server…

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