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Chapter 350 – Descend

Tuoba Ye’s eyes twitched when he saw Qiu Yin’s form.


That was a unique inborn ability of demon race’s Qiu clan. They were able to increase their own powers by several fold quickly, but the duration of it was not particularly long. So, it was clear that he wanted to end the fight quickly.

“Brother Tuoba, if I hurt your darling son later, please forgive me,” Qiu Yin’s voice had turned coarse after demonification, but his tone carried unbelievable confidence.


That was something Tuoba Ye didn’t even dare to imagine. All he could do against Ye Zichen was struggle to defend himself.

“What’s Brother Qiu Yin saying? As long as we can bring this brat back to the demon realm… So what if we hurt him? What’s more, since he’s like this, if we don’t beat him until he submits, then it would be impossible for him to leave with us.”

“That’s true,” Qiu Yin smiled, then conjured up two balls of light from his hands, which he threw towards Ye Zichen.



Ye Zichen quickly dodged the balls of light, then saw that both Qiu Yin and Tuoba Ye flew up from the ground.

“Do you think that only you guys can fly?” Ye Zichen flapped his wings, causing a huge gale behind him, then flew up into the air.

“This foolish brat,” Tuoba Ye squinted his eyes and smiled. After demonification, even demon kings or mid staged Human Immortal level experts did not dare to fight Qiu Yin head on. Yet, the foolish brat actually dared to give chase.

“Brother Qiu Yin, do you want to play with him by yourself?”

“Don’t… We’ll attack together for safety’s sake. I’m too weak, so I cannot be under the effects of demonification for too long.

Qiu Yin’s eyes flashed with red light as he stared straight at the wings behind Ye Zichen’s back, while Tuoba Ye also nodded in agreement.


No Fallen had appeared in the demon realm for a thousand years already. If they were able to bring the brat back to the demon realm and assimilate him in, then it was definitely a good thing for the demon realm.

Back during the Great War of Gods and Demons, the demon realm lost terribly, causing them only be able to hole up in a place like the Hellish Demon Realm.

Yet, the Divine Realm dominated a large part of the blessed area…

How were they supposed to accept it when it was originally the territory of the demon realm.

“What can you guys do after flying into the sky?” Ye Zichen chuckled as he flapped his wings.

Qiu Yin also spoke up at the same time, “You… I’ll give you a choice. Directly go with us to the demon realm. We can give you the best cultivation resources. You will become the demonic son of the entire demon realm. As long as you come with us to the demon realm, then everything you want will be yours! Even the Modern Realm that you are residing in right now will be yours in the future.

“You made it sound so good. Then help me kill someone!”

“Who!” Qiu Yin frowned.

“Gu Li, the one who worked with you!” Ye Zichen said indifferently.



Qiu Yin flew out without thinking.

At the same time, Gu Li had realized something was wrong. Just as he was about to run, Qiu Yin landed beside him.

“Qiu Yin… What did you come here for?”

“To kill you!”

Qiu Yin’s hand blurred, then, Gu Li’s head immediately separated from his body. His eyes opened wide at the moments before his death…

He was discontent with this outcome!

“Captain, hurry up and send some people over. There are too many ghosts over here, I can’t capture them all in time.” the Black Impermanence intern shrunk his neck while holding the souls of several people in his hands and quickly took out his phone to send a message to the Underworld, when he saw the large number of ghosts in the sky, and the vengeful aura become denser.

“F*ck, what the hell!”


Qiu Yin was swift as he held Gu Li’s bloody head and flew back in front of Ye Zichen.

“Gu Li!”

“You actually moved rather quickly,” Ye Zichen maintained his smile as he looked at the head in Qiu Yin’s hand. For some reason, he actually began to get excited when he saw the fresh blood.

“I have already satisfied your request. Come with us. You will receive the best treatment in the demon realm. It isn’t just me, even the demon kings and the demon emperors of the demon realm will not dare to go against your word.”

“But… I don’t want to go!” Ye Zichen suddenly laughed.

Qiu Yin’s expression turned stiff, then he smiled wryly at Tuoba Ye, “Let’s move!”

“My good son, going or not is not up to you. Even if we have to tie you up, we will bring you back.”


The fights of the demon race were far simpler than the battle of deities. After a few testing actions, it became a pure fist fight.

Ye Zichen’s gaze also begun to turn solemn after he started to fight the two. After all, it was difficult for two fists to fight against four hands…

Even though neither of them could match up to him alone, Ye Zichen felt that it was a bit too much for him when they attacked him together.

“F*ck off!”

Ye Zichen knocked both Qiu Yin and Tuoba Ye away with a punch and a kick. However, the two off them once again charged at him with no care about their lives, not even allowing him to catch his breath.

“Ahh… Take this!”

Gou Yuzhan somehow flew into the air and smashed his stick towards Qiu Yin.

“F*ck off!’

Qiu Yin punched the stick, causing Gou Yuzhan to instantly fall down from the sky and create a huge crater in the ground.

“F*ck, when are you two done? Laozi can’t defend any longer!”

Gou Yuzhan’s head tilted, while he fainted.

Lu Lu and Fatty Yin also became more anxious. Gou Yuzhan had lost the ability to fight, while Ye Zichen was also tiredly fighting…

“Main Body, why the f*ck are you still not coming? That brat, Ye Zichen, is about to be beaten to death!” Fatty Yin cursed.

“Main Body, hurry up and descend! Zhang Junbao is done for. Is the tribe more important or is he more important? Do you want to lose him again?” Lu Lu couldn’t help but yell out as well.


In the sky, after several hundred rounds of combat with Qiu Yin and Tuoba Ye, Ye Zichen finally failed to defend one attack, causing him to cough up a large mouthful of blood.

“Demonic Son!”

Qiu Yin and Tuoba Ye instantly stopped their attacks. They did want to capture Ye Zichen, but they didn’t dare to actually harm him for real.

Ye Zichen wiped away the wipe from the corner of his mouth with his fingers, and licked it…

“Hehe…” A faint excitement arose from the bottom of Ye Zichen’s heart, while he smashed his fist onto Tuoba Ye and Qiu Yin. “Come!”

“Demonic Son, sorry!”

Qiu Yin clenched his teeth and charged towards Ye Zichen once more, while Tuoba Ye took a look before following with a clench of his teeth.

“Come, hahahaha… Come!”

Ye Zichen laughed maniacally, causing everyone on the ground to feel a chill down their spines.

“Main Body…”

“Main Body…”

Both Fatty Yin and Lu Lu cried out.

Then, all of a sudden, a ray of sacred light shone across the sky, illuminating through the darkness like the blazing sun.


Meant that someone descended!

Original Chapter Teaser:

Tuoba Ye: Ha! My dear son, you might be able to beat one of us, but what can you do against the two of us!?

Qiu Yin: Give in and come with us. There are no downsides for you. We can give you anything you want. Money, power, resources, women. We can even give you this world. So come with us.

Ye Zichen: Heh, I think I’m doing fine by myself!

Qiu Yin: Is that so now?

(darkness looms every the battlefield)

Qiu Yin: What about now?

(Qiu Yin and Tuoba Ye flies into the air)

Ye Zichen: Do you seriously think that you’re the only one who can fly?

Qiu Yin: Foolish brat. Let me say it once more. Come with us, and we’re grand your any wish.

Ye Zichen: Then, it’s simple, kill him!

Qiu Yin: Huh? Is that all you’re asking for?

Ye Zichen: What do you mean?

Qiu Yin: Is that the only request you’re going to make for coming with us?

Ye Zichen: Kill him first, then we’ll talk.

Tuoba Ye: You don’t sound sincere enough.

Qiu Yin: Does it matter? Like you said, if we bring him back, then anything’s worth it. Wouldn’t it be even more worth it if we bring him back without a fight?

Ye Zichen: Well, so what are you waiting for?

Qiu Yin: As you wish.

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