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Chapter 183 – Spiritual Body! False Spiritual Body!

Huo Da’s expression tensed when he saw Ye Zichen’s fist.


At that moment, Yu also reacted, and grabbed towards Ye Zichen’s arm with a murderous light in his eyes.

However, he was a step too late.


Ye Zichen punched Huo Da on his nose, causing streams of red to flow down from his nostrils. From the looks of his collapsed nasal bridge, it seemed like Ye Zichen managed to break his nose.


A murderous light flashed in Yu’s eyes. There had never been anyone that could attack the person he wanted to protect in front of him.

Ye Zichen actually hit his employer in front of him…

Yu’s hands shone with a faint light as he smashed towards Ye Zichen’s head with an oppressive aura.

Ye Zichen’s pupils contracted.

He quickly activated Unbreakable Body and lifted his arms high up.

A huge impact soared through his arms…


The soft crack was extremely ear-piercing in that very moment. Ye Zichen frowned, then retracted his arm without any expression.


At this moment, the shop’s security guards surrounded Yu and Huo Da!

“Do what you should be doing, no need to mind this,” Ye Zichen roared.

The security guards were stunned for a moment. Although they didn’t understand, they didn’t dare to just recklessly move forward.

With that, Ye Zichen looked up at Yu once again.

Similarly, the other person was looking at him.

“Spiritual Body.”

“False Spiritual Body!”

Ye Zichen and Yu spoke up at the same time. When he heard the other person’s words, both of their pupils contracted.

F*ck my life.

Laozi’s screwed this time.

Ye Zichen cursed in his heart.

What the hell is going on recently? Why do I always bump into people from that place…

“Kill him, kill him!”

Huo Da, who’s nose continuously bled as he laid on the floor, yelled. At the same time, Ye Zichen also gulped.


Laozi can’t beat him.

However, Ye Zichen did not expect…

“Go by the rules!”

Yu looked faintly towards Ye Zichen, then helped Huo Da up from the ground and led him out, while ignoring Huo Da’s mad cursing after he said that.

Within the VIP room of the jewelry shop.

Ye Zichen sat down on the sofa with a frown, while his arms dangled by his side.

Xiao Yumei said worriedly, “Zichen, let’s go to the hospital.”

“Before that, shouldn’t you tell me just who the hell is that Huo Da?”


Feelings arose from Xiao Yumei’s eyes once again as Huo Da was mentioned, “He had once pursued me in high school. During the third year of high school, he suddenly told me that he would leave for a while and promised that he would come back for me. However, nearly ten years had passed. I had thought that he wouldn’t return, I…”

So he’s her first love!

It seemed like that brat wasn’t just a normal bastard!

What’s more, from Xiao Yumei’s gaze back then…

“Yumei, you can’t still have feelings for him, right?”

“What are you saying!” A hint of anger surfaced on Xiao Yumei’s face. “I already have you now, how can I still have feelings for him?”

“Then just now…”

“I was just a bit surprised and couldn’t react in time. The next time he comes, I’ll definitely reject him!” Xiao Yumei answered with certainty.

Only then did Ye Zichen smile in satisfaction, “I knew that you’re the best.”

Ye Zichen nodded. However, Yu’s appearance suddenly surfaced in his mind.

What came with it was Yu’s words right before he left.

Go by the rules… What rules did he want to go by!?

Xiao Yumei said worriedly when she saw Ye Zichen’s worrying expression, “Zichen, did I cause some trouble for you?”

“How could that be? Nothing you do can actually become trouble in my eyes,” Ye Zichen smiled unrestrainedly, then tried to raise his hand to caress Xiao Yumei’s hair.


Xiao Yumei opened her mouth wide, then looked down and saw Ye Zichen’s arm swell.

“Zichen, let’s go to the hospital.”

“No need,” Ye Zichen shook his head, then opened the Treasure Shop on his phone’s WeChat as he endured the tearing pain from his arm.

It was fortunate that healing pills were the most common thing within the Treasure Shop. However, the price was extremely expensive.

A single level one healing pill required a hundred cultivation experience, it ripped him off even more than the geezer Old Lord Taishang.

However, Ye Zichen was not the Ye Zichen from back then.

He had several hundred thousand cultivation experience on hand, the hundred didn’t matter to him.

After buying one, he withdrew it from the Treasure Chest, then popped the pill into his mouth, while he chucked the jade bottle used to hold the pill to the side.

Not long later, he felt a stream of warmth flow through his meridians, while his swollen and painful arms began to return to normal.

Just what is the strength of that person?

Ye Zichen wondered to himself.

When Ye Zichen crossed blows with him just now, he could feel that Yu wasn’t simple.

With Ye Zichen’s False Spiritual Body strengthened by Unbreakable Body, he couldn’t have possibly lost even if he was facing a normal martial artist!

However, the other person had easily dispelled his attack, and shocked his arms to the point of causing them to be fractured.

He could be sure that the other person was of the Spiritual Body level, but he was unsure of what stage of the Spiritual Body level.


Xiao Yumei’s expression carried a hint of worry, alongside a surprise that she was unable to hide.

She saw it just now, she saw everything.

She saw a pill suddenly appear in Ye Zichen’s hand, and after he chucked it into his mouth, the injury on his arms immediately improved for the better…

“You saw it?”

Ye Zichen could approximately guess what it was from Xiao Yumei’s expression.

There would be a day when his secrets come to light, especially in front of his women.

Thinking that, since he felt like it would be known sooner or later, Ye Zichen decided to come clean with her.

“Yumei, let me tell you something. You can’t tell others.”

“Alright, say it!”

Xiao Yumei nodded seriously.

Ye Zichen spoke about his situation for an entire ten-odd minutes.

As for Xiao Yumei…

She was instantly stunned.

“What do you want to say?”

“I… You… Deities… How is that possible!”

Xiao Yumei exclaimed.

“You don’t believe me, right? But this is all real,” Ye Zichen shrugged helplessly.

In comparison, Xiao Yumei’s reaction was something Ye Zichen found more reasonable. When he thought back to Xia Keke’s reaction…

He could only say that the child was too insensitive.

Xiao Yumei looked at him blankly for a long time…

“Let me calm down a bit.”

She was an atheist, she had never believed in ghosts or gods.

However, Ye Zichen was the man she trusted most, for him to tell her in person that…

He was dealing with deities.

Was she dreaming?

She reached out and pinched Ye Zichen, who was sitting beside her.

“What are you doing!”

“Does it hurt?”

Xiao Yumei asked with her eyes wide open.

“How could it not!?”

Xiao Yumei had used all the strength in her body to pinch him, and it was at his waist…

How could it not hurt!?

“I’m not dreaming,” Xiao Yumei muttered.

“Hey, if you want to see if you’re dreaming or not, can’t you just pinch yourself!”

“What if it’s painful? I’m terrified of pain,” Xiao Yumei rolled her eyes.

She was too unreasonable…

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