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Chapter 1515 - Crossing Blades

As soon as the words left his lips, Yang Jian slipped his phone back into his pocket, then extended his lance.

Instantly, his aura surged forth like a tidal wave, and the third eye on his forehead opened. Dark light enveloped and revolved around him.

Was he a heavenly god, descending into the mortal realm?


Looking at him more, he seemed more like a god of slaughter, a monster that crawled straight out of the abyss.

Just his aura alone reeked of death, like a heart-shaking rain of blood!


Before Xiao Ting or the gathered rulers could make any movements, there was an ear-splitting explosion from outside the hall.

Before long, someone knocked down the door to the great hall.

A blood-covered Xiao Clansmen, who’d recently lost an arm, rushed inside.

“What’s going on outside?” roared Xiao Ting.

“Reporting to the Emperor, it’s…. The Upheaval Alliance! I don’t know where they found them, but they gathered up at least forty rulers, and they’ve already barged in through our front gates!”

Just as Xiao Ting was about to lose his temper, Yang Jian and Bai Haoyu glanced at each other.


Fresh blood splattered in all four directions.

Their first attack hadn’t achieved its intended aim, but Yang Jian and Bai Haoyu didn’t linger; they raised their weapons and aimed for the palace walls, shattering them. Then, they rushed outside.

“Seize them!” The explosive roar reverberated throughout the estate. All the clansmen and retainers outside rushed to block Yang Jian and Bai Haoyu’s escape.

Xiao Ting suddenly broke into a crafty grin. “So you really were sent here as an undercover agent!”

After being attacked, fresh blood leaked from the elderly page’s nostrils, but from beginning to end, Xiao Ting didn’t so much as look at him. This was despite the fact that the old man had worked for the Lightning Emperor’s Estate his whole life, and had used his body to shield his master from harm.

“Carry An Bo away for treatment. Everyone else, come with me to meet the enemy.”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Piercing booms filled the air. Soon, all of Heavenly God City was terrified. The pedestrians near the sight of the battle fled, while those clans and factions further away could gauge the battle’s intensity just by looking at the sky: it was blazing red, as if it were on fire.

“I’d long since predicted that the Xiao Family and the Upheaval Alliance would fight at some point. But which of them will prevail in the end?”

“The Lightning Emperor’s Estate is an ancient family clan with deep foundations, while the Upheaval Alliance has only just established itself. Even if their rise to promise has been rapid, they’re still far too lacking in comparison.”

When they heard that, most of the surrounding onlookers agreed.

That the Lightning Emperor’s Estate had stood in the God Realm for so long without following was due to the Lightning Emperor, Master of Tribulation Lightning’s strength, as well as their unknowably deep foundations.

The Xiao Family had passed down their inheritance for countless years, and no one knew exactly how strong they really were.

Never mind the rest; in many of Heavenly God City’s factions’ eyes, even if the God Emperor’s Estate fought the Lightning Emperor’s Estate, they wouldn’t have absolute ȧssurance of victory.

“God Emperor, the Xiao Family and the Upheaval Alliance are fighting.” Meanwhile, within the God Emperor’s Estate, the Divine Arbiter went to report to the God Emperor.

“Glad to hear it,” said Zhou Wu, his gaze indifferent. “Xiao Ting might pretend to be loyal, but his heart is filled with unbridled ambition, and he’s long since coveted my throne. As for the Upheaval Alliance, well, you don’t need me to explain what our relationship is like. From my perspective, the two of them fighting has only advantages and no disadvantages.”

“But this is still your city. If two such vast and powerful factions cross blades right in the open, isn’t that too overtly disrespectful? If we don’t do anything to stop them, the citizens’ thoughts might very well run rampant, too,” said the Divine Arbiter.

“So you’re saying…. We shouldn’t intervene?”

“Just let them keep fighting. The harder they fight, the better. It’d be best if both sounds wound up crippled; there’s no result I’d rather see,” said God Emperor Zhou Wu, his gaze utterly sinister. “Right, is there news of the Xue Family’s Emperor Star?”

“Xue Tie has not made any appearances since the day he opened his celestial eye,” said the Divine Arbiter.

“It seems Xue Yang has hidden him away,” Zhou Wu snorted. “Keep investigating. He has imperial celestial fate, which I must obtain! I already understand what it takes to transcend, but I’m still missing a certain something, and that something is almost certainly imperial celestial fate!”

“Your subordinate understands!” The Divine Arbiter nodded solemnly, then left the grand hall. The God Emperor, meanwhile, walked up to the window and looked at the sky rumbling with thunder and crackling with electricity.

He snorted, “Go on and fight. Just wait; when I transcend, you’ll all have to lower your heads and submit!”

“Kill, children, kill!” The Great Sage plucked a tuft of monkey fur, then exhaled a puff of immortal breath.

Each strand of hair instantly transformed into a staff-wielding monkey. Soon, all of the Xiao Family’s earth and sky supremes were locked in combat with them.

A thousand meter wide ray of sword light surged forth with unstoppable momentum, leveling half the Xiao Family’s outer sect in a single sweep.

“Yang Jian!” As they fought, Ye Zichen and the Great Sage repeatedly called out to their friend.

In truth, nothing in particular had triggered their attack, nor had there been any advance warning; they just couldn’t bear waiting any longer!

Waiting was sometimes an unspeakable form of torment, especially since the Xiao Family estate was extremely well fortified. If they waited until they actually got the signal from Yang Jian, it would still take them time to barge in. By then, Yang Jian might already be in grave peril.

So they decided to just go right ahead and attack, and hopefully catch Xiao Ting off guard.

Although this would reveal Yang Jian’s status as an undercover agent, that didn’t matter. Yang Jian’s life came first.

After kicking an incoming Xiao clansman away, Xiao Yumei’s eyes flashed, and she asked, “Have you located Yang Jian yet?”

“The Xiao Family estate sure is strange; even I can only stretch my divine sense a thousand miles here. There’s no way I can find him,” said the Great Sage with a frown.

“Then should we just fight randomly, like a chicken without a head?” asked Xiao Yumei.

The Xiao Family’s ancestral home was roughly the same size as the Upheaval Alliance base, or perhaps a little bigger. If they just fought aimlessly like this, they could fight for half a day without getting through the entire estate.

Besides, even though they’d brought only their elites, an all-ruler team, if they just kept fighting like this, even rulers would run out of steam eventually.

“Keep fighting your way in, I’m going to go contact Yang Jian.”

The Great Sage led his “children” in, while Xiao Yumei wielded the Upheaval Alliance’s rulers like a sharp knife, pushing her way into the Xiao Family’s inner sanctum. Ye Zichen, meanwhile, was right in the middle of the pack. He pulled out his phone….

But it was then that he saw his contacts list contained quite a few new friend requests.

Xue Yang, Bi’an, Zhao Qianhe, Zhao Qianling, Xuan Ji, Ye Rong….

Why were all of these great emperors friending him all at once?

He scrolled down and saw two others listed beneath them: Emperor Hades and Su Yiyun!

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