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Chapter 1512 - The Important Message Yang Jian Wanted to Send

It had been almost a month since Yang Jian’s last message.

He’d gone undercover in the Lightning Emperor’s Estate, playing the part of Xiao Ting’s subordinate, and he’d even run into Bai Haoyu of the destroyed Bai Clan.

Ye Zichen didn't care that Yang Jian had no information to report, but he hadn’t so much as sent a quick “all’s well” to confirm he was safe. Of course Ye Zichen was worried!

“Our neighbors have been quite quiet this whole time.” Naturally, everyone present in this pocket dimension knew he was asking about the Xiao Family.

“Then is there news of Yang Jian?” asked Ye Zichen, only to hear that there was no word of his friend at all. His heart sank, and he fell silent.

It’d be fine if there were just no messages from him in the group, but there was no external source of news about him either. It’s not like he was some small-fry; he was the Outside’s special emissary and an imperial sovereign-level peerless expert.

Ye Zichen found it hard to believe that Xiao Ting wouldn’t take advantage of having a subordinate like that.

Could it be that Yang Jian still hadn’t successfully infiltrated the enemy’s inner sanctum?

“Hey, why isn’t the Great Sage with you? You never seem to go anywhere without him,” said Pu Jingwan.

“I proposed marriage on his behalf, so he ought to be busy getting to know his father-in-law and new extended family,” said Ye Zichen, but he was clearly distracted; all he could think about was Yang Jian.

Pu Jingwan said something in response, but he could bȧrėly hear her. He fell silent, then took out his phone.

He opened his chat with Yang Jian, then typed out a quick message.

Message not delivered!

“We don’t get a signal in here?” Ye Zichen glanced at Xiao Yumei.

“Of course! This is a divine artifact from the outside, and we’ve yet to extend our network inside,” said Xiao Yumei.

“How do I get out of here?”

“Just go through that door.”

He looked around. This divine artifact really matched its surroundings, giving the place a harmonious feel. Even if he examined it with his divine sense, Ye Zichen couldn’t tell that it was a divine artifact containing its own pocket dimension.




Practically in unison, just as they left the pocket dimension, Ye Zichen, Xiao Yumei, and Pu Jingwan heard their phones buzz. When they looked at them, they saw a mass of notifications.

For all the three of them to receive notifications at once, there was only one possibility….

They instantly whipped out their phones, then opened their group chat.

It had been silent for almost a month, but now, there were over ninety-nine messages. Inside the chat, they could see that Yang Jian, who’d vanished for almost a month, had come back into view.

From the look of things, he was frantic. The entire screen was nothing but messages @ing Ye Zichen.

Only Idealism: Here!

Invincible Adorable Beauty: When it rains, it pours. You’ve been silent for ages, now look at this! What are you doing? Are you trying to explode our phones?

Monkey King: @ Erlang Shen: Stop with the @ing already. Ye-zi’s already here!

Invincible Adorable Beauty: @Monkey King, you’re here too! Ye Zichen said you were busy getting to know your in-laws.

Monkey King: (Facepalm emoji)

Erlang Shen: Ye-zi, you’re finally here! Where were you just now? I’m in a hurry!

Only Idealism: I was just in a place with no signal. What is it? Why are you in such a rush?

Invincible Adorable Beauty: You haven’t even so much as checked in to say you’re safe. Ye Zichen was worried! You three sure are passionate!

Erlang Shen: I haven’t had any chance to report in lately

Only Idealism: What is it? Could it be…. Xiao Ting can’t wait any longer and is about to take action?

The Lightning Emperor’s Estate had already thrown their lot in with other races; Xiao Hu had seen it for himself, and Empress Su Qingyan had confirmed it.

Ye Zichen had chosen to build the Upheaval Alliance’s base here in part to threaten Xiao Ting.

Now, for Yang Jian to message him so desperately, meant it was entirely possible that Xiao TIng had put his plans into motion.

As soon as he sent his message, the group chat fell silent as they waited for Yang Jian’s message.

“What’s going on? Why did he stop halfway through?” Pu Jingwan arched her eyebrows. “I’ll send him a direct message in the chat…”

“Don’t!” Ye Zichen hurriedly stopped Pu Jingwan mid-text. “Just now, Yang Jian said he couldn’t even get a chance to confirm his safety. That undoubtedly means he’s being watched. He’s risking himself to send messages in the group chat; it might really not be a good time.”

“Let’s just wait for him. If it’s really as Zichen says and Xiao Ting has made his move, we’ll be able to respond at the soonest possible moment,” said Xiao Yumei.

The Great Sage just went on lurking, without so much as an idle remark.

That was why they all kept silent and waited for Yang Jian’s response.

It was just as Ye Zichen and the Great Sage thought; Yang Jian really couldn’t keep chatting with them. Just now, An Bo, “Uncle An”, Xiao Ting’s elderly page boy, had arrived to inform them that the Lightning Emperor wished to discuss something with them.

There was a familiar face at Bo An’s side: the Bai Family’s Bai Haoyu.

Yang Jian and Bai Haoyu’s gazes never met; they just looked scrupulously ahead of them. However, the link between their divine senses never wavered or broke.

“Did you send the message?” transmitted Bai Haoyu.

“Not yet, I couldn’t manage it in time. I just managed to tell them An Bo was here.”

“You sure are stupid,” said Bai Haoyu. “Couldn’t you just share the information directly in that so-called ‘chat group’ of yours? Do you really have to communicate with them in real time? Do you have any idea how hard it was to buy you even just a few minutes of time? But you didn’t even send the blasted message! Now, I might get exposed too!”

Yang Jian’s expression was solemn. Indeed, even if Ye Zichen and the others weren’t online, he could send the information in the group chat. When they next checked their messages, they’d naturally understood.

He really hadn’t thought this through, costing him an opportunity to send important information.

His first night in the Xiao Family, he’d asked Bai Haoyu, but he’d gotten only a vague answer in response. Now, he couldn’t help but try again. “Who exactly are you?”

However, just like in the past, Bai Haoyu didn’t give him a clear answer. “You don’t need to trouble yourself with who I am. When it’s time to tell you, I’ll naturally tell you. Right now, you ought to just concern yourself with how you’ll get out of this predicament. You’ll be meeting with Xiao Ting soon. You’d best pray it goes well!”

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