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Chapter 1508 - Big Sister Qingyan

The flying skull was a hundred feet tall, and its eyes glowed green as it chased relentlessly after Ye Zichen. If this were anywhere else, it might have been entertaining.

This skull had chased Ye Zichen all the way here.

He reached Spirit City without incident, but the towering, overflowing resentment in the air stunned him upon arrival. He looked into the distance, and saw literal clouds of lingering resentment, as well as undead walking the deserted streets.

Shortly after, he saw the members of the Four Directions Palace Bi’an had ordered to stay behind and clean up the corpses.

When he confirmed that the Great Emperors were in the city, he rushed over to find them. However, before he took more than a few steps, this giant skull had appeared out of nowhere. Ye Zichen instinctively met its unearthly green gaze. It immediately started chasing after him like crazy.

“Emperor Star.”


All of the great emperors knit their brows. An instant later, a radiant display of attacks shot forth, exploding against the giant skull like a display of fireworks.

Ye Zichen glanced behind him and indeed; in the face of the great emperors’ joint attacks, the skull shattered.

“The hell are you laughing at? Look behind you!” Pu Jingwan frowned and roared. She was looking directly behind him.

Ye Zichen turned around, only to discover that the freshly-shattered skull had reformed, good as new. It was even grinning, almost as if it were alive.

“For f*cks sake.” Ye Zichen stretched out his left arm, and the Xuan-Yuan Sword emerged from the imprint on his right arm.

He took the blade firmly by the hilt, then swung it at the skull.

Sword light streaked through the air, shattering everything. The light split the skull into thirds, but just like when it was shattered, it quickly reformed. It was even a bit bigger than before.

Empress Su Qingyan and His Majesty Bi’an of the Four Directions Palace hurried over.

“Master of the Stars, please stand back.” Pu Jingwan had also appeared beside him. She took Ye Zichen by the shoulder, then dragged him back to Great Emperor Chao Feng and Ye Rong.

“Zichen, what are you doing here?” asked Ye Rong in obvious concern. “You’re not hurt, are you?”

“How could I be?” Ye Zichen laughed. “But the resentment here really is something. Is it all coming from the people who died here?”

Surprisingly, when the skull saw Bi’an and Su Qingyan, it stopped.

Although its eerie gaze was utterly shocking, it didn’t initiate any attacks like it had while chasing Ye Zichen. It simply hovered there, but there was a hint of emotion in its gaze.

“Why is it you two? Why are you here?”

“F*ck, it can talk?” Ye Zichen stared and stretched out his hand as the skull's mouth moved up and down. “This doesn’t seem like a simple embodiment of concentrated resentment. From the looks of it, it recognized Su Qingyan and Great Emperor Bi’an.”

“It wasn’t easy to find such a good vessel. You just had to get involved and make this complicated,” said the skull. The Four Directions Palace cultivators present stared in astonishment, while Bi’an’s expression darkened.

“It really is you. I’m shocked that that place really kept their promise. They really did turn you into a Lich Yao King.”

“You’re really mistaken this time,” snorted the skull. “I haven’t been there in a long time.”

“What, they didn’t keep their promise?” asked Bi’an.

“Keep their promise?” the skull suddenly seemed infuriated. It let out a piercing roar, as if intent on piercing right through their eardrums. “I almost died at their hands!”

When it heard that, the giant skull turned to look at her. After a lengthy silence, it said, “Aren’t you being a little too hateful, Big Sister Qingyan?”

All of Spirit City instantly fell silent. All of them, from Bi’an and Chao Feng to Xuan Ji, were wide-eyed with unmistakable astonishment.

Big Sister?

This skeletonized lich, this former Yao King, could it, or rather, he really be Su Qingyan’s little brother?

Everyone stared, feeling utterly tongue-tied. Of them, Xuan Ji knew the fox clans the best. She tightly knit her brows.

In her memories, she indeed had a vague recollection of Su Qingyan having a younger brother!

However, that corpse refining incident had happened among the nine-tailed foxes. Many of their clansmen had been refined into corpse puppets. Su Qingyan had always said that her brother perished during that incident.

Furthermore, Su Qingyan had worked harder than anyone to exterminate the corpse refiners.

Could it be that this corpse refiner was, in fact, her long-lost little brother?

“Shut your mouth!” Su Qingyan roared, eyes bloodshot.

“You sure are heartless.” The skull shook and laughed. Then, the skull, which was formed of concentrated resentment, disappeared without a trace.

Before long, a red cloud of concentrated resentment formed, then descended, carrying a rosy-cheeked, white-toothed, handsome and aloof young man.

“Little Hai.” Xuan Ji couldn’t help but cover her mouth. She recognized this youth; indeed, he was Su Qingyan’s youngest brother.

Su Hai.

“Oh, Big Sister Xuan Ji? So, you still remember me!” The youth on the red cloud of resentment laughed, then nodded in greeting. Then, he turned back to Empress Su Qingyan. “Big Sister Qingyan, even Big Sister Xuan Ji recognizes me. You’re my biological big sister; if she remembers me, surely you do too?”

“You aren’t Little Hai! You’re not him!” Su Qingyan’s eyes reddened. Her aura had already gone red from fury, and now, it burst out of her like a tidal wave.

Waves of energy rippled out, and two fluffy white ears popped up on her head. Next, nine snow-white tails appeared behind her.

Even the experts on her level, like Chao Feng and the others, felt a chill spread up their feet despite themselves.

This was the power of the first and strongest empress of the Upper Three Realms!

“Big Sister Qingyan, you’re being way too unfriendly. I’m your little brother, your own flesh and blood! Yes, I might be a stain on the name of the nine-tailed foxes, but there’s no need for you to try and kill me!”

“Evildoer! How dare you bring shame upon my brother’s heroic spirit! Die!” Instantly, ice spread out, covering everything as far as the eye could see!

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