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Chapter 1476 - Before the Ascension Pool

After bidding farewell to Yang Jian in the group chat, the others put their phones away.

Although he’d only just taken up residence in the Xiao Family estate, the information he’d obtained was already enough to prove they were working with non-humans.

But then, they’d already known all that. They’d sent Yang Jian in undercover, not for that, but to discover when they planned to rebel.

Otherwise, a massive faction like the Xiao Family could catch the God Realm totally off guard.

Of what he’d just learned, what concerned Ye Zichen the most was how many rulers they had. Over forty, and just in their perimeter. What kind of strength was this? He’d lived in the Northern Divine Mountain’s Sea of Innocence for the past few days, but he’d seen no evidence of such an abundance of ruler-level experts.

Although it was true that the Sea of Innocence had some experts who’d long gone into seclusion, the Lightning Emperor’s Xiao Family had existed since the very start of the era.

Didn’t they have hidden experts too? Of course they did!

“Should I bring Xiao Hu over? He can tell you himself what he saw that day, and in more detail,” said Xiao Yumei after closing the group chat.

“No need.” Ye Zichen shook his head. “Tomorrow, I have urgent business to attend to, and knowing too much will only distract me.”

“Are you going out?” Xiao Yumei arched her brows. She looked deeply concerned, and for a moment, Ye Zichen didn’t dare meet her gaze.

He looked away, gazing through the window and up at the starry sky. Finally, he nodded.

“You just got back from the Sea of Innocence, and your wounds are so severe. Is it really that urgent?”

“Yes, it is,” said Ye Zichen, his tone brooking no room for doubt. “I have to start tomorrow. These wounds are nothing. With my celestial eye open, the starlight will quickly heal my wounds. I’ll be good as new by the time I get there.”

“Alright. I’ll go with you.”

“Stay. Pu Jingwan should stay too.” Ye Zichen glanced at the monkey. “I’ll take the Great Sage with me, and that’ll be enough. The Upheaval Alliance needs its experts, and Yang Jian might get exposed at any minute. You two should stay behind in case anything unexpected comes up.”

No matter how much she had to say, it wasn’t the time. What she needed to do now….

Was support him.

“Alright, I hear you.” She nodded.

“Right, in the near future, let’s contact the Sea of Innocence, Four Directions Palace, and Jade Pool,” said Ye Zichen. “We can recruit from their ranks too. We could use a few additional diviners too. Even though we have the servants of the yao pagoda, they’re still yao, and not suited for acting out in the open. We need the Divine Mountains to supply recruits to establish the Alliance’s branches. I’m the Master of the Stars, so I doubt they’ll refuse.”

Xiao Yumei nodded. At that moment, Ye Zichen’s phone buzzed.

Everyone assumed Yang Jian had sent another message in the group chat, but when they checked their phones, they saw that none of them had any new notifications.

Ye Zichen squinted, took out his phone, opened the chat software, and read the top message.

Before long, he smiled, typed a brief response, and put his phone away. Then, he turned to Xiao Yumei and said, “Can you help me find someone?”


At that moment, however, a grand procession, a group of dozens of people stood, around the mountain’s ascension pool.

It was rare for even three or four people to ascend at once. Dozens all in one go was unheard of throughout the God Realm’s long history.

The soldiers stationed around the pool were overcome with excitement, but these ascenders were rather strange…..

They were similar to other ascenders in that they were all full of curiosity about the Divine Mountains. But they wore a huge variety of clothes, and they refused the soldiers’ offers to arrange a suitable village for them. They all just hung around the pool, exploring leisurely.

But that wasn’t all. Among their ranks, they saw three with crystal cards ranked “absolute.”


That meant they were “absolute” level talents, unparalleled geniuses!

Anyone with that rank of crystal card was sure to become something huge.

“We last saw talent at this level a few years ago, right? I haven’t heard of any ascenders getting ‘absolute’ talent rankings on their crystal cards since. Why are we bumping into all these people?”

“Hey, don’t think of it like that. All those ‘absolute’ talents are monsters. Hmm. I wonder how the last one we welcomed is doing now? I imagine he made it to Skyspan City. I planned to go back too, but then they transferred me to the Northwest Divine Mountain. Otherwise, I might have been able to ride his coattails.”

“Ride his coattails? Do you think he even remembers us?” The group sighed. Absolute talents were the most dazzling geniuses of the Divine Mountains, while they were just petty officers charged with welcoming new ascenders. They belonged to different worlds.

Although some of these new arrivals respectfully called the soldiers “senior” now, in just a few years, the soldiers would be nothing to them.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Several figures streaked through the skies, dispersing the clouds.

The soldiers charged with welcoming ascenders couldn’t help but start, their gazes solemn. They could tell that, given how fast these new arrivals were, they were all at least diviners, while the soldiers weren’t even sky supremes, save for their captain.

There were quite a few of these new arrivals, at least twenty.

For petty soldiers like them, diviners were lofty, unattainable existences, and there were over twenty of them gathered here. They rarely saw something like this.

For a moment, the soldiers forgot how to breathe. They straightened their clothes and prepared to greet their guests.

They could faintly see a man at their forefront. He wore black robes, and the other diviners stayed respectfully behind him even after they landed.

“These new arrivals are undoubtedly from some major clan.”

“It seems that this clan discovered some unparalleled geniuses, and sent their clan’s main-branch experts to recruit them.”

“I’m really envious. A clan that can casually put together a group of so many diviners has to be impressive, even looking at the Northwestern Divine Mountain as a whole.” The other soldiers nodded. Anyone who could convince dozens of rulers to follow them had to be rolling with cash.

Petty figures like them had only taken their jobs to pay the bills; they had nothing in common with a powerful expert of a major clan like this. The man in black robes was coming closer, and as he drew near, the soldiers’ expressions grew increasingly solemn.

“Huang Yin, Fan Li, Liu Baihui…..” Suddenly, the man in the mists called out their names. The soldiers started; those were indeed their names! When they looked closer and saw the man’s face. He looked stunned as he led his procession of diviners right towards them.

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