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Chapter 1455 - Please

“Jingwan, don’t bother trying to convince him,” said Xiao Yumei with a warm, gentle smile. “Zichen asked her repeatedly not to discuss this with Great Emperor Xue Yang. If he turned around and used Xue Mo’s life to threaten him for information, then brought up the third layer of the dungeons, wouldn’t that be self-destructive?”

“I was just saying! I never said he actually had to do it!” Pu Jingwan pursed her lips and rubbed her chin. “But I am rather curious. Just who is imprisoned down there? Is it worth such caution? Was there any need to insist Beibei not tell her father?”

When Xiao Yumei heard that, her expression shifted.

Nevermind Pu Jingwan; Xiao Yumei had wondered the same thing.

Ye Zichen wanted this under such tight wraps, he’d placed multiple seals around the room in addition to repeatedly urging Xue Beibei to keep this a secret.

Furthermore, after hearing Xue Beibei’s description, he fell into a long daze.

“It might be a true unparalleled expert down there.” Ye Zichen grinned, his eyes flashing with excitement. “If I’m not mistaken, this is news that could shake all the Upper Three Realms.”

When they heard Ye Zichen describe it like that, both women were stunned. “Is that so?”

“But right now, all I have is conjecture. I can’t be certain. Furthermore, I predict that if news leaks, the Xue Family will get mixed up in it. I’ll have to think carefully before deciding whether to ask Great Emperor Xue Yang for more information or not.”


“We’re back!” At that moment, Yang Jian and the Great Sage returned from their brawl. They supported each other as they limped through the doorway.

From the wounds covering their bodies, it was obvious that these two good bros hadn’t held back. Looking at them, it was hard to imagine that they’d lean against each other for support even after dealing inflicting grievous wounds.

“You two….” Pu Jingwan put her hands on her h.i.p.s and shouted, but the two of them simply plopped down on a couch, then looked around.

“Has Princess Beibei left?”

“She’s been gone for quite a while. What, did you think she’d wait for you to determine a victor in your duel?” Pu Jingwan glared at them, then used her divine sense to examine the rubble outside. “You went too far.”

“It’s the monkey’s fault,” snapped Yang Jian.

“How is it my fault? If you’d just held still and let me give you a few good whacks, it would’ve ended sooner, right?” shouted the Great Sage.

“Didn’t you punch me? Repeatedly? What, was I supposed to let you hit me for nothing?”

“Hey? It looks like you want to try me again?”

“Who’s afraid of you?”

They pressed their faces together and glared, neither willing to back down. It seemed one wrong word would trigger yet another brawl.

Pu Jingwan’s expression darkened. She walked right up between them, then smacked them both. “Can you two behave yourselves?”

“Be gentle!” Yang Jian and the Great Sage clutched their heads. Xiao Yumei laughed, while Ye Zichen glanced at the ointment Xue Beibei had given him, then tossed it to Pu Jingwan.

“Treat their wounds with some of this.”

Pu Jingwan muttered something about not wanting to, but she still rubbed the ointment over their bodies.

Xue Yang hadn’t gone searching for this divine medicine personally in vain. Shortly after applying it, Yang Jian and the Great Sage watched as their terrifying wounds knit back together before their very eyes.

“How much does this stuff cost?” asked Yang Jian.

“This is a sacred medicine of the western sea; it’s simply not up for sale. If it were to go up for auction, it’d easily bring in nine digits,” said Xiao Yumei.

Yang Jian, the Great Sage, and Pu Jingwan’s eyes widened. They all stared intently at that little bottle.

“Poverty has limited my imagination,” sobbed Yang Jian.

When she heard how much the medicine cost, Pu Jingwan tried to swipe it, but Xiao Yumei discovered her and snatched it back.

Ye Zichen’s wounds still hadn’t healed. She’d use the rest on his wounds.

She said that, only for Pu Jingwan to call her “stingy.” She still hadn’t given up. She was still watching and waiting; so long as an opportunity presented itself, she’d seize the bottle again.

Ye Zichen chose to ignore her. He looked outside at the sky….

“It’s getting late. Go back to your rooms and rest. But Yang Jian, Great Sage, you…”

“Aren’t Yumei and Jingwan still here?” laughed Ye Zichen.

“They….” Yang Jian and the Great Sage looked the two of them over. Ordinarily, they wouldn’t say anything, but leaving Ye Zichen to the two of them in a crisis….

Xiao Yumei was completely devoted to Ye Zichen, but she was too gentle and indecisive.

Pu Jingwan’s flaws were even more obvious. She was a natural miser, and too playful! If they left her to protect Ye Zichen on her own, it’d be hard to say who’d wind up taking care of who. Also, if an enemy offered her a better deal, she might very well sell them out.

“What’s that look supposed to mean?” Pu Jingwan’s gaze turned steely.

She took a step forward, then “stealthily” slipped the bottle of ointment into her sleeves. Naturally, all of them noticed. Yang Jian and the Great Sage were speechless.


This was her miserly nature!

Even now, she didn’t forget to slip that valuable ointment into her pocket for later. However, her petty thieving skills were just a bit too crude.

Ye Zichen was fully aware that the Great Sage and Yang Jian were worried about him. He smiled at them, and said, “I’ve been sent into the Xue Family home, and you can sense how many imperial-level experts are here protecting the place. What happened today can’t possibly happen again. However, the situation with the Xiao Family can’t afford any delays. None of us know just when they’ll betray the God Race. Yang Jian, you’ve got to worm your way in as quickly as possible.”

“But…” Yang Jian was still hesitant. He naturally wasn’t worried about the dangers of infiltrating the Xiao Family; he was simply concerned about Ye Zichen. Even though there were great emperors around, all of them had countless matters to attend to. They couldn’t possibly be on constant alert like him or the monkey.

Furthermore, today, those people had snuck in even with him and the monkey present.

If Ye Zichen were just sending him away, it’d be one thing, but he wanted the monkey to go to Heavenly God City too.

“Please.” Ye Zichen lowered his head.

The room fell silent. Everyone could sense the solemnity contained in his words. Yang Jian and the Great Sage glanced at each other, then grinned. “Leave it up to us.”

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