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Chapter 1425 - Who Are You Counting On?

Xuan Ji, her followers, and the yao servants of the Yao-Sealing Pagoda looked at the surrounding Bai clansmen on high alert. Even now, Bai Mingli wanted to fight against them, a group of emperors. Wasn’t that rather presumptuous?

After all, this group was nothing like the one Ye Zichen had brought with him.

The Sea of Innocence’s Sea Emperor, the master of the Four Directions Palace, the head of the Jade Pool, the Empress of the nine-tailed foxes, and the master of the Profound Pavilion.

Every last one of them was an expert capable of shaking the Upper Three Realms with but a gesture.

Yet Bai Mingli and Bai Jinsheng wanted to take them down? Wasn’t their appetite a bit over-exaggerated?

But then, thinking about it, Bai Mingli had made this choice despite knowing who they were.

There must be a deeper reason behind his superficially foolish decision. They couldn’t help but wonder about it.

“Bai Mingli, do you really plan to take us all down here?” Xuan Ji narrowed her eyes and chuckled. At the same time, she transmitted to Hu Bazi, “Ask the people we left at the gates if anyone arrived from the Bai Family branch clans.”

The other great emperors' cool gazes all flitted towards Bai Mingli.

Just as Hu Bazi nodded and started sending transmission to their people at the city gates, Bai Mingli let out a burst of hearty laughter. “Oh no, I wouldn’t dare. You’re all mighty experts, rulers of entire Divine Mountains. How could I even consider taking you down?”

“Then what? Do you want to keep us here so we can enjoy a nice lunch together?” Bi’an laughed flatly, his hands brushing against his Hidden Dragon Sword. “If that’s the case, my Hidden Dragon Sword is quite hungry. It’s about time for it to drink blood.”

“You’ve got quite the sense of humor, Palace Master,” said Bai Jinsheng.

“Quit the nonsense and tell us what you want!” snorted Zhao Qianhe.

They all knew they had to rush Ye Zichen to the Sea of Innocence for treatment as quickly as possible. Zhao Qianhe didn’t want to waste even a single second. After all, Ye Zichen’s safety affected Xue Mo’s safety. Zhao Qianhe couldn’t care less about Ye Zichen’s life and death, but until Xue Mo recovered, she couldn’t afford to let him die.

“Don’t be in such a rush. Your presence here is an honor to my Bai Family. Actually, I have no reason to keep you here, except…. You saw it two, right? The person you want to take with you caused quite a bit of trouble in my clan. We’ve lost at least one hundred thousand clansmen. If we just let you go without any sort of compensation, as the family patriarch, how can I possibly face my clansmen? If word of this spreads, what will become of my reputation?” Bai Mingli smiled a gruesome, insincere grin.

“If you want to bring that up, we have a score to settle too,” said Zhao Qianling, her gaze icy. “It was a Bai clansman who hurt my daughter, was it not?”

“Qianling.” Xue Yang knit his brows.

“You shut your mouth.” Zhao Qianling glowered at him and snapped, “When I first came here, I didn’t want to argue or make trouble, but don’t you hear what they’re saying? The Bai Family wants to get even. If that’s what they want, let’s just give it to them.”

The Zhao Sisters really were a lot alike. As soon as Zhao Qianling finished her sentence, Zhao Qianhe walked up, longsword in hand.

The instant she took action, Bai Haoyu appeared beside the patriarchs, sword held horizontally in front of him. The Zhao Sisters immediately stopped in their tracks. Shockingly, based on the presence he emitted, Bai Haoyu seemed a bit stronger than even the patriarchs.

Bi’an and Xue Yang’s gazes were solemn, too. They hadn’t guessed the Bai Family had experts on this level.

“I’ve never seen this person before,” transmitted Zhao Qianhe. She knit her brows, then continued, “Based on his presence, he seems even stronger than Bai Mingli. How could the god race have someone like this without me hearing about it?”

“Both of you, get back here,” transmitted Xue Yang.

“No!” said Zhao Qianliang.

“You’re just starting to worry about Little Mo at a time like this?” Zhao Qianling snorted in disdain.

Xue Yang felt that the rifts and misunderstandings between him and his ex-wife were simply too deep. They’d barely spoken a few sentences to each other, but it seemed they were already on the verge of an argument.

Why did they split up back then? It was due to irreconcilable differences in temperament.

She thought he wasn’t worried about Xue Mo? If he didn’t care, he could never have come so close to attacking the God Emperor’s Estate. He wouldn’t have requested the Hermit Emperor leave seclusion just to cure his daughter.

The entire god race knew that of the Sea of Innocence’s three princesses, he doted on Xue Mo the most.

Yet now, in Zhao Qianhling’s eyes, he “didn’t care about his daughter.”

What else could he have done? After seeing his daughter’s wounds, was he supposed to lose his temper like Zhao Qianhe? Was he supposed to fly into a murderous rage and attempt to destroy someone’s entire clan? He was the Emperor of the Sea, the master of the Sea of Innocence, the lord of the entire Northern Divine Mountain. Whatever he did, he had to consider the wellbeing of his people!

When Su Qingyan saw that Xue Yang and Zhao Qianhe were about to start arguing, she hurriedly tried to persuade them otherwise. “Qianling, don’t lose your temper. Even if you kill them, it won’t help Little Mo’s condition in the slightest. I think Xue Yang’s right. Besides, he invited the Hermit Over emperor just to treat Xue Mo’s wounds; he obviously cares about her a lot.”

“Way I see it, he just likes his eldest daughter better. Whatever you say, she’s still Li….”

Surprisingly, after he scolded her with such intensity, Zhao Qianling really did keep quiet.

She knew that just now, she’d said something she shouldn’t.

The argument stalled and stopped, just like that. Their direct confrontation with the Bai Family stopped as well.

No one was paying attention, but as they argued, Xuan Ji inserted her divine sense into her jade transmission slip. They were too distracted to notice, but from time to time, it flashed.

Finally, Xuan Ji put it back into her sleeves. All the tension had left her face, and when she next addressed the patriarchs, she smiled. “Bai Mingli, I’ll ask you once more: are you sure you want to stand in our way?”

“It’s not that I’m trying to keep you here. I just need to account to my clansmen,” said Bai Mingli.

“Think it over carefully. If you hold us here now, later, it’ll be hard to make us leave even if you want to get rid of us.” Xuan Ji laughed calmly. “Besides, with just the forces you have on hand, do you really think you can keep us here?”

“Then what if we add our branch families into the equation? And the Yuchi and Huangfu families?” said Bai Mingli with a calm laugh.

Even before Xuan Ji had arrived, he’d contacted them specifically in case a group of emperors arrived like this. It was just a precaution; he hadn’t expected to actually need reinforcements. Still, now that they were here, there was no way Bai Mingli would just let them go.

The great emperors knit their brows, and Bi’an started to contact his forces. Su Qingyan even prepared to instruct her forces to enter god race territory.

“Are you saying that they’re already on their way?” To his surprise, Xuan Ji merely laughed calmly.

“Hmph, that’s right. Once they get here, tell me, Xuan Ji….”

Before Bai Mingli could finish his sentence, a star chart appeared in the sky. “Who are you counting on? The Yuchi? The Huangfu? Your branch families? I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed as they…. Won’t be coming!”

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