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Chapter 1417 - A Cornered Beast


A deafening boom reached the heavens themselves.

It was so loud, everyone in the courtyard felt their ears ringing.

Yang Jian and the Great Sage’s expression shifted dramatically. They turned to look outside, and before long, they saw several enormous handprints, each large enough to blot out the sky, come crashing down. The God of Wine, gourd still at his waist, was charging into the heavens.

“Monkey, I’ll leave this to you!” Yang Jian shouted and rushed outside to reinforce their allies. Bai Haoyu made no effort to stop him. He simply casually, unhurriedly, took out his rapier.

Before long, he watched as Yang Jian, who’d only just rushed out, turned back around and swung his lance.


The weapons clashed, and the lance clinked off the longsword. The Great Sage couldn’t help but frown and glance at the grinning Bai Haoyu.

He’d obviously already left, but he was already heading back. It seemed….

It seemed they couldn’t leave.

“After all that work to keep you here, how could I possibly just let you leave? As we had our little staring contest, I placed a seal around us. It’s over ten thousand meters across, and should be enough for you to let loose.” Bai Haoyu stood proudly in the sky and laughed. “Actually, they’ve been fighting outside for quite a while now. You just couldn’t hear it because of the seal.”

Trapped inside, Yang Jian and the Great Sage were both frantic. It seemed the situation outside was far worse than what they faced here.

Jaw clenched, Yang Jian glared viciously at the ground, disappeared in a flash, and reappeared next to Bai Yulong.

His left hand reached for his neck, while his right held the Erlang Lance to his throat.

“What are you doing? Aren’t you the ones who wanted to stall me? How did I become the one keeping you here?” asked Bai Haoyu.

“Quit talking nonsense. If you want your son to live, hurry up! As he spoke, Yang Jian pressed his lance a bit closer to Bai Yulong’s neck, opening a shallow cut. Blood dripped down his neck.

“Dad!” Bai Yulong cried out. Yang Jian was desperate, like an outlaw grasping for life. He pressed the staff even further in…..


“Just go ahead and kill him. He’s just an heir. If you want to bargain with me, you’ll need bigger ch.i.p.s than that.”

Bai Haoyu’s expression was indescribably indifferent, and he never once so much as glanced at Bai Yulong. From this, it was clear: he really didn’t care whether Bai Yulong lived or died.

“F*ck!” Yang Jian flung Bai Yulong from the room.

The Bai Haoyu before them was indeed rather hard to handle. He was no weaker than Yang Jian and the Great Sage, not even when they worked together. Furthermore, he was stubborn and intractable. He didn’t react in the slightest, not even when they held their weapons to Bai Yulong’s throat.

Yang Jian raised his head only to discover that the Great Sage was looking right at him and nodding.

All they could do was fight with all their might!


Outside the Bai Family’s main gate, the yao servants, Outsider rulers, and Xiao Yumei had gathered together. However, they were currently completely surrounded. Xiao Yumei was currently treating Ye Zichen, who was still hacking up blood. Pu Jingwan and the others were busy trying to slaughter their way through the encirclement.


Mustached Ol’ Three used gloves as a weapon, and punch after punch sent Bai clansmen after Bai clansmen flying.

Grim eighteen raised his glinting battleax, cutting through the fearless, endless waves of Bai clansmen like a harvester through a field of wheat.

Ol’ Five sat cross-legged in the skies, piping away at a flute. The magical melody hovered around their ears.

The beautiful Thirteen was surrounded by clouds of green smoke, and she clutched a medicinal bottle between her fingers. Smoke rose from within, filling the sky.

“All of you, make way!” Of them, Pu Jingwan caused the biggest commotion. She caught them all by surprise; none of them would have guessed that a petite young woman like her would fight so explosively and so domineeringy.

They were like cornered wild beasts.

An hour earlier…..

“Let’s go.” Sensing the Great Sage and Yang Jian’s determination, Pu Jingwan immediately decided to lead the others away. Although some of the Bai clansmen wanted to stop them, their group had seven rulers; there was nothing anyone could do to stop them. When they got outside, the yao servants and Outsider rulers noticed Ye Zichen’s condition and gathered around them, forming a protective circle.

However, against all expectations, the seemingly scarred witless Bai Family chose this moment to begin their counterattack.

It was as if they’d received orders, and everything was part of some larger plan. They attacked in orderly rows.

Ye Zichen’s allies had had an advantage, but that was primarily because Bai Haoran’s severe injuries had caught the Bai Family off guard and startled them. The elders were busy treating Bai Haoran’s injuries or fighting Pu Jingwan and the others. There had been no one to give the ordinary clansmen orders.

For a moment, the Bai Family had been in turmoil.

In stark contrast, the yao servants attacked according to plan. They naturally had the advantage, at least at first.

However, it was undeniable that even if they’d seized the initiative, in terms of numbers, the Bai Family had an absolute advantage. Once they got themselves in order, Ye Zichen’s forces would be nothing in comparison.

“Do you really think our family estate is a place where you can come and go as you please? None of you are going anywhere!” At that moment, two sagely old men appeared in the heavens. When the Bai clansmen saw them, they attacked with renewed vigor and intensity.

The Bai Family elders flew over as well, blocking off any remaining escape routes.

“They showed up at a time like this? What awful timing!” The God of Wine couldn’t help but curse.

The Profound Pavilion Divine General’s expressions shifted. They knew what it meant for the God of Wine to curse at a time like this.

“All of you, stay where you and protect yourselves. Break through the encirclement if you get the chance. Whatever you do, don’t let the young master take any more injuries. The Boss is already rushing over. Hold on until she gets here.”

“Ol’ Wine, you….”

“Leave these two old fogies to me.” The God of Wine pinched his nose, then lifted his gourd to his lips. He poured all its contents down his throat, wiped his mouth, and burped. He pressed off into the sky, then surged to meet the two elders standing amongst the clouds.

The gourd had parted from his waist. His face was ruddy, and his hiccups were thunderous. “Wine and Revelry!”

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Meanwhile, in Spirit City, there already wasn’t so much as a single cultivator in sight. At first, perhaps a few braver cultivators might have come over to watch the commotion, but when they sensed so many rulers locked in conflict, they all lost their nerve. They wanted to escape the city, but there was an endless struggle at the gates as well.

In the end, all they could do was hide obediently in their rooms and listen to the deafening booms outside.

Even if they turtled up in their rooms, they couldn’t escape the thick stench of blood. Even the skies outside were stained red….

To the people of Spirit City, it seemed like the apocalypse.

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