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Chapter 1414 - A Sudden Change

Sword light, illusory blades, and splattered blood filled the heavens.

If you flared your nostrils even slightly, you’d notice the stench of blood.

Bai Family members fell from the sky in a constant stream. Of course, there were casualties among the yao servants, but most were merely injured. Compared to the Bai Family, they had few actual deaths.

This was largely because Ye Zichen had attacked so suddenly, leaving the Bai Family with no time to prepare.

Furthermore, his yao servants had an absolute advantage: the Yao-Sealing Pagoda. Leaving the pagoda required their master’s approval, but entering required a mere thought; they could retreat the second they found themselves in peril. Once they’d reached their limits, all they had to do was return to the pagoda and recover.

Bai Family members, just as they were about to kill a yao servant, could only watch helplessly as their targets disappeared right before their eyes. Then, yet another yao servant would rise to take their place.

“How dare you, how dare you….!” Bai Yulong seemed to have lost his wits.

He stared at his injured, possibly even deceased uncle, then at the yao servants slaughtering his family members as if they had no regard for their own lives, then finally at the river of blood forming down below.

How dare Ye Zichen do this?

This was Spirit City, the Bai Family’s home base. This wasn’t some minor branch family!

The situation was obviously in the Bai Family’s favor, and yet, Ye ZIchen still dared attack. Wasn’t he afraid to die?

Ye Zichen was determined to take his life!

Even if he knew it was futile, even if he knew he had no chance of victory whatsoever, Ye Zichen still made this choice.

He was insane!

His subordinates were insane too, all of them. They were a bunch of lunatics!

“This can’t go on. I can’t reason with this madman, I can’t….” Bai Yulong was practically terrified out of his wits.

His eyes flashed with undisguised terror. Still muttering himself, he dashed toward the interior of the family estate.

These people were all insane! They didn’t care about their lives at all! He couldn’t afford to get tangled up with them. Besides, he was tired, and wanted to go home to rest. Given a few hours, the other Bai Family members would certainly wipe these lunatics out, so he could just rest and wait for it to be over. He didn’t need to get involved.

He wanted to sleep. He wanted to go home and rest.

So he ran off without so much as turning back to watch the chaos. When he reached the front door, he pulled out practically every defensive talisman he had on him and pasted them to the door. He then placed several layers of seals.

From time to time, Bai Family member corpses would fall into his courtyard. By the time they hit the ground, his clansmen had been reduced to bloody pulp.

A few yao servants landed shortly after, then searched their corpses.

Bai Yulong held his breath and crouched on the ground, out of sight, pretending none of this was happening. He simply crouched in the corner and trembled from head to toe.

In truth, he wasn’t weak at all. He was just terrified out of his wits.

In his current state, he was likely weaker than even an earth supreme.

“Bai Yulong?” Suddenly, an ice-cold voice reverberated through Bai Yulong’s room.

He couldn’t have been any more familiar with that voice: it belonged to Ye Zichen.

He jolted to his feet and looked towards the door. The talismans were still there, and his seals were fully intact.

“I’m hallucinating, it’s all just a hallucination….” Bai Yulong started comforting himself. He crouched back down and started muttering again.

Bai Yulong looked up and saw Ye Zichen standing there grinning, his hands in his pockets, and leaning towards him.

Bai Yulong fearfully pushed himself even further into the corner.


“What a smart cookie!” Ye Zichen pressed his lips into a grin. “The Bai Family is out there fighting to the death for you, but you snuck off to hide in your room. To tell the truth, I feel a little bad for Bai Haoran. He put his life on the line, for you, his nephew. Looking at you now, I can’t help but feel you aren’t worth his trouble.”

“You killed Uncle Haoran!” Bai Yulong stared at him, wide-eyed.

“Who knows? Whether he lives or dies depends on him now,” said Ye Zichen. This was the truth. If Bai Haoran was strong enough, the poison on the dagger could at most paralyze him for a while, but his life wouldn’t be in danger. If his cultivation was on the low side, he was doomed.

“You’ve really got gall! Do you have any idea what you’re doing?” Bai Yulong shouted, his breathing ragged. “This is the Bai Family! After such wanton impudence, don’t think you can get out of this alive! Just you wait! When my dad gets here, when my grandpa and great grandpa get here, you’re doomed! All of you are going to die—!”

Bai Yulong’s eyes were wide, and his voice broke.

“That so? Then I’d best get this over with as quickly as possible.” Ye Zichen lifted the Xuan-Yuan Sword over his head….

The entire room collapsed with a hideous crunch.

The Xuan-Yuan Sword slipped from Ye Zichen’s hands, spun in the air, then stabbed into the ground.

This new arrival was none other than the God of Wine. He’d blocked the incoming boulder with his body. After sending the boulder flying, he anxiously looked down to examine Ye Zichen.

“Young Master, are you…” He opened his mouth to speak, but when the God of Wine looked down into his arms and saw Ye Zichen’s condition, he trembled from head to toe. “Young Master….!”

The other Divine Generals, who were currently entangled with Bai Family rulers, heard his shout.

“That’s Ol’ Wine’s voice!” Ol’ Five suddenly stopped what he was doing, and the other Divine Generals soon followed suit.

“Something must be wrong. It seems like just now, I heard him shout…. ‘Young Master’.....” Ol’ Three furrowed his brow.

“Go see what’s happening!” The Divine Generals looked at each other, then disregarded the rulers they were facing and rushed into the courtyard.

Yang Jian and the Great Sage suddenly sensed that something wasn’t right, too. Besides, now that the Divine Generals had left, they alone couldn’t quite handle so many rulers, so they decided to follow them and slaughter their way into the courtyard.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The blood-soaked Profound Pavilion Divine Generals cut through the air and arrived in a hurry.

“What happened….” Ol’ Three was just about to ask what was going on when he saw Ye Zichen lying limply in the God of Wine’s arms. Ol’ Three’s eyes widened, and he and the other Divine Generals froze in place.

Moments later, the Great Sage and the others arrived as well.



Xiao Yumei rushed madly to Ye Zichen’s side, as did Pu Jingwan. They stared intently at Ye Zichen, lying limply in the God of Wine’s arms. Tears streamed down Xiao Yumei’s cheeks.

“Zichen, how could this happen? How could this happen?”

The injury started from his brow and traveled down his cheek, forming a long, deep gash. WOrst of all, Ye Zichen’s left arm….. Lay on the ground, thirty feet away.

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