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Chapter 1412 - The Bai Family’s True Power

As he hovered in the skies, Ye Zichen’s patience wore down until finally, he gave an ultimatum.

The Outsider rulers and yao servants waited, ready to attack at a moment’s notice, like tightly strung bows.

Even the heavens themselves seemed to build up momentum in the face of this tense atmosphere; thunder suddenly boomed throughout the cloud-filled skies.

The dense cloud cover blotted out the first light of the new day. Dawn disappeared without a trace.

Soon, the entire sky was grey and oppressive.

“Should we go up there too? Or not?” The Profound Pavilion Divine Generals hiding nearby couldn’t quite sit still. The mustached Ol’ Three was the most restless of all. His sand-bag sized fists clenched so tight, his knuckles cracked, and his thick brows knit as he stared fixedly at the skies and pursed his lips forcefully.

The others glanced at the God of Wine. Eighteen hefted his axe, while Thirteen pressed her red lips together. Ol’ Five produced a hair tie, seemingly out of nowhere, and tied his hair back.

Don’t be fooled by the God of Wine’s staggering, drunken demeanor. He was the true leader of this group, and the decision-making power in his hands.

He looked like a drunkard, yes, but he was more awake and aware than anyone.

“What… hic! What are you… worried about?” The God of Wine’s eyes were lazy, and his cheeks were splashed with alcohol. “Wait a little longer. You…. hic! You young people are just too… hic! Impatient! It’s still not time to… hic…… intervene. Why are you in such a…. Such a rush?”

“They’re preparing to fight which means they… aren’t fighting yet. Hic! They don’t know the change in the Profound Pavilion’s relationship with the God Emperor’s Estate….. From Bai…. Bai Haoran’s expression I can tell that he doesn’t know, and he’s still…. Testing the waters. If we go in now, we’ll be telling him clearly that we’ve had a falling out with the God Emperor and aren’t afraid of the Bai Family…. Hic! ….if that happens, are you sure we can handle it?” said the God of Wine.

“You mean not even you can handle this situation?” Thirteen exclaimed.

“Bai Haoran naturally isn’t a problem, but I’m worried about them… the patriarchs. Boss said they’re extraordinary, and that they can obscure the heavenly mysteries to the point that not even she can divine their full power,” said the God of Wine.

“Then are we just going to watch?” asked Ol’ Five.

“Let’s watch for a bit. If things really come to blows, we can intervene then. I’ll keep an eye on the patriarch. If they don’t fight, we’d be better off waiting for Boss and Ol’ Mustache to get here. Once the bulk of our forces arrive, the Bai Family will be nothing to us. We can obliterate them at our whim,” said the God of Wine.

“You’re speaking clearly again,” said Thirteen.

“That so? I’ll have to drink a bit more, then.” With that, the God of War hefted his gourd and took another big swing.

The Bai Family patriarch was intimidating indeed. The God of Wine didn’t know if or when he’d show up, but he had to stay on high alert to prepare to handle him should the need arise.

The others nodded in response, then looked up into the sky and readied themselves for battle.

“Kid, you’re insane! This is Spirit City, the Bai Family’s turf!”

“Impudent! Truly impudent! How dare he say such a thing?”

“He’s really seeking death!”

“Family head, why waste time talking to him? Just kill him already!”

The Bai clansmen shouted, one after another. The way they saw it, Ye Zichen had really crossed a line. He had no respect for them whatsoever.

“All of you, shut up!” roared Bai Haoran. His smile had long since disappeared. He’d already treated Ye Zichen, a mere junior, with ample respect.

But the boy still didn’t know when to back down. Even now, he wanted to take Bai Yulong’s life. As the family head, and as Bai Yulong’s uncle, this was a clear provocation.

He’d asked the God Emperor about what to do, but he was still yet to receive a response. This left him feeling uncertain. He didn’t know what the factions behind Ye Zichen were thinking or where they stood. If he recklessly attacked, only for the Profound Pavilion and Society of Saints to put pressure on him, he wouldn’t be able to take it.

“Will you give him to me, or not?” Ye Zichen knit his brow.

“It seems you won’t?”

“Then are you planning to seize him right in front of me?” Bai Haoran’s eyes widened. “With just the little army you have on hand?”

“What, you don’t think it’s enough?” asked Ye Zichen.

However, before he even finished his sentence, several figures appeared from within the Bai Family Estate. All of them were flying. More followed, and soon, there were so many, they blotted out the skies.

The yao servants’ gazes were all as solemn as could be. Ye Zichen, the Great Sage, and the others watched as a near endless stream of experts exited the manor. It was obvious at a glance that the Bai Family forces outnumbered them many times over.

Ye Zichen clenched his fists. Bai Haoran said in a low voice, “No, it’s not enough. Don’t forget, this is Spirit City, and we are the Bai Family.”

More and more clansmen emerged and took the skies. By now, Ye Zichen understood: the forces outside had been nothing but small potatoes. These new arrivals were the Bai Family’s true elites.

All of them were at least sky supremes, and there was no longer a shortage of diviners.

Then there were the people standing behind Bai Haoran. All of them were rulers. Furthermore, not all had arrived yet; some were off leading the Bai Family armies. His rough estimate was that they had at least forty rulers in total.

The God Emperor had at least five such family clans under his direct command. This was the kind of opponent Ye Zichen would have to face in the future.

The situation reversed in an instant. Earlier, Ye Zichen’s forces held the advantages in numbers, but now, they were at an absolute disadvantage, and they were in a passive position.

Bai Haoran chose this moment to speak up, “My young friend, you seized our city. I’ve already made concessions by not holding you accountable. Then you said you wanted to take my nephew’s life and slaughter my clansmen, but I still gave you face. Even so, you’re still saying such wantonly arrogant things. Ye Zichen, do you think my Bai Family lacks experts? Do you think just anyone can provoke us? Don’t say I didn’t give you an opportunity. If you take your people and leave now, we can pretend none of this ever happened.”

He was making concessions again.

Although Bai Haoran had called out his clansmen, he still decided to make concessions. He’d called them out, not to fight with Ye Zichen, but rather, to intimidate him and force him to retreat and give up.

At the end of the day, he didn’t want the Society of Saints or Profound Pavilion to have a grudge against the Bai Family.

The way Bai Haoran saw it, he’d done enough already. The situation was already obvious. Given the circ.u.mstances, taking Bai Yulong’s life would be harder than ascending the heavens. So long as he had a normal capacity for reason, Ye Zichen would inevitably back down.

Ye Zichen’s eyes flashed as he looked over the Bai Family forces gradually surrounding them. He called out, “Wei Rui.”

“I’m here,” said the bewitchingly beautiful leader of the yao servants. She stepped forth to greet him.

“Family Head Bai, any chance we can walk and talk for a bit?” Ye Zichen smiled as he spoke, but although none of the onlookers noticed, his grin contained a hidden sinisterness.

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