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Chapter 1358 - One PunChapter Instakill

She attacked!

The guards slammed into the ground and coughed up blood, and this was even after Pu Jingwan deliberately held back.

She could sense their enmity for her, but the way she saw it, they’d have a hard time actually hurting her. She simply didn’t want them to touch her, so she merely used a wave of energy to send them flying back.

If she were truly infuriated, nevermind the ordinary sky supreme guards, even the diviner-level captain would have already reported into the River Styx by now.

From the start, Pu Jingwan hadn’t said so much as a single word.

Meanwhile, as the captain of the guards flew several steps back, his gaze grew solemn. He felt an unparalleled oppressiveness emanating from her.

“I just knew there was something fishy about you!” All of a sudden, wanton, arrogant laughter echoed through the skies above the city.

When Ye Zichen looked up, he saw the sky fill up with ink-dark clouds. An old man stood amongst them, his hair fluttering about in the fierce gusts.

“Your Excellency.” The captain of the guards bowed deeply. He and his team had targeted Ye Zichen at this old man’s orders.

Pu Jingwan sensed the old man’s presence as soon as he appeared. He could tell that when they first arrived, his was one of the numerous presences that had tried to examine them.

Now, for the first time, a hint of displeasure appeared on Pu Jingwan’s face.

When faced with the sky supreme and diviner guards, she knew they were on an entirely different playing field, so she didn’t take their actions to heart. Or rather, she completely disregarded them.

That’s why, no matter what they did, Pu Jingwan reacted with cold indifference.

Even now, when they tried to surround her, she expressed nothing but calm disdain.

But the old man in the sky was different. Based on his presence, it was clear that he was a ruler too. Furthermore, Pu Jingwan hated other people peeping on her through their divine senses.

“It was you just now, wasn’t it?” Pu Jingwan was displeased, so her tone carried a hint of interrogation, as well as an implied threat.

She slowly clenched her firsts. The clear sound of cracking knuckles filled the air.

Ye Zichen slowly retreated to the sidelines. He knew that he couldn’t possibly peacefully coexist with Zhou Wu forever. There was an eighty percent chance this old man was one of Zhou Wu’s subordinates, so if Pu Jingwan wanted to deal with him, he’d just let her.

Ye Zichen actually felt a little bad for this unknown ruler.

He could have provoked anyone else in the world. Why did he have to provoke Pu Jingwan of all people?

“That’s right, it was me.” It seemed the man knew exactly what Pu Jingwan was referring to. He admitted outright, then snorted, “From the moment you blocked my divine sense, I just knew there was something off about you. Now you can’t produce a crystal card? Worse, you attacked my subordinates. Girl, that’s a crime. Be good and follow me back for an investigation.”

The old man flashed her a hideous grin. Pu Jingwan grinned broadly back. She clutched her left wrist with her right hand. Her eyes glinted. “So, it really was you? Then that’s just perfect!


She punched.

A beam of golden light condensed, and her fist slammed right into the elder’s face.

The old man immediately came crashing down from the skies, forming a human-shaped ditch where he landed. It was hard to tell whether he was alive or dead.

An instant defeat!

Although Ye Zichen had known she was strong, he hadn’t realized she was this strong.

Ye Zichen gulped, then straightened his neck and peered into the hole. The old man hadn’t moved a muscle since taking her attack. He wasn’t even twitching.

“Old perv! I bet you watched to claw at my chest, too, huh? Why don’t you look at yourself in the mirror? Even if I’d been single for tens of thousands of lands, I wouldn’t let an old weirdo like you into my ‘holy land’!” Pu Jingwan muttered to herself.

When Ye Zichen heard her, he practically fell. He silently walked up to her and nudged her with his shoulder. “The geezer’s not dead, is he?”

Pu Jingwan was still muttering herself, but she took a glance at the hole. “Who knows? It’s better if he’s dead; consider it a public service.”

Everyone was baffled. If they weren’t mistaken, that old man was the ancestor of one of the God Emperor’s Estate’s eight great family clans, an expert who’d become a ruler thousands of years ago.

The Wang Family had become one of the top eight clans primarily out of respect for their ancestor.


A one-shot, instant kill….

The onlookers didn’t even dare imagine just what kind of person could defeat a ruler in a single blow.

Could it be that the Wang Family’s ancestor was in a low ebb, and that despite his usual cultivation, he wasn’t currently in possession of ruler-level strength?

“It really pisses me off.” Pu Jingwan still had her hands on her h.i.p.s, and she was still cursing the old man out.

Between the way the old man had tried to peep on her through his divine sense and the fact that he’d aimed at her chest right now, she was too furious to hold back. But this wasn’t the First Era. It wasn’t her home turf. Were this her home territory, she’d definitely find a few other guys to show him a little “love.”

But yelling at him worked too. After calming herself down, Pu Jingwan turned to Ye Zichen. “This won’t cause trouble for you, will it?”

Beating up Zhou Wu’s rulers in his territory would definitely bring trouble, although it remained to be seen exactly how much. However, he wouldn’t blame Pu Jingwan for it. If he really minded, he could have stopped her before she attacked.

That is to say, he supported what Pu Jingwan had done.

He shook his head, then pulled a transmission slip out of his pocket,

Before long, Xuan Ji came rushing out from within the city.

When the guards saw her, they all bowed and greeted her. They hadn’t known how to handle this situation, and had planned on calling for help from the God Emperor’s estate anyway. Now that Xuan Ji was here, they didn’t need to worry about a thing. “Lady Providence.”

The guards assumed that she was here to help them, but before they could explain the situation, Xuan Ji ignored them and arrived by Ye Zichen’s side.

As she landed, she looked Pu Jingwan up and down, then arched her brows. “Kid, you’ve truly got quite the love life. Every time I see you, there’s a different girl with you, and they’re all top-class beauties!”

“Auntie, this is no time for this.” Ye Zichen laughed bitterly. When the guards heard what he called her, they froze in astonishment.


They suddenly recalled a certain youth with a shocking background. Rumors of him had practically exploded onto the city like a bomb. Lady Providence called herself his aunt, and even said his mother was the Saint Palace’s Lord of Seven Stars. Could it be…. This was that very same youth?

Before they could recover from their shock, Xuan Ji nodded in satisfaction. “Not bad! So you remembered to call me aunty. Furthermore, you greeted me as soon as you arrived in Heavenly God City.”

“You….” Suddenly, she glanced at the old man lying in a ditch out of the corner of her eye.

She then took in the onlookers’ astonished expressions and Ye Zichen’s obsequious smile. She narrowed her eyes, then hooked her finger at the human-shaped ditch.

The old man floated up and into the air. His face was swollen to the point that he was unrecognizable. Xuan Ji looked him up and down intently, then reached for the man’s jade token. When she saw the name carved on it, she froze.

“Kid, you…” Xuan Ji intentionally drew out her words.

Ye Zichen rubbed his hands together and grinned sheepishly, then said like a wheedling child…. “Auntie….”

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