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Chapter 1352 - Xiao Yumei

Ye Zichen gave a signal, and the pagoda’s yao servants stepped aside, creating a path. There was no longer anything standing in the Xiao Family’s way.

Xiao Ting’s gaze was as cold as ice and dark as a deep pool, but no matter how firm he looked, this time, he’d suffered a loss. Despite his best efforts to capture Xiao Yan, Xiao Hu, and their allies, he was leaving empty handed.

He hadn’t suffered a loss in the traditional sense; none of his subordinates had died or even been injured, nor had he expended an inordinate amount of resources.

No, what he’d lost was his dignity.

He’d lost a lot of face!

He was returning without his targets, shame-faced and overpowered.

This was a huge insult to the Lightning Emperor, an expert who’d towered over the Divine Mountains for countless years.

“You’re really just letting them go?” said Yang Jian with a scowl.

Ye Zichen nodded, not denying it. Once Xiao Ting and his followers had left, he took a deep breath, then turned to face the veiled woman. “Yumei?”

Everyone present gazed at the veiled women. All they knew was that Ye Zichen had changed his mind as soon as she asked him too, without the slightest hesitation. If not for her, he would never have let Xiao Ting go.

Xiao Yan’s expression shifted dramatically. He suddenly looked Ye Zichen up and down appraisingly.

When Ye Zichen called out her name, the woman took off her veil, revealing a familiar, beautiful face and a warm, radiant smile. “Did you miss me?”

“What do you think?” Ye Zichen laughed. She smiled back, and they sunk into a deep embrace.

As soon as she entered his arms, Xiao Yumei’s eyes brimmed over with tears. Soon, they dripped down her cheeks like falling pearls, then splattered on Ye Zichen’s shoulders.

“I really missed you.”

“I Miss you too.”

Pu Jingwan was standing to the side, still holding An Lu’s little hand. When Xiao Yumei took off her veil, she couldn’t help but compare herself with her. She’d always been proud of her appearance, yet before Xiao Yumei, she didn’t feel the slightest bit superior.

Of course, that didn’t mean she was inferior, either. At most, they were evenly matched. That’s all it was.

Yang Jian was stunned too.

Xuao Yumei!

He was definitely familiar with her.

When disappeared from the Moon Palace without a trace, he heard news that Xiao Yumei had disappeared alongside her.

Yang Jian waited silently to the couple’s side, but as soon as they seperated, he walked right up to them. “Is Fairy Chang’e on the Divine Mountains too?”

Xiao Yumei was stunned. She’d met Yang Jian before, but back then, he was wearing rather ordinary immortal garb. Seeing him now in a Hawaiian shirt, she didn’t quite recognize him.

“It’s me, Yang Jian!” he pointed at his nose.

Only then did Xiao Yumei’s gaze fill with enlightenment. “It’s you! No, Chang’e isn’t here. She went back to the liches.”

The liches weren’t affiliated with any of the Upper Three Realms or three races. Furthermore, must like the Outsiders, they were reclusive and lived in isolation.

Their numbers were far lower than any of the three main races, but all twelve of their leaders, the Twelve Liches, were on par with the Three Realms’ emperors.

They had a transcendent status. They weren’t quite on the Outside’s level, but they were fairly close.

To think Fairy Chang’e was connected to the Liches! Yang Jian and Ye Zichen couldn’t help but find it rather strange.

But before long, they realized a possible explanation.


As soon as the thought popped into his head, Yang Jian glanced at Ye Zichen, his expression rather strange.

Everyone knew that before Fairy Chang’e found herself in the Moon Palace, she’d been the beloved of Houyi. It was only because she swiped his immortal medicine that Houyi was left behind, unable to ascend to the Moon Palace.

If Chang’e had returned to the Liches because of her relationship with Houyi, well, given Ye Zichen’s ambiguous relationship with Chang’e…

Well, it seemed like this was going to be a bit troublesome.

Little did he know, Ye Zichen was worried about the same thing.He’d worried about Houyi ever since a marriage string had first connected him to Chang’e.

Now it seemed like the inevitable was finally rearing its ugly head?

Xiao Yumei watched them exchange glances. She couldn’t help but cover her mouth and laugh. Given her cleverness, she could naturally guess roughly what they worried about.

But she didn’t expose their thoughts. Instead, she laughed and walked up to Xiao Yan. “Let me introduce someone to you. This is my little brother, Xiao Yan.”

Xiao Yan!

When those present heard that, they were stunned despite themselves, especially Ye Zichen. Earlier, Xiao Yan had said his “worthless son” was staying here, in Ye Zichen’s manor.

At the time, he’d had no idea. Ye Zichen just assumed Xiao Ting was making up an excuse to antagonize him.

This Xiao Yan….

Had to be the “worthless son” Xiao Ting was looking for.

But that didn’t matter. What mattered was what Xiao Yumei had just called him.

Her little Brother?

Didn’t that mean Xiao Yumei was off the Lightning Emperor’s Xiao Family too? She was even Xiao Ting’s daughter!

“Don’t overthink things. Xiao Ting and I have been estranged for a long time. Besides, don’t you know me better than anyone?” Xiao Yumei flashed him a warm, gentle smile. She could easily see through Ye Zichen’s concerns.

Next, she turned to Xiao Yan and introduced him to Ye Zichen. “This is your brother-in-law. Greet him.”

Xiao Yan really didn’t want to.

He was keenly aware of who the man standing before him was. Even if he died and disintegrated into ash, he’d never forget.

Back then, the Xiao Family had broken the rules, sending an unprecedented number of lightning bolts, all in an attempt to destroy Ye Zichen and prevent him from ascending. He never would have guessed that even after all that, Ye Zichen would one day stand before him.

Furthermore, Ye Zichen had opposed the Xiao Family more than once. The Xiao Family members who’d died at Ye Zichen’s hands were all Xiao Yan’s trusted subordinates.

“What are you waiting for? Hurry up?” Xiao Yumei chastised him.

Although just looking at Ye Zichen displeased him, he couldn’t refuse his sister. Besides, during Ye Zichen’s brief but direct confrontation with Xiao Ting, Xiao Yan had witnessed Ye Zichen’s terrifying might firsthand.

The Yao-Sealing Pagoda! The Xuan-Yuan Sword!

A group of rulers large enough to compete with the Divine Mountains’ Holy Lands!

He had to admit it: this type of man was worthy of his older sister.

“Brother in law.” Xiao Yan lowered his head, but he was still visibly unwilling. Ye Zichen smiled bitterly back. The Xiao Family, who he’d targeted for so long, had shockingly become his in-laws!

But perhaps that wasn’t quite the case….

Based on Xiao Ting’s earlier attitude, there was some sort of grudge between the Lightning Emperor and his children.

“Mm.” Ye Zichen nodded, then turned to Wei Jie. “Arrange for rooms for Xiao Yan and his companions.”

“You’d best prepare a few extras while you’re at it,” said Xiao Yumei.

“What for?”

“We brought about three hundred people with us. They’re all currently staying in nearby inns and taverns.”

Ye Zichen’s expression shifted. He glanced at Wei Jie. “Are there enough rooms?”

“For now, but when the others ascend….” Wei Jie hesitated.

“We’ll worry about that when it happens. Go make the arrangements.”

At the end of the day, their new base was just too small. The place Wei Jie had arranged was, at most, suitable as the residence of a wealthy businessman.

It was comfortable to live in, but as a faction’s base of operations, it was just too small and too cramped.

Wei Jie nodded and went off to make arrangements, only for Ye Zichen to suddenly recall something.

He turned to Wei Jie and called him back. “Can you contact Bai Xiaosheng for me and ask him about his real name?”

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