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Chapter 1322 - Envoy from the Outside, Yang Jian

“Yang Jian!” When the voice in the sky reported his name, Ye Zichen’s eyes sparkled with delight.

It was really him!

When he confirmed that the black dog was a Howling Celestial Dog, he suspected that this person might be his good bro, Yang Jian.

It was actually him!

For those who hadn’t been there, this name was unfamiliar. They thought the title “Erlang Shen” was just this senior’s title.

But for the people who’d come from the Modern Realm, especially Ye Zichen, they knew it was more than that.

“He’s still alive! And he’s become this strong!” Not even Ye Zichen knew whether he ought to smile or not. While vying for supremacy in the Lower Three Realms and becoming the Master of Three Realms, Gu Zichen had sent Yang Jian up here.

Since then, they’d heard no news of Yang Jian.

Given Ye Zichen’s understanding of Yang Jian, he was worried that his friend had offended some major power and gotten himself killed. Now it seemed that he’d overthought things; Yang Jian was doing far better than he’d thought.

Moreover, he was terrifyingly strong.

“I’ve already told you my name. Do you have anything else to ask me?” snorted Yiang Jian from the sky.

“Yang Jian?” Sha Ke scanned his memories for the name, but came up with nothing. He’d never heard of anyone called Yang Jian before.

Furthermore, he could hear the man’s disdain for his entire demon race in his voice.

Could it be that Yang Jian really was from “that place”?

If so, wasn’t trying to kill Yang Jian’s dog no different from assisted suicide?

Sha Ke still couldn’t believe that Yang Jian really was from that place. In any event, all he could do now was gamble….

That he wasn’t!

“Do you dare show yourself?” Sha Ke gnashed his teeth, his face ashen.

“Little Guy, you’re awfully interesting. What do I have to be afraid of?”

Little Guy!

When Sha Ke heard that, he practically coughed up blood. He’d lived for who-knows-how-long. Among figures at his level, he wasn’t particularly old, but he was still no “little guy.” But when he thought about it, he decided to let it go. If this Yang Jian really was from that place, he had no choice but to endure.

But lately, being a Demon God was awfully suffocating. What was going on?

“You want to see me? Fine, I’ll show myself!”

Everyone else looked up at the sky. It didn’t matter whether they were participating geniuses or rulers. Even Xuan Ji and the Yao King wanted to see this absolute expert.

The air rippled like water, and then the crowd saw someone step out of the undulating sky….

“This guy…” When he saw Yang Jian step out, Ye Zichen instantly fell silent.

This really was Yang Jian, the same belligerent moron he’d known at the Heavenly Court. But what was going on? What exactly was he wearing?

When Yang Jian appeared in front of everyone, he wore black sunglasses, and he had a cigarette in his mouth. He had on flower-print shorts, like he was on favation, and he wore nothing on his feet but wooden sandals.

All of his clothes were from the Modern Realm, Ye Zichen’s true home, but even there, they were eye-catching, even jarring. Here, in the God Realm, they looked utterly out of place.

The Howling Celestial Dog shook its head and ran up to Yang Jian’s side. However, before it could draw close, Yang Jian kicked it. “You’re still acting all full of yourself? I worked so hard to increase your cultivation, yet you’re still acting up!?”

The Howling Celestial Dog whimpered, lowered its tail, and approached pitifully. Yang Jian glanced at its leg and said, “Come here and lie down.”

The dog lowered its head and obediently lay down. Yang Jian lifted his sunglasses and peered out through the crack, looking the dog over.

Ye Zichen was far too familiar with this gaze. He was evaluating the situation. Yang Jian only looked briefly before pushing his sunglasses back in place. He crushed his cigarette and said, “Little Demon, you called me, Yang Jian, out here. What do you want?”

He felt no sign of pressure from Yang Jian. He simply stood in the sky, looking for all intents and purposes just like a mortal. Sha Ke didn’t sense even the slightest trace of divine power emanating from him.

But for him to fly here meant that he was at least a sky supreme.

Sha Ke was surprised that Yang Jian had really come out into the open. He focused on the space around Yang Jian, waiting for the Laws to appear.

That place had transcended the Laws, so they could no longer return here. And yet, even after appearing here, there was no sign of the Laws. They hadn’t come for him.

He wasn’t from that place after all!

Although Sha Ke didn’t know what kind of trick Yang Jian had used to dispel his domain, so long as Yang Jian wasn’t from that place, there was nothing to be afraid of.

“Hmph. You’re awfully obedient, aren’t you? I told you to show yourself, and you did!” Sha Ke snorted, then narrowed his eyes at Yang Jian. “Since you’re here, I’ll take this opportunity to ask how you intend to take care of this matter.”

“Take care of what?” Yang Jian arched his brows.

“That dog of yours killed one of our Demon Generals. Don’t you think you owe us an explanation?” asked Sha Ke.

“So what? He dared attack my bro. Didn’t you deserve to die many times over?” said Yang Jian. Ye Zichen instantly became the center of attention once more.

The one the dead Divine Demon General was targeting was Ye Zichen, wasn’t it?

“Platoon Leader Ye…..” Those surrounding Ye Zichen didn’t know what to say. They’d only just managed to digest news of Ye Zichen’s shocking family background, and now his terrifying powerful “bro” arrived out of nowhere?

“Your ‘Bro’?” Sha Ke furrowed his brows.

“You don’t need to know the details, since you…. Have to die too!” Yang Jian suddenly frowned, and the temperature around him plummeted.

The Howling Celestial Dog bared its teeth at the Demon God with unrestrained aggression.

“Hahaha, what a joke!” Sha Ke burst into laughter. “I admit that I might not be a match for you, but do you dare kill me? If you do, can you bear the fury of the entire demon race?”

In the face of Sha Ke’s threats, Yang Jian merely smiled playfully. “Little guy, you seem to be mistaken about something!”

Sha Ke’s expression shifted. He watched as Yang Jian slowly descended from the sky, landing right in front of him. His hand, which had been holding his cigarette, stretched outward.

He held a cyan medallion.

In its center was the character “特”, or “special.”

The instant she saw this, Xuan Ji and the Yao King couldn’t help but furrow their brows, while Sha Ke’s gaze lost its earlier belligerence. His fury gave way to terror and unease.

Yang Jian clutched the medallion and slapped him right across the face, twice, then sneered, “I’m an envoy from the Outside. If I kill you, the other demons won’t so much as dare fart, will they?”

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