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Chapter 1216 - Xue Mo

The two Skyspan Academy Students had only just broken through, while Ye Zichen used sixth-stage sky supreme experts.

It was immediately obvious which side was stronger.

Ye Zichen didn’t even give them time to fight back. The yao experts bound them hand and foot almost immediately.

After capturing them, the yao returned to the Yao-Sealing Pagoda.

“People ought to learn how to size up a situation. Don’t you know that?” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes at them, and as he finished gathering up his treasures, he continued, “Didn’t you see that I tied them all up and tossed them in a corner? Did you really think that you could get revenge with just the two of you? Don’t you two have brains?”

“What a despicable man,” said the girl. She struggled to break through her bonds, but in the end, all she could do was glower and curse.

“Are you sure you aren’t mistaking something? You’re saying that I’m the despicable one?” After he finished with his treasures, he walked up to the girl, then grabbed her by the jaw. “You think that, compared to you, I’m despicable?”

“How could you not be?” She glared viciously, straightening her neck to look right at him. “You stole someone else’s store, and now you’re stealing their treasures. You even stuffed socks in their mouths to trample on their dignity. You can’t really think you’re a good person, can you? Don’t think that you can do whatever you want just because you’re strong! People like you are scum!”

“You’re insane, aren’t you?” He shoved her face away, speechless.

He was obviously the victim here! This girl came here to stop evildoers without even verifying the situation first?

“What, you refuse to admit it? When I came in, I saw you gathering up your ill-gotten gains. Are you still trying to talk your way out of this?” The girl snorted in disdain.

So that was it!

This girl most likely assumed that he’d tied up her comrades, then robbed them. But there was nothing wrong with that! After all, they’d stolen everything they had to begin with; none of it truly belongs to them.

Ye Zichen shrugged in disregard. If that’s what she thought of him, he might as well just go ahead at take what he wanted. They were poor, but they were still sky supremes; they must have some stuff worth taking right?

Ye Zichen licked his lips and reached into her robes. Don’t misunderstand! He wasn’t trying to take advantage of her!

He absolutely wasn’t!

“What are you trying to do?” When she saw his movements, she shrunk back.

“What am I doing? What do you think I’m doing?” said Ye Zichen, deliberately putting on an ambiguous expression. His right hand kept on searching, moving up her body.

“You’d best stop! If you dare touch me, my master won’t let you off! The entire Skyspan Academy won’t let you off!” shouted the girl. Her voice was suddenly shrill, perhaps due to nervousness.

She closed her eyes and shrieked. Ye Zichen stopped in response.

Skyspan Academy?

Did this woman just say Skyspan Academy?

“What did you say just now?” asked Ye Zichen, his expression returning to normal.

His ‘evildoing hands’ stopped before defiling her purity. The girl sighed in relief, then snorted. “I said, you’d best not touch me, otherwise my master and Skyspan Academy don’t let you off! I’m sure you know this, but Skypsan Academy was built by the Sea of Innocence. If you offend me, you’ll offend the academy. If you offend the acedemy, you’ll offend the Sea of Innocence. If you offend the Sea of Innocence, don’t think of taking even another step on the Northern Divine Mountain. Even if you flee to another Divine Mountain, you’ll face the Sea of Innocence’s relentless pursuit. Even if you flee the God….”


It looked like this was a misunderstanding.

If they were from Skyspan Academy, why did they say they were with the bandits?

Were the bandits also students of Skyspan Academy?

If that were the case, Ye Zichen didn’t want to study there.

Regardless, Ye Zichen was already certain that there was something wrong with that girl.

She was just a student from Skyspan Academy. Did she really think she was some sort of VIP? Going on about the Sea of Innocence and the Northern Divine Mountain…. She really thought highly of herself!

“You’re afraid, aren’t you? If you’re afraid, hurry up and let me go,” she shouted viciously.

“I can untie you, but first, there’s something I need to confirm with you.” If this were just a misunderstanding, that was one thing. But if these two were Skyspan Academy students and were involved with that gang of bandits, or alternatively, if the bandits were students of Skyspan Academy, he wouldn’t let them go.

He’d have to lock them up!

If you think you’re all that, go ahead! Make the Northern Divine Mountain chase after me!

Ye Zichen truly didn’t believe that, given his personal relationship with the Sea of Innocence, that this girl could compete with him.

“Ask!” snorted the girl.

“What’s your name.” Ye Zichen habitually started the conversation this way.

“Xue Mo.”

As soon as she spoke, the stalwart youth smiled sheepishly. “Chen Guangfa.”

“Are the people I tied up over there your allies? And if so, are they also students of Skyspan Academy?”

“They aren’t,” said Xue Mo.

“Then are you controlling from them behind the scenes? Or are you in any sort of alliance with them?”

“What do you mean by that?” Xue Mo frowned.

“If you’re unrelated, then tell me, why did you say you were on their side? Is something wrong with you?”

Wasn’t she just making trouble for herself? If she hadn’t said she were on their side, would Ye Zichen have even attacked them?

“I stand on the side of justice!” she said, snorting and straightening her neck. “Supporting the weak and stopping evil is the purpose of my existence. You think you can use your superior cultivation to steal other people’s store and steal their treasures? You’re walking down the wrong path. If you recognize your mistakes and repent, then let me and my junior apprentice brother go, we can let you off easy.”

He understood!

Now he understood!

This girl thought he was the bandit!

Ye Zichen put his head in his hands and sighed, muttered an incantation, and undid their ropes. He pointed at the bound bandits in the corner and said, “Wanting to stop the wicked and support the weak is admirable, but I hope you’ll learn to think first. Those people over there are the ‘human scum’ you’re on about. They’re the ones who seized this tavern and stole others’ resources. I am just a passing victim. It just so happened that I was strong enough to deal with them; they just got unlucky. Do you understand?”

He glowered at Xue Mo. When they heard his explanation, both Xue Mo and her younger apprentice brother froze.

Xue Mo felt a bit faint. She glanced meaningfully at Chen Guangfa.

The youth arched his brows then dashed up the bound pandits. He lifted their heads, and when he saw them, his expression shifted. He rushed back to Xue Mo, lowered his voice, and said, “Senior Apprentice Sister, it seems we really were mistaken.”

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