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Chapter 1157 - Crossing Blows

“Yes, sir!” With a flash, Jiao Qi and Meng Huairong disappeared before their very eyes. When Gao Xiong heard that, he subconsciously furrowed his brows.

People had descended from the Divine Mountains. Why did it seem like everything was still under Ye Zichen’s control?

“Quit acting mysterious. A full twenty-four earth-supreme-level experts have appeared. Do you really think your subordinates are enough to get yourself out of this?” Gao Xiong laughed coldly.

Ye Zichen, however, disregarded his rebuke and shrugged noncommittally. Who knows?”

He glanced outside the city, his expression relaxed, then suddenly clasped his hands together in front of his chest. He wasn’t praying for Jiao Qi and Meng Huairong, but rather quietly mourning the ordinary people of Raging Flame City. He had ways of preventing calamity from raining down upon them, but the sake of smoothly executing his plans, he’d left them to suffer.

“Don’t blame me for this.” After a lengthy moment of silence, Ye Zichen’s eyes popped open. He looked into the sky outside the city at the rampaging lightning. When he saw the bystanders who’d fallen beneath the heavenly lightning, his expression frosten over.

Compassion can’t lead an army and duty can't win you a fortune!

At a time like this, he couldn’t afford to be soft!

Although the elites of all three of the city’s top clans had joined forces, they still had no means of stopping the roiling lightning. It wrought havoc throughout the city, destroying everything in its path until the city was no longer recognizable.

“They’re trying to destroy the city!”

Even the ancestor of the Liu Family couldn’t help but sigh weakly. Generation after Generation, their Liu Family had lived in Raging Flame City. How could they just sit back and watch as their home was destroyed?

The hunched, decrepit ancestor burned his blood essence in an attempt to produce a barrier over the city.

However, in the face of heavenly lightning, his barrier was as weak as wet tissue paper.

“It’s just a little faction from the lower lands. Was there any need to bring such a crowd?” said one of the people who’d stepped through the spatial rift and descended to the lower lands. As he spoke, he cupped his hands and greeted the emissaries of the other families. His tone was dripping with contempt for Raging Flame City.

The others nodded. They were all earth supremes, and a few of them had already reached the ninth-stage earth supreme level. They were only a single, minuscule step away from becoming sky supremes.

Sending them to wipe out a petty faction of the lower lands was really blowing things out of proportion.

“Don’t complain,” said a long-haired, casually handsome youth who carried a divine blade. “Even on the Divine Mountains, I heard tell of Upheaval. I’m sure all of you are here on their account as well. Let’s hurry up and deal with them, then report back to our clans.”

This was a member of the Divine Mountain’s Longevity Blade Sect. Although his sect’s background wasn’t as deep as the Xiao Family’s, they were a faction of no small importance on the Southeastern Divine Mountain.

The long-haired youth was their most talented disciple in the past thousand years, and the most likely to succeed their sect master, Chen Chenghe.

“I hadn’t expected the Longevity Blade Sect to send you, Brother Chen,” said someone from the northwest. He wore yellow robes, and was the only male in his delegation. He hailed from the Northwest Divine Mountain’s Yellow Wind Sect, and was one of its most promising disciples.

The representatives of other factions went on smiling and greeting each other, Cheng Chenghe, who was surrounded by admirers like a shining moon amongst a sea of stars, chuckled and shook his head. His gaze, however, was fixed on the three Xiao Clan members. They stood amidst the lining, their expressions cold and aloof.

“The Lightning Emperor’s Xiao Family sent inner sect disciples, so how is my Longevity Blade Sect even worth mentioning?”

Compared to the Xiao Family, the representatives of other sects and clans truly weren’t on the same level. However, everyone could see that there were representatives of every Divine Mountain present, save the northernmost.

“Brother Xiao Zhan, should we…..” Chen Chenghe addressed the Xiao Family humbly. Before descending, his sect master had specifically warned him about this.

Stamping out Upheaval was but a trifle. If they succeeded, their share of the resources was trivial too.

However, during his descent, he absolutely had to build a good relationship with the Xiao Family. The Longevity Bade Sect wanted to take another step forward, and all they lacked was a reliable backer who could instill terror into the rest of the God Realm.

“Just do as your sect masters instructed you. But let’s hurry up and get this over with. The spiritual energy down here is too thin; it’s uncomfortable.”

“Brother Xiao, if you’re not feeling well, please feel free to leave everything to us.” Chen Chenghe cupped his hands toadyishly. The other factions also realized that this was a good opportunity to get closer to the Xiao Family, so they nodded as well.

The representatives of the Xiao Family nodded back. They didn’t reject the other factions’ good intentions. They crossed their arms, stepped aside, and showed no sign of taking action.

The other factions no longer hesitated. They readied their magic treasures and locked onto Upheaval.


Chen Chenghe was the first to take action. His divine blade lit up

A beam of sword light seemed to cut through the heavens, splitting even space itself. It flew towards Upheaval’s base, however, before it reached the halfway point, yet another beam flew towards it and obliterated it.

The people from the Divine Mountains furrowed their brows. They’d finally noticed Meng Huairong and Jiao Qi, who’d just popped into view. Both of them wielded demigod artifacts.

WIthout so much as waiting for their response, Jiao Qi and Meng Huairong charged towards them.

“You’re seeking death!” The representatives of the Divine Mountains roared in fury, hefted their magic treasures, and met them head on. To their astonishment, however, Jiao Qi and Meng Huairong alone bore down on the whole group of them.

The three Xiao Family disciples, who’d been watching indifferently from the sidelines, furrowed their brows.

Ninth-stage earth supremes.

The three Xiao Family disciples were also ninth-stage earth supremes, so they could sense Jiao Qi and Meng Huairong’s power levels. But weren’t the two of them a little too powerful? After all, Chen Chenghe and a few others were ninth-stage earth supremes as well. Even so, the two yao managed to suppress the whole lot of them.

These were the lower lands. To think that Upheaval had earth-supreme experts at their disposal as well!

It seemed that they really did have support from a family of the divine mountains.

They couldn’t stay on the sidelines any longer. If things went on like this, after less than three hundred attacks, the two yao would defeat every other representative from the Divine Mountains.

Without any further hesitation, the three Xiao Family disciples took control over the power of lightning and charged onto the battlefield.

This was a perfect opportunity; they wanted to witness Jiao Qi and Meng Huairong’s power firsthand. Just which faction did they belong to?


A bolt of heavenly lightning suddenly crashed onto Jiao Qi and Meng Huairong’s heads. The two of them sensed it and dodged in time, took several steps back, then coolly scanned their opponents.

“Thank you for your assistance, Brother Xiao.”

Chen Chenghe cupped his hands at Xiao Zhan and the others. By now, his gaze was grim as well, and he was drenched in sweat.

The others gulped as well. They couldn’t help but admit…..

Jiao Qi and Meng Huairong’s strength had already exceeded the limit of what they could handle.

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