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Chapter 1155 - Seeing Through Their Plans

Gao Xiong’s expression shifted continuously. He fixed his gaze on Ye Zichen, who’d already taken control of the hall, and who was looking over them all with regal disdain. Ye Zichen’s words replayed through his head in an endless stream.

Was he trying to say that he was the one behind Upheaval?

Or rather that he was the spokesman some faction of the Divine Mountains had pushed to the forefront?

Regardless of which it was, Gao Xiong couldn’t help but admit to himself: Ye Zichen’s aura and demeanor were overwhelmingly powerful.

It wasn’t just him; everyone else in the hall felt the same way.

After taking a seat, Ye Zichen’s aura was like a recently coronated emperor. His every move and glance filled all of creation with the urge to lower their heads and submit.

Even though they were lofty immortal kings…. In the face of Ye Zichen, their pride was minuscule and utterly insignificant.

Wei Jie couldn’t help but feel a surge of pride. This is the leader I chose for himself! A man who looks down on all of existence!

“Grandmaster Ye, pray tell, what exactly do you mean by this?” After a long pause, Gao Xiong recovered from his shock. Although he interrogated him, so long as he felt the weight of Ye Zichen’s gaze, he felt constantly one step behind.

Even though he had a million sky immortals and the Xiao Family’s support, he could no longer disregard Ye Zichen.

“You’re asking me?” Ye Zichen’s tone was frosty. He gently stroked his armrests, a grin tugging at his lips. “Weren’t you going on and on about wanting to see me? Well, here I am. What is it you wanted to say to me?”

After saying all that, everyone understood that Ye Zichen was telling them in no uncertain terms: I am the existence behind Upheaval.

Upheaval’s higher-ups surreptitiously evaluated him. This was the first time most of them had seen Ye Zichen.

This was their true overlord, yet their first impression of him filled them with extreme shock.

The way he’d immediately and powerfully taken control of the scene, his ruler’s aura, his casual disregard of Gao Xiong, and his absolute, transcendent confidence….

They’d imagined the man behind the scenes countless times, but he lived up their image of him.

“So what you’re saying, Grandmaster Ye, is that you’re the one supporting Upheaval from the shadows.”

“Isn’t showing up here proof enough?” asked Ye Zichen.

He looked over Gao Xiong coldly, but he couldn’t be bothered to waste words with him. “Out with it. Why exactly are you here?”

“I said it earlier. I”m here to avenge my son.” Gao Xiong sensed Ye Zichen’s disdain, so he was no longer as polite as before.

“Your son’s death is your family’s internal affair. What does that have to do with Upheaval? If you’re so tough, go find the Xiao Family and get your revenge. Aren’t they the ones who killed him?”

“I’m talking about my younger son, Gao Ruilong!”

When he heard that, Ye Zichen subconsciously glanced at Wei Jie, but to his surprise, Wei Jie had a blank look on his face as well. According to their intelligence, all they knew was that Gao Yunting had tried and failed to rebel, then been executed by the Xiao Family. They’d received no word of Gao Ruilong’s passing at all.

When Wei Jie shook his head to indicate his ignorance, Ye Zichen turned and faced Gao Xiong once more. “What about him?”

“Just a few days ago, Gao Ruilong was murdered. I hurried to the scene and discovered this piece of cloth. We determined that it came from one of your subordinate’s uniforms. I’ve even heard that you and Ruilong had a grudge against each other. Well, Grandmaster Ye? What do you have to say to that?”

With that, Gao Xiong tossed the scrap viciously to the ground.

The elders glanced meaningful at a servant, who immediately scooped it up and presented it to Ye Zichen and Wei Jie.

“Boss, this scrap really did come from one of our gang member’s uniforms, but only an outer sect disciple.”

Ye Zichen nodded calmly, but said nothing. His gaz landed inexplicably on Cai Renfei instead. Cai Renfei had accompanied Gao Xiong here. He obviously wasn’t part of the Gao Family, but for some reason, he wore mourning clothes as well, and stood at the very end of the Gao Family’s retinue.

Cai Renfei made no effort to avoid Ye Zichen’s gaze. In fact, he lifted his head and smiled playfully back at him.

“Interesting.” Ye Zichen noted Cai Renfei’s playful grin, but wasted no further time on him. Right now, he’d already seen though everything. Gao Xiong was the head of the Gao Family; there was no way he hadn’t picked up on how fishy this situation was.

Yet he’d come here anyway, and with other families in contact with the Divine Mountains by his side. It seemed like they weren’t here of their own volition, but rather, that the Divine Mountains couldn’t just sit back and watch Upheaval’s growth any longer.

“This is nothing but a scrap of an outer sect disciple’s uniform, but you’re trying to use it to grame all of Upheaval? Isn’t this sort of method a little too debase? Besides, do you really think that if I sent an assassin to kill Gao Ruilong, I’d send him in Upheaval’s uniforms? Are you stupid, or do you think I’m stupid?”

“Say whatever you like; the proof is right in front of us…..”

Before Gao Xiong could even finish his sentence, he saw a sudden streak of flame. It originated from Ye Zichen’s hand, and when it shot forth, it burnt that scrap of cloth to cinders. “You said you had proof…..? Well, where is it?”

When he destroyed their evidence so blatantly, the other Gao Family members were visibly infuriated. Only Gao Xiong laughed; seeing his evidence destroyed didn’t bother him at all.”

“Ye Zichen, if you hadn’t done that, I might have hesitated. However, if you were so desperate as to destroy my evidence, that only confirms my suspicions.”

“Hey, do any of you smell something funny?” The others had no idea why Ye Zichen would say something like that all of a sudden. They looked at him in bewilderment, then saw him pinch his nose and point at Gao Xiong. “Family Head Gao, you had beans for breakfast, didn’t you?”

Gao Xiong furrowed his brows, unsure of what exactly Ye Zichen was trying to say.

“I’m sure you did,” said Ye Zichen, answering on Gao Xiong’s behalf. “Otherwise, why would all your words sound so much like farts?”

“Grandmaster Ye!’ Gao Xiong’s expression darkened.

“Is there any point in arguing back and forth? Fine, in that case, I’ll just tell you what you want to here. We sent someone to murder Gao Ruilong. What can you do about it?” Ye Zichen’s tone was obstinate, unbridled, and disdainful.

“Since you said it yourself, we’ve nothing left to discuss. All I can do is….”

Before Gao Xiong could finish his threat, Ye Zichen coldly cut him off and clapped his hands. “All you can do is order your millions of immortals to attack the city, right?”

Suddenly, the Yao-Sealing Pagoda’s Jiao Qi and Meng Huairong appeared, cold and aloof, and knelt on one knee. Several tied-up prisoners appeared beside them.

“Master, we’ve already captured all the enemy generals. The million immortals outside our gates have all been executed. We await further orders!”

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