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Chapter 1119 - Ye Zichen’s Goals

Ye Zichen’s shocking words echoed through Chi Mei’s ears. She looked over, dazed, and examined Ye Zichen’s expression.

Creating another mountain?

Ever since the lord of the cosmos, the North Star Emperor returned to the skies, the layout of this world had been set in stone. No major changes had occurred in a billion years.

Was Ye Zichen saying he wanted to destroy a Divine Mountain, then create a new one?

“Sweetie, have you gotten sick?” She instinctively tried to place her hand on Ye Zichen’s forehead, but he frowned and dodged.

“You’re the one who’s sick.” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes in irritation. “Am I wrong? There are already nine Divine Mountains floating overhead, so why can’t there be ten? Also, is anything that exists truly invincible and indestructible?”

When she heard Ye Zichen’s series of questions, all Chi Mei could do was shake her head and take a few steps backward as she gaped in astonishment at his determined expression.

“Sweetie, your way of thinking is rather dangerous!”

This had already exceeded the bounds of Chi Mei’s understanding. She’d lived in the God Realm for so long, but this was the first time anyone had ever suggested such a thing.

However, Ye Zichen didn’t care about her response at all.

The way he saw it, he was right. If Divine Mountains existed, it should be possible to make new ones, and possible to destroy them. Other citizens of the God Realm wouldn’t even consider such a thing, much less attempt it. All he could say was that they were too weak.

But that didn’t mean it was impossible!

He’s initially assumed that as one of the Five Elements Great Emperor’s heirs, he could talk to her about this. However, it looked like she had nothing to contribute; he’d wasted his time.

He had no interest in wasting any more time with her, so he simply walked back into his store and returned to his room.

“You got what was coming to you.”

By now, Gao Ruilong had already returned to the Gao Family estates. News of him losing both hands had already spread throughout the crowd.

Cai Renfei sat in the Gao Family courtyard, sneering. He’d warned Gao Ruilong this would happen. His half-brother ignored him, so all Cai Renfei could say was, “he deserved it.”

“Brother Fei, Gao Ruilong has already gone looking for the Family Head. You left in advance. If he mentions this to the Family Head, will you…..”

The speaker was another direct descendant of the Cai Family, and was rather close to Cai Renfei. He, too, had been sent to Gao Family for safety.

In the half year they’d lived in the Gao Family estates, the Cai Family members had been extremely cautious around their hosts. After all, this wasn’t their home; this wasn’t a place where they could just do as they pleased.

Cai Renfei had just abandoned Gao Ruilong and returned to the clan on his own. Later, Gao Ruilong lost both of his hands.

The Gao Family had never thought highly of them. Who knew? The Gao Family head might seize this opportunity to harm them. If so, he and the other Cai Family members would have nowhere left to run.

“What’s there to be afraid of?” When he heard his clansman’s concerns, Cai Renfei only smiled calmly. “For Gao Ruilong to suffer such a fate, all I can say is that he was brainless. Recently, people have come to the Gao Family from the Divine Mountain, so the entire clan is busy as can be. If Gao Ruilong goes looking for his daddy over such a trivial matter, that’ll make more trouble for him. Nevermind getting me in trouble, he’ll be lucky if his dad doesn’t punish him!”

Before Cai Renfei even finished his sentence, his clansman’s transmission slip started blinking. When he examined his contents, his face instantly lit up with surprise and delight. “Brother Fei, you’re quite astute. I got news just now; Gao Ruilong went looking for Gao Xiong and was sent flying out. It seems he even left with a few new injuries.”

“Wasn’t this inevitable?” Cai Renfei still maintained his aloof smile, as if everything was in the palm of his hand. “Next to guests from the Divine Mountain, Gao Ruilong’s concerns are nothing but a trifle. He couldn’t even handle a mere Ye Zichen on his own, and even made trouble for Gao Xiong over this? I’m afraid that after this, his position in his father’s heart will drop until it can’t possibly fall any lower.”

“In the future,” he continued, “we can’t ally ourselves with Gao Ruilong any longer. After all, Gao Xiong’s displeasure with him might affect us too. Furthermore, Gao Ruilong’s odds of inheriting leadership of the clans are minuscule. Starting tomorrow…. Let’s try and get in contact with Gao Yunting.”

“Understood!” His Clansman nodded.

After seeing his clansman off, a cold light flashed through Cai Renfei’s eyes. “Ye Zichen!”

After returning to his room, Ye Zichen sat on his bed. Despite himself, his head was full of all sorts of schemes.

In truth, all of this, both selling vast quantities of Sea Condensing Pills and viciously attacking the Gao Family, was all an intentional part of his plan.

There was no need to even discuss Sea Condensing Pill’s value. They were precious treasures that even immortal kings from the lands beneath the other Divine Mountains would vie desperately for.

News of Ye Zichen’s sudden decision to start selling Sea Condensing Pills, and an unlimited number at that, spread rapidly.

Regardless of whether a family clan had immortal kings or not, they madly gathered up resources to purchase Sea Condensing Pills.

With Sea Condensing Pills, clans’ immortal kings would break through. Although that seemed like it would increase a clan’s strength, it would actually weaken it, wouldn’t it?

When an immortal king broke through and became a supreme, they had to ascend to the Divine Mountains.

Once the world below lost its immortal kings, Upheaval would become all but invincible. They would sweep the seventy-two districts and even the lands beneath the other Divine Mountains.

The world below was considered barren, but if he took all of it, its combined resources were enough to make even a ruler mad with envy.

It was undeniable that Ye Zichen wanted to ascend to the Divine Mountains to look for people.

But don’t forget: he wanted revenge too!

Nevermind the Five Elements Great Emperor’s mortal enemy, the God Emperor; he’d already hated the family in control of tribulation lightning, the Xiao Family, for over a hundred years!

Yin Shang had told him that in the God Realm, the Xiao Family’s status was absolutely extraordinary. Ye Zichen naturally wasn’t stupid enough to make trouble for them on his own.

He needed the support of a faction, and Upheaval…..

Upheaval was the basis of all of his plans!

Next, the immortal kings going all out in a mad scramble for Sea Condensing pills would result in a severe shortage of gold, treasures, and immortal grasses as all these resources fell into Ye Zichen’s hands.

Money might not compare to raw strength, but once his funds reached a certain point, he’d have the power to change the world.

With the support of an absolute superabundance of resources, Upheaval would become Ye Zichen’s sharp sword and closest ally in his fight against the Xiao Family and the God Emperor.

All of this was within his calculations, and everything was going in accordance with his wishes. All he had to do was keep moving forward.

And, although it looked like a reckless, spur of the moment decision, the way he’d provoked the Gao Family…..

“I heard that the Gao Family is subordinate to the Xiao Family?” An indifferent smile rose on Ye Zichen’s lips as he clenched his fists, shattered his jade wineglass to pieces. “Then consider this interest!”

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