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Chapter 1118 - A Shocking Announcemen


Chi Mei saw faint murderous intent in his gaze. It looked like Ye Zichen was doing this to help her vent his fury, but then he’d gone and deliberately misheard his words. He wanted to chop off both hands……

It seems like avenging her was just an excuse; he was doing this for his own purposes.

However, when she saw the look in his eyes, Chi Mei swallowed her objections. At that moment, Ye Zichen turned to Jiao Qi, who had Gao Ruilong pressed to the ground, and said, “Do it.”

“Do you dare?” roared Gao Ruilong from the ground. “I’m from the Gao Family! Attacking me means becoming enemies with my entire family!”

“Hurry up and do it!” Despite Gao Ruilong’s attempts to use the Gao Family to threaten him, Ye Zichen only repeated his command.

Jiao Qi no longer hesitated. His hands sharpened into points and cut Gao Ruilong’s hands clean off.

As soon as blood spurted outward, a white cloth appeared on the ground and blocked all the blood before it landed. It wrapped around the severed hands, too.

Gao Ruilong, now handless, shrieked piteously. The onlookers couldn’t bear to watch, but before they could look away, Ye Zichen placed a white cloth in front of Gao Ruilong as sad amiably, “Scram!”

“Ye Zichen!” Gao Ruilong cried out in heartrending agony, veins bulging in his eyes as sweat poured down his face. “Just you wait! You’re no match for our Gao Family!”

“That doesn’t matter. I’ll just wait here for you and your family. But for now, I’d advise you to hurry the hell out of here if you want to live!”

Gao Ruilong’s attendants helped him to his feet. As they left, they remembered to take the white cloth containing his severed hands with them.

With that settled, Ye Zichen turned to the onlookers, bowed, and said, “I am truly sorry that all of you had to see that, but the Gao Family was truly abusing their status to bully others. They wanted to destroy my humble shop, so I had no choice but to defend myself. How about this? For the next half month, every pill, artifact, and talisman at my store is seventy percent off. I’ll also sell Sea Condensing Pills for a limited time only. Everyone, please help me spread the word.”

Sea Condensing Pills!

Seventy percent off other medicines didn’t mean much; there were promotions like that all the time in Ice Blue City. However, what drove the onlookers mad was that, for a limited time only, Sea Condensing Pills were on sale too!

As soon as he announced this news, all onlookers at the immortal king level rushed into the store. Some of those who hadn’t yet reached the sky immortal and immortal king level rushed inside too to watch the show, while others hurriedly contacted their families so they could send people to purchase Sea Condensing Pills.

In short, the Sea Condensing Pills made everyone forget that little scuffle with the Gao Family. All they cared about was medicine!

When they saw guests swarming into the store, the yao of the Yao-Sealing Pagoda hurried back into the story. Jiao Qi, however, walked up to Ye Zichen and said, “Master, if we’re selling Sea Condensing Pills for a limited time, should we limit the quantity? Also, how much should we sell them for, and for how long?”

“No limits. Let’s say half a month. They can buy as many as they want. Sell them until they can’t buy anymore! As for the price, let’s say five hundred million. Alternatively, they can trade for four sets of ingredients or precious treasures,” replied Ye Zichen.

“This….” Jiao Qi’s expression was somewhat hesitant. “Master, if we sell so many of them, it’ll influence the big picture. If we sell vast quantities of Sea Condensing Pills, a huge number of immortal kings will undergo tribulation in a short time, and countless people will ascend to the Divine Mountains. The Divine Mountains won’t just ignore something like that!”

“It doesn’t matter!” Ye Zichen only smiled and waved away Jiao Qi’s concerns. He’d already factored all that into his plans. He was just moving his plans forward a little is all.

However, pushing things ahead a little wouldn’t affect his plans in the long run.

“Our stash of Sea Condensing Pills is about to go bad anyway. There’s no harm in selling them a few. Besides, we’re sending the Divine Mountains a whole bunch of talent all at once. They ought to thank us! Why would they make trouble for us?”

Jiao Qi had nothing left to say, so he bade Ye Zichen farewell and went back inside to oversee the sale.

Ye Zichen, meanwhile, stayed put. He looked up at the Divine Mountains and chuckled.

“Sweetie, it seems I just heard something insane,” said Chi Mei out of the blue. She walked right up to Ye Zichen, took his head in her hands, and looked right into his eyes. “What, is there something wrong with your pills? You’re selling them for a limited time only at five hundred million each?”

“What’s the problem?” asked Ye Zichen in confusion.

“Isn't it obvious?” said Chi Mei. “Don’t you know I spend six hundred million on the ingredients for my pill? Then you demanded another hundred million for your time. Now, barely a few minutes later, you’re putting the pills on sale at a discount? Hurry up and return my two million or else!”

“Then I’ll just raise the price, duh!” With that, Ye Zichen sent Jiao Qi a transmission telling him to increase the price to a billion.

Before long, they heard a commotion from downstairs. Obviously those who were just about to buy pills when the price increased weren’t happy.

However, who knows what Jiao Qi said to them, but before long, they quieted down.

“I almost forgot. How exactly did you find me here?” Ye Zichen cocked his head to the side and asked Chi Mei. He’d wondered about this since she turned up. He’d even worried that she’d placed aa spiritual imprint or tracker on him, but he’d searched himself several times and found no signs of anything suspicious.

“You’re so famous that it was ridiculously easy to find you. As soon as I left the mausoleum I heard news of you destroying the Axe Gang. It only took a little thought to figure out you were here,” said Chi Mei with a shrug. Ye Zichen didn’t press for details. Instead, he looked up at the nine mountains floating in the sky.

“How long have those nine Divine Mountains existed?”

This sudden change of topic startled Chi Mei. She looked up at them and said, “It seems they’ve existed for a few billion years, but there’s no way to know for sure just how or when they got there.”

“Is that so?” Ye Zichen nodded coolly, his gaze still fixed on the Divine Mountains. An inexplicable light flickered through his eyes. Chi Mei didn’t quite understand why Ye Zichen would ask such a thing, but before long, she heard him say…..

“Tell me, do you think it’s possible to destroy a Divine Mountain?”

“What?” Chi Mei’s eyes instantly grew as wide as saucers. “That shouldn’t be possible but…. It seems no one has ever tried before. What, do you want to destroy that Divine Mountain? Wah, young man, you’ve really got some crazy ideas in your head!”

“Then if it’s not possible to destroy one, do you think it’s possible to make a new one?”

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