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The light didn’t just envelop the Heavenly Court. It also surrounded the eight Ghost Marshalls fighting in the Immortal Region, their newly summoned Ghost Kings, the Ghost Emperors invading the palace, the Fengdu Emperor of the North, and everyone currently fighting amongst themselves in the Immortal Region.

They couldn’t resist in any way; the instant the light enveloped them, it swallowed them up.

They disappeared.


Pure, untarnished white.

Over and over again, the empty void of the sky flashed with clear, brilliant light.

One after the other, figures appeared in the space. At first, each and every one of them knit their brows and examined their surroundings in astonishment.

When they saw that their enemies from before were there as well……


When the Leopard Tail of the Twelve Yin Generals arrived in the space, he only hesitated briefly. When he saw Ox-head, he lunged at him, his eyes red with fury.

After their earlier battle, he was already overcome with murderous rage. He didn’t give a damn about just where this place was, nor about just how exactly they’d gotten here.

His only goal was to kill Ox-head.

“Hmph.” Ox-head snorted angrily as well. Just as he was about to retaliate…..


The crisp sound of a slap resounded throughout the space. Then they saw Leopard Tail, still charging at Ox-head, stop, hack up a mouthful of blood, then spin around like a top.


There was nothing at all in his way. Even so, they heard the muffled sound of a collision.

The collision left him a complete mess. Everyone was totally baffled.

“Who did that?!”

Leopard Tail was dizzy but managed to keep himself awake. He roared angrily, but furious as he was, he maintained his rationality. Instead of attacking randomly, he carefully reached out and felt his surroundings.

There was a barrier.

Before his hand got very far, he felt it hit an invisible wall.

His angry roar woke everyone else up. They looked around in surprise and saw people from every realm…..

After Leopard Tail’s warning, they made no reckless moves, not even if they saw their enemies and their eyes reddened with fury. Instead, they reached out and examined their surroundings as well.

There were seals around every last one of them.

All of them, no matter who they were, had been sealed within tiny spatial cages. Their movements were restricted to about one square meter’s worth of space.

Confusion lingered in all of their minds: just what was this space? And what were these restrictions? It’s not that they didn’t try breaking them, but when they did, they discovered that…..

Here, the spatial laws they were once so familiar with didn’t respond to them at all.

“This looks a bit like the space where the Struggle for the Three Realms is held.”

The Underworld’s Fengdu Emperor of the North frowned. This sort of seal was familiar, and so was this pure white world. It was just like the Struggle for the Three Realms.

He looked around. As he examined his surroundings, he felt countless gazes directed right back at him.

Their gazes met briefly. Soon, those countless eyes’ owners knew…...

The other two realms had also experienced similar misfortune.

“The demons were awfully generous,” Suiren of the Immortal Region couldn’t help but sneer. He squinted at the others around him. Given his experience, it took only seconds for him to determine just who had betrayed each of the other two realms.

“The Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity, the Ghost Emperors…….. I’m surprised that even existences on your level went down the wrong path.”

As for those ghost marshalls and the mutinous Count of Wind and Lord of Rain, Suiren didn’t consider them worth mentioning.

“Hmph, don’t even think of trying to link me to those demons. I’m not like your subordinates. They were in search of profit, while all I sought the limitless Upper Realms.”

After hearing his name, the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity snorted coldly. His proud and aloof temperament couldn’t tolerate others’ slander.

“At the end of the day, betrayal is betrayal. Is saying all that of any use?” sneered the Fengdu Emperor of the North.

“This emperor won’t lower himself to waste words with a mere page boy of the Underworld.”

What generation was the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity? He was the son of the Queen Mother. Although the Fengdu Emperor of the North was the Underworld’s Second in Command, in the Heavenly Emperor’s eyes, he was nothing but an ant.

“Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity, you’re still just as proud as usual,” said the Fengdu Emperor of the North, seemingly unperturbed by the other party’s disdain. He simply smiled confidently, touched the barrier surrounding him, and said, “I just don’t know if you’ll be able to maintain that pride after this.”

“What could possibly happen?” the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity laughed arrogantly.

“You lost.”

The Fengdu Emperor of the North had already seen through everything. He calmly spat out one final sentence. However, before the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity could respond disdainfully…….




The piercing sound of footsteps, accompanied by a sense of extreme power, echoed throughout the crowd’s ears.

The noise attracted everyone’s attention. They followed the sound of footsteps to its source and saw Ye Zichen, his clothes stained with uncongealed blood, his hair burnt black, slowly walking out of the mists.

He could have flown. Even if he chose to walk, the sound of those light footsteps shouldn’t have reached everyone’s ears.

Why had everyone present heard his footsteps? It was because he wanted it that way.

His every step seemed to bear down on the hearts of the traitors. It was difficult for them to even breathe beneath the pressure.

“Emperor Ye.” The people who knew Ye Zichen exclaimed, then smiled in relief.

They were free.

They didn’t know why, but the instant they saw Ye Zichen, their tightly wound nerves instantly relaxed.

However, the traitors’ gazes were suddenly apprehensive. Everyone but the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity knew that Ye Zichen ought to be tangling with the demons now.

For him to appear now…...

That meant...

The demons had lost!

Among them, Xia Yingqiu’s expression was the most complicated. He’d been terrified from the moment he’d first appeared here. Now that he saw Ye Zichen, he was even more panicked than before.

All he could do was try his best to avoid Ye Zichen’s line of sight. Or, rather, avoid looking ahead…..

In order to put himself at ease.

When he heard those around him cry out in alarm, the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity knit his brows and muttered, “Emperor Ye?” Then he squinted at Ye Zichen.

He’d never paid much attention to the outside world. He only knew those major powers who’d been famous for a long time.

He didn’t even know about Empress Su Liu’er of the Beast Region, nevermind this “Ye Zichen.”

“Who are you?”

As he said this, the Heavenly Emperor’s gaze maintained its usual aloof pride.

The footsteps stopped

Ye Zichen ignored the Heavenly Emperor’s questions and waved his hand. A throne appeared before him.

He sat down emotionlessly and lightly tapped the sky.

Countless heavy curtains appeared, each reflecting the battles of those present.

From start to finish, nothing was left out. Even the sound of their breath didn’t escape the curtains’ notice.

The Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity frowned. After watching Ye Zichen display this level of strength, he couldn’t help but think a bit more highly of him.

However, given his wantonly arrogant personality, he still considered all others beneath him.

“Who are you? How dare you ignore my questions,” the Heavenly Emperor roared pridefully. Finally, after watching everything play out on the curtains, Ye Zichen dispersed them and looked directly at the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity. Rather, he looked directly at everyone present, his gaze indifferent…...

“I….. am the one who’s going to judge you!”

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